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1 little 2 little 10 little piggies!

Finally! Charlotte finally farrowed yesterday and presented 10 cute little fat piglets at her morning feeding. I was expecting something to happen soon but didn’t think it would have been that soon.  I had checked her at 5 a.m. No signs of nothing but 3 hours later there they were! Like most new momma a she was a bit frustrated at first-she would try to lay down and a piglet would run under here so finally she stood frozen, grunting and barking loudly, until I came in to assist. I soon had them all in a corner and assured her it was all okay. She then carefully (as a 300 pound pig can be) laid down so they could nurse. I continued checking every hour after that and all was well until late afternoon I heard her carrying on again. When I got there all but 1 piglet was nursing and it had climbed over Charlotte and was laying between her back and the wall. I had to literally lay on Charlotte who calmly stayed put to retrieve the piglet. Charlotte is an amazing pig indeed.   Today she decided she wanted to get some air so I let her out and kept the piglets in. They started squealing and she came bounding back stuck her nose in the door and seen me holding them then proceeded back to her foraging-I guess she’s okay with me and her babies. 


Between rain showers today I was able to butcher 3 roosters and a tom turkey. I have set them all to brine and tomorrow will cook the turkey for Dear Hubby’s birthday. He’s hitting the big 6-0 tomorrow but still looks 40 and acts 30. 

The remainder of the day has been spent working the greenhouse, household chores, meals and helping the kids build more toy guns from wood and holsters from the tops of old muck boots. They are going to work on doing a play and want me to record it. I of course will and will share what I can on here. I love how these kids use their imaginations and try to support it as much as I can. 


It wouldn’t be a complete day without some kind of “incident”.  Apparently it is important to look up when standing especially when the split door of the barn is open on top and the wind is blowing. Yep, I stood up just as it swung over and now have a gash on my forehead. Oh well I guess I won’t be competing in this years Mrs.barnyard beauty pageant. 

It’s time to get the evening chores done so will leave you with more random pics and a prayer of peace. 


Humbling myself

Those of you who know me know I have a hard time asking for help but here I am humbling myself and asking for your assistance. Our little farm is producing well but our products aren’t reaching enough people and we aren’t getting the sales we need to make ends meet. Please share our web store with everyone it’s at  www.offgridalaska.net and we are also doing a shirt fundraiser at www.booster.com/twomoosefarm  

 if you buy a hoodie with our logo it gives us a little cash. 

While we are striving to become self sufficient there are still things like animal feed, auto insurance, shoes and clothing for our growing kids. As much as I hate to ask I am and pray that those of you who can afford to make a purchase please do so and share our sites and blog with your friends. God Bless you all and thanks in advance!

Wonder Woman

I have decided I am going to use Wonder Woman as my alter ego. After all I already wonder where I put things, wonder how I don’t break bones every time I trip over my own two feet and wonder how I ever get anything accomplished with my short attention span! Let’s take yesterday as an example-As many of you know we have been building a fence to keep the pigs and goats out of the cabin as they think if the door is open that it’s an invitation inside. While dear hubby was at the sawmill cutting more boards I was cleaning up the yard area of debris like small stumps and roots. Now this particular task requires the use of an axe. It was just here as dear hubby (DH) had just used it tackling a larger stump. As I searched for it, it was just here! I tripped over the stump that was in my sights for removal before I lost the axe and proceeded to do moves that would of put many break dancers to shame.(if you remember break dancers you just gave away your age). Anyway, I found the axe it was under my backside-well right where I landed and after dusting myself off I began the original task of chopping the stump out. Now anyone who has ever swung an axe properly knows that concentration is key to not removing limbs of the personal kind. As things happen in my world (remember I am Wonder Woman) just as I swung the axe a turkey flew by.  Of course worried about why a turkey would fly without something chasing it I looked up……this started a chain of events that only took seconds. When I looked up I turned the axe ever so slightly (mind you the momentum was still there) I missed the stump which was positioned between my legs and the axe not having anything to stop its momentum continued on and I had 2 choices-hang on to the axe or let it go in a yard filled with children and critters. Of course being Wonder Woman (who by the way really should have been endowed with a cape as all crusaders should) I held on. This attempt at saving anyone or anything from harm resulted in swinging the axe between my legs which through me off balance and after my feet went flying again I am sure beyond any shadow of a doubt the flip I did would of put Bruce  Lee to shame! Had I of had the cape on I could of trimmed the tree tops in seconds instead I had to just land amazingly on both feet with multiple children and critters looking at me like I had just had some sort of siezure. Not one could appreciate the fact I had saved them from certain doom. Oh well Wonder Woman never truly got the recognition she deserved either. The excitement over I did remember the task at hand and removed the offending stumps before DH returned.  The fence is now 2/3rds complete, 1/2 the yard is stump less and the kids and I managed to move the woodpile to its new location without a single injury!

I am still waiting on Miss Charlotte to farrow-I am beginning to believe she will be pregnant for a very long time. A pigs gestation is 3 weeks, 3 months and 3 days. I expected piglets on Mother’s Day-apparently that date was wrong-very wrong as here it is many weeks later and she just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I pity the poor girl as her teats are very close to dragging on the ground. I have actually thought about creating her some sort of bra but not sure how to make one with 19-yes 19 cups!   

       The chickens and turkeys I recieved in the past few weeks are growing like crazy. We have had many losses due to the fact it takes 4 days to get them here but am happy to say both hatcheries-Murray McMurray and Ideal poultry have been very good at replacing the losses. It’s always comforting to know that your doing business with companies that you can trust to make things right even when the conditions are out of their control. 

         It’s been terribly dry here for weeks now. I know that some of you in drought areas think weeks of no rain is nothing but when the Eco system here is almost tropical in the summer and everything depends on rainfall from the plants and trees to the fish in the rivers and streams we are beginning to show signs of critical times. There are fires everywhere, the moss has not grown, berries are stunted and it all has a delicate balance that is off kilter. Praying for rain now when this time last year we were praying it would stop. 

The gardens are doing amazing though and my tomatoes are beginning to set fruit. I have had more than one fantasy moment of fresh mater sammiches! The only thing I have discovered that isn’t doing well is my squash plants so next year I will plant them in raised beds and lower the acidity in the soil. Onions, tomatoes and potatoes love this soil though!  

     Well it’s time to get the day started and first off I have to check hives so I will rouse Cati so she can be my helper (she loves the bees) and proceed with the day. Please take a minute to check out our website though as we have farm products for sale that keep our little farm going. www.offgridalaska.net Also take a look at our farm Facebook page, give us a like and share to be entered into a contest for a surprise pack giveaway July 5th. (Open to US residents only at this time) www.facebook.com/twomoosefarm

Have a blessed day and as usual I will leave you with random pics of our world as we know it. 


Heatwave, Fires and The Crazy Chicken Lady

Who would of thought we would experience a heat wave like what we have now.  The normal highs for summer are 72 degrees-we have surpassed that and while enjoying a normal summer day the extended forecast is calling for more hot weather. Couple that with the wind and dry conditions we are experiencing it makes for a dangerous fire season.  Although we are not in the midst of the flames our neighbors to the north about 40 miles (as the crow flies) are going through very tough times.  Many have lost their homes and it saddens me every time I read another news report.  Please keep us and our fellow Alaskans in your prayers as we need rain desperately.

Life still goes on here at Two Moose Farm and I am proud to announce I do have the website functioning and although not complete by any means we do have a few of our products on there with more coming soon.  You can take a look at www.offgridalaska.net and to celebrate this major accomplishment we are running a contest!  it’s really easy to enter just go to www.facebook.com/twomoosefarm “like” the page then share it! We will draw for a surprise gift pack on the evening of July 5th.

Its Official-I am the Crazy Chicken Lady!  If you doubt it my dear hubby will verify.  I now have around 200 turkeys and chickens of varying ages.  Do you have any idea how difficult it is to come up with that many names?  I mean really…Fried, Broasted, Roasted, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Ala King I am running out of names!  Of course I am kidding……almost. I am also running out of room! Chicks are everywhere!  The good news is my big girls are laying well now and I am getting eggs of many colors.  Blue, green, brown, tan, olive and one hen is laying eggs that look almost lilac colored!

IMG_5026 IMG_5016 IMG_5030 IMG_5031 IMG_5028 IMG_5013We do have one little guy in the nurses station he has somehow torn the bottom of his toe and needs a bit of tlc.IMG_5025Frankie, Our newest little addition to the farm is having trouble fitting in.  He does fine when just the youngsters are around but the older does are terrible to him.  He is finally venturing out to graze if one of us accompanies him but he doesn’t stray far from his “people” family.  I do believe once his hormones kick in and he gets some size to him he will adapt and keep those ladies in line.IMG_5037

The gardens for the most part are doing well and I have to tell you my potato peels I planted are growing nicely they are producing little potatoes already! I am growing them in feed sacks so when its time to harvest I can simply split the bag and harvest.  Of course I have potatoes planted everywhere in boxes, in the ground and in multiple locations because we love potatoes that much.


Still waiting on Charlotte to have her babies and by the looks of things she will be having a bunch.  She is getting so big her belly is almost touching the ground.  She is being very needy right now and lays down every time I am at her pen for me to scratch her belly. I have to tell you it is so cool that when she does this I can feel the little feet kicking inside.  It is times like this I realize just how blessed I am to be able to experience this life.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a human baby or an animal baby each ones creation is such a wonderful and beautiful event. IMG_5033

Well its time to get busy once again but I want to thank each and every one of you for reading my blog and allowing me to share my life with you.  I have found my peaceful place and pray each of you are living a life that makes you happy and content.  I will leave you with last nights sunset as it was such a beautiful sight at 11:30 p.m.IMG_4990





Lazy Days of Summer….

The weather has finally decided to be nice and I am so ready for it. I, like many envision those lazy days of summer where you lounge around sipping cool drinks, languishing in the warmth of the sun and the cooling breeze of the ocean……and then I wake up and reality hits that there is still much to do!

Today was such a beautiful day to be outside. A balmy 70 degrees and actually the breezes were more like hurricane winds but they did keep the skeeters away. 
The laundry was starting to request its own zip code due to its large population so that was one of my first tasks to tackle. Getting the water boiling, cleaning the wash tubs, retrieving the plunger washer doo hickey (I really don’t know what they are called) and my scrub board I began with what I thought would be a quick couple of large loads but as usual I had underestimated. I did manage to complete all but the whites and those can wait until tomorrow. 
I really should of completed the laundry but once again I was called to play in the dirt. 
The remaining plants in the small greenhouse really were in need of transplanting so I spent awhile in the big garden. If all my cabbages, broccoli, tomatoes, onions,carrots, potatoes and cabbage produce I will not only have enough for my family but for a couple others as well!  I won’t count my chickens or cabbages for that matter before their “hatched” as the moose will wait until they are just perfect to dine. 
The kids have a couple friends out spending a few days and it’s been a nice time for all. These two boys are such good sports and go with the flow it’s nice having them here. There’s always things for young minds to do and they all stayed busy most of the day building rifles and swords out of wood then going on adventures to far away places. I love when kids use their imagination. We had lions (pigs), exotic antelope (goats) and rare birds (chickens and turkeys) on the safari.  

      If you look closely at the last pic there’s Master scout Caleb looking out from the tree just above the stove pipe braces and roof edge.

Our new little billy Frankie is having a hard time fitting in. He seems to think he is supposed to be with the 2 legged kids instead of his 4 legged buddies. Multiple times today I had to remove him from the cabin as he would sneak in then cry very loudly when removed. I mean seriously I already have a hundred young fowl in brooder a I really don’t need to add a goat too. Hoping by next week I can remove them to an outside brooder as the replacements for the ones we lost will be arriving. Yes I have become the crazy chicken lady. 

I am still working on the website and it’s very close to being completed so bear with me a bit longer please. 

I’ll leave you all with some random pics of this beautiful place I call home. God Bless you all until next time 😀 


Trip to town.


Just after midnight.

Alaska comes Alive at 3 a.m.

Awoke this morning to daylight and roosters crowing……at 3 a.m. Now officially the sun doesn’t rise until around 4:30 but when it’s light enough outside to see clearly it’s morning. It was a very short night after a very long day so I am getting a vision here…..wait…..yes I can see a nap in my future!  As I sit here waiting for the stove to heat up enough to perk my coffee so I can begin my day I wonder what trouble I can get into thinking without being fueled by caffeine. 

I spent the day switching hosting companies for my website and I have come to the conclusion that all computers are evil and hosting companies are only on earth to expedite making us all crazy. Perhaps I am being a bit dramatic but I discovered a new level of frustration today. I would much rather be out playing in the dirt than sitting in front of a computer-ALL day!

The weather has been incredible! Sunny, warm and breezy enough to keep the bugs away. Not that we have seen many mosquitoes this year but the no see ums are horrible. The kids have hijacked hubby’s wood shed deck and put a picnic table on it so they can eat outside and enjoy the fresh air. 

 Hubby got the head gasket on our 4 wheeler replaced so it’s up and running and we acquired a couple more wheelers that weren’t running and he has 1 of those going with a lot of help from our friend Dan. We are so blessed to have such great friends and neighbors in our lives! 

 I painted another beehive the other day as I’m getting prepared to split a hive. I had found a box of paint cans at the dump and inside it was a can of msha purple. Well as you can see from the picture msha purple looks more like woo hoo pink! Oh well at least the bees will be able to see it. I just hope they aren’t too embarrassed to call it home. I can just imagine the little bee conversations now. A couple of bees meet on a pollen run and one says to the other “hey are you from that hippy hive across the pasture”? Yes like I said its early and my caffeine level is very low. 

 My little chicks and one remaining turkey poult that Robin hatched out for me are doing incredibly well. I felt horrible that I lost 3 poults and a chick after she and Dan put so much work into hatching them but it’s just the way it is with chicks and I am so happy with the ones I have. One little black one has 6 toes on each foot! How cool is that! We have named it lucky.  

    I’m about to officially be over run with chicks though as my order for 100 meat birds and 20 turkeys will be arriving today. These will not only feed our family well but will also provide an income as we will sell dressed birds later in the summer and turkeys in the fall. With all the craziness in the lower states with bird viruses I’m so glad we are able to grow our own.

A couple of days ago Dear Hubby was taking our friend Kimberly back to her place after spending a couple days with us when he discovered a gentleman buried to his axles on the trail. After a brief conversation it was discovered that he had purchased the property directly south of us-sight unseen. A local realtor had assured him there was a cabin there that needed a little work and it was but a short ride on an ATV by trail to get there. After pressuring the man to close on the deal before viewing the property the deal was done and he not only is stuck with a property he cannot use (he isn’t physically capable) he also paid about 40k more than the place is worth. Very sad situation so I urge you all to never get in that type of situation-ever!

It’s been very busy around here with gardening and critters. Dear hubby has built some planter boxes for potatoes (yes I have around 100 planted so far) and my strawberries. I also got a few more cabbages in along with broccoli and cauliflower. My experimental corn is coming up as are my carrots, kale and squash. Praying for a bountiful harvest as I have many friends who can also use fresh produce. 

   My hubby is so wonderful. Some fellow homesteaders north of us (that I’ve never really met except on Facebook) had a breakdown on their ATV and needed a part welded. He went out and used one of their neighbors welder to fix it. I sent along Stitch-remember the chick with the severed neck I stitched up? We are getting too many roosters so I will be thinning them out by sending them to canner camp but could not bring myself to butcher him. He is a beautiful and sweet rooster so he will make a nice addition to their farm-I’m sure he’s crowing about now. 

The kids are enjoying summer and finding many things to keep them busy. Cami loves building things and has been cutting toy rifles out of wood, Caleb is always “mining” for gold-I think he has found 1 large rock and a whole lot of mud but no gold yet and Cati has kept busy cooking new things and being a milk maid. For 10 years old that girl can milk goats! The best part of all is my children are happy.  


I did take time to take a walk and get a few pics of the forest around us. It comes alive at this time but there’s even beauty in the trees that have died. 

                 Well the coffee is done and I must start on chores soon-moving chicks to make room for the others that dear hubby will be getting from the post office soon. Have a blessed day all and I have one request…..Please pray that I can get the website up without much more frustration and that I don’t use the computer for target practice. Thanks All!

All Thumbs and Two Left Feet

Well it’s been awhile since I posted but I promise you it is not because I have been idle!  Let me tell you how I discovered I am all thumbs.  

Computers are supposed to be easy right? They are supposed to make your life simpler, correct? Well I am living proof that someone lied!   I’ll start at the beginning of the discovery. I was attempting to do a simple logo design for my farm products. Nothing fancy just a couple of squiggly lines, a dot and some lettering. Easy, right? Should only take 5 minutes poof I will be done and move on to something more exciting. Well guess what…..It is not that easy, it took longer than 5 minutes and once it was done (3 days later) the computer in all its glory, grandeur and wisdom….ate it! Now keep in mind that this simple 5 minute project has consumed 3 days which is about 26 hours, 5 tanks of fuel in the generator, 15 pots of coffee and 10 pounds of chocolate (to keep me motivated) and my last nerve. All of this so the computer could eat it!  Poof it’s gone….into the rabbit hole….or never land or wherever computer stuff goes. Luckily I was able to retrieve it after I calmed down enough to actually think. You see it is not that I’m computer illiterate as I actually used to use them daily but it appears lack of using that part of my brain has caused a memory loss when it comes to anything electronic. The story isn’t over yet though, as I still have the website to complete but I want to show you the logo, on the label which is now on the first bottle of Birch Syrup created right here at Two Moose Farm! 

   The story goes on……Now not a newbie to website building I thought hey!!!! I got this! I have done it many times before right!  For the sake of time let me tell you things in the electronic world have changed A LOT in the last few years. Those days of simple file systems are long gone. I quickly discovered that little bit of info when I attempted to place my logo file of abc into a program that will accept most files except the one my logo was in. It’s day 3 on it and although it’s online I am far from finished. You can see it at http://www.offgridalaska.net   I’ll get it done but for now if your interested in ordering then shoot me an email at early@offgridalaska.net and I’ll get you fixed up. 

All that computer stuff makes me cranky so I decided some outdoor time was much needed. It does the body good to be outside in the fresh air right? Okay usually! I discovered my two left feet when watering the greenhouse that sits on the turkey pen. Yep it’s only 6 foot off the ground and dear hubby even built me a walk way so I could water and care for my little seedling babies without much effort-ha ha you would think after 25 years he would know me better than that!  Apparently when you have this condition of two left feet even the simplest navigations become dangerous. Climb the step, stand on the walkway and oh dear the farthest back plants aren’t getting enough water so put one knee inside the greenhouse hook toes into the now wet walkway for stability and reach out as far as you can with watering can full of water then poof!  Falling, slipping, sliding but oh can’t put my hands down to stop the fall as I might squish the little plants-when the motion finally stopped I was upside down one booted foot caught on the edge of the greenhouse, the other boot less foot stuck in between the boards of the walk way my water pitcher still in one hand and the other hand dangling there like it was a cheerleader surrounded by the curious chickens and turkeys when who shows up to console me???? Oh Henry the billy goat! I’m sure he thought “See momma it’s not hard to get into trouble”. Now mind you other than critters there is no one else close enough to holler at for assistance so here I am looking like a four legged spider caught in its own web, hanging upside down and caught in several places. Thank heavens I could touch the ground and was able to drop the watering can (why I was still holding it I cannot explain as even I don’t know) then push myself up enough to unhook the two left feet then gracefully-yes I said gracefully it’s my story, removed myself from my predicament. Bumps, bruises and a few splinters later I’m still in one piece so I will continue to move forward!

I promise the website will be fully functional soon and I hope you all will take a look. Have a blessed day all.

Homestead Happenings

its not yet 4 a.m. but I’m awake and listening to the pitter patter of raindrops hitting the roof. I really should be sleeping considering I was awake until midnight but the body has a mind of its own. 

It has been a busy couple of days here on Two Moose farm with butchering a couple chickens, building a farrowing pen and feeling helpless when a neighbor needed helped. Let’s start there as that is a sad event I want to share. 

I have friends I have never met except online both near and far. We interact via Facebook and they become very dear to me. One such friend just happens to live just a few miles out from where we are and are also homesteading. 

Ann has a couple goats she purchased a few months ago and they are very young. No one told her the little doeling was bred but they suspected based on her appearance. After she went into labor it was a few hours into it they knew she was in trouble. Ann called me and I could hear the distress in her voice. I know she and her husband love their animals as I do mine and felt immediately the kindred spirit us homesteaders feel for each other. Having experienced difficult births with many different animals including goats I attempted to give a shortened version via phone on how to assist the birth. Sadly the kid goat didn’t make it but I am happy to say the momma did. Yes, we all understand it is part of being a homesteader/farmer yet that is no comfort when it’s one of your animals that is in pain or you have lost. I felt helpless and wanted so badly to reach through the phone to give her a hug and let her know I truly understood the pain she was going through. Homesteading is a wonderful life but it has its bad days too. 

Needing to get my mind on other things I started on my farrowing pen. Charlotte missed the due date I expected so I figure that she will be due in about 2.5 more weeks and I want to give her a bit of luxury. I know it sounds silly but she is my baby even if she weighs well over 300 pounds. Using scrap lumber, some slabs and a few trees we thinned out we managed to get about 90 percent done before it was time to get supper on the table. The cloudy skies had me nervous so we covered it with a tarp that will keep it dry until I can shingle it. Charlotte moved across the yard with relative ease into her new “birthing suite” and seems quite happy with her new place. 

       The 2 chickens we finally butchered were very large-scratch that they were huge!  They were Cornish cross meat birds I acquired in an assortment of chicks back in February and has grown to mammoth size. I slow roasted them all day packed with herbs to season and they turned out amazing. Cooking a bird this way does not produce a very pretty roasted chicken but does produce tender, juicy and flavor filled meat. Try it sometime. Pull skin away from the muscle and poke herbs (fresh or dried) in between the skin and muscle. Put a couple cups of water or broth in the pan with the bird, rub some olive oil on it and cover. Slow roast 4-5 hours and I promise you will love it. By the way my herbs of choice were Rosemary, savory and sage but you can use whatever sounds good and I have even sliced lemons or apples and inserted them.  

        Dear Hubby was working at the saw mill today and first thing he calls and tells the kids to send me over. I get there and he points out some bear tracks right in the sawdust pile. After getting a few pics and inspecting more closely it appears to be the tracks of a momma bear and cub or Cubs. They rolled around in the sawdust and left prints and bits of fur so looks like a black bear.  

   As many of you know we feed our pigs a diet heavy in organic barley. I finally got some pics of hubby tending the fire under the bathtub in which we cook it in 50 pounds at a time.  

   That same evening was so beautiful out we spent the evening out doors drinking coffee and visiting with Papa until almost midnight. 

 Well the sun is up and coffee is done so I will bid you all farewell until the next time. Have a very blessed day and make every moment a memory.

Sharing The Dream

I must apologize for not updating sooner but it has been a busy week both on and off Two Moose Farm.  I had the pleasure of showing a wonderful couple around the area as they search for the perfect place to build their Alaska dream.  Ken and Tracy Baxter have now put an offer in on a beautiful piece of almost raw land to which they hope to fulfill their dreams of Homesteading Alaska.I wish I could find a beaver for the pond as Tracy is beaver crazy!  She wants a beaver in her back yard.   IMG_4386

I enjoyed the 2 days out and it is so refreshing to see others who see the beauty in all things Alaska.  Tracy was so excited to see all of the eagles, moose and sandhill cranes she would squeal with delight at each one we passed it reminded me of myself when I first arrived.  Finding joy in such simple things is truly a blessing.

Things are still moving along and its been a nice spring so far.  The water levels are dropping and I keep praying it will continue to do so.  I am behind as usual in my work but Alaska is pretty forgiving and I believe I can catch up.  The greenhouses are looking more “green” every day but I still have to get the big house up and my cool crops planted out doors.  The piggies have done a wonderful job of rototilling now to smooth it down and get them back to their own area.  Soon we will be able to let them roam free again but not just yet as Charlotte is nearing her farrowing time.

Our last goat kidded a few days ago and little Doris is doing well except her momma keeps losing her.  Bandit the momma gets so wrapped up in her browsing the green things that are springing up she wanders away as little Doris sleeps and then when its time to return home no Doris.  Twice we have had to look for the little thing and let me tell you its no easy feat finding a baby goat on 80 acres of timber and tall grass.  For the near future little Doris will be staying home while her momma goes out but she doesn’t seem to mind hanging out in the cabin.Do

The turkeys are refusing to be wild.  I know that sounds odd but they have become annoying!  I have discovered the true meaning of “peeping Tom”.  They want to follow us around and if we go indoors the literally stretch out their necks to peek inside!  The hens though I am not minding as they are delivering eggs…….Literally!  They come to get attention and have begun laying in the doorway.  I know one of these days we will forget and step on an egg but seriously is that not the coolest thing! IMG_4253 Had to share this video with you of one of the hens who came waltzing into the cabin to beg.  Definitely thinks she owns the place!

The kids are looking forward to Saturday as they will get to see their friends and Caleb will have another meeting with his shooting sports club.  He has discovered a passion for skeet shooting and I am glad that he will have a hobby that will teach him the importance of gun safety, the ability to fend for himself if the need arises and the camaraderie of having others in his circle of friends who have much knowledge to share.  Life is about constantly learning and books are wonderful instruments but life skills are just as important.

We did have a bit of sadness this week when Cami’s cat had kittens.  Not sure if it was her or one of the other cats that killed all but 2 of them but we did try unsuccessfully to save them.  It is never easy to lose an animal regardless of the type and am hoping that this is an isolated incident.

Finally finished planting the last raspberry patch today.  The others are growing new leaves and the rhubarb is 6 inches tall already! Our strawberries are growing rapidly too so hoping for a nice crop of fruit this year and rhubarb next year.

Dear hubby had to take Papa Fred to the orthopedic surgeon yesterday and what an adventure they had.  Papa cannot operate the wheeler so Caleb was his chauffeur.  All was going well until one wheel hit a deep hole and papa slid off the back of the wheeler into the swamp.It was a soft moss landing so no injuries but he did say the water was quite cold.  Poor Caleb was so heartbroken and worried but Papa assured him it was not is fault and all was well.  Caleb is growing up to be such a handsome, loving and kind young man who I am very proud of.

Mothers Day was much like every other day for us.  The guys had gone in to town overnight and it was just us girls.  We did our normal chores, split wood for our fires and then began cleaning up the brush that was laying around in the yard.  After 2 days the yard looks amazing and now I can begin planning the fence that I keep telling myself will keep the critters out-that’s never going to happen but a gal has to dream!  It will be nice to have a yard though that we can enjoy instead of the mud we experienced last year.

Well folks its now after midnight and the sun has finally set. Once again God has painted a beautiful scene for me to enjoy and I want to share it with you.  I hope wherever you are you are feeling as blessed as I am. 


Random ramblings

Seems like I have so much to say but nothing fits in a category but still I feel the need to share with all this crazy life  I love.

The long days are back with it being light out until after 11p.m. and that is a good thing as there is so much work to do. There are gardens to be put in, another greenhouse to build and always more animal pens to construct.  Today was a day of overcast and drizzle. Not conducive to doing much of anything yet we stayed busy all day. The pigs are about halfway through tilling my next garden area and I must admit I am anxious to get to planting. My friend Robin sent out a bunch of seed potatoes that I want to get started. Some are heirloom that have been planted here in Alaska for many decades. I still have one more raspberry patch to plant but did get my rhubarb in and hopefully planting it in 3 different areas will ensure that it will survive. Here’s a pic of my kitchen garden area with the greenhouse from Dan and Robin. I love the gate dear hubby built. 

 My “wild” heritage breed turkeys were not informed they are supposed to be wild. Guess they never got the memo because they seem to think that stalking and peeping is what they are required to do. Seriously! They have to be following one of us around at all times and if we are in the cabin they are stretching their necks to peek through the window! 

   It will soon be weaning time for the little goats. They are eating hay, grass, grain, pellets and cat food (no I don’t feed them cat food they steal from the cats). The momma goats are pushing them away more and more so it’s a sign it is time.  

 Papa Fred is back out here again thanks to Dan bringing him out. The next step will be surgery as he isn’t healing correctly and we really need to find a way to get a side by side as the doc informed him he will no longer be able to ride a wheeler. Say a prayer for us if you would, I know God will provide but I believe he likes it when many are praying in agreement.

Here’s a pic of Dan with 2 of the kids. They kept trying to crawl into his lap. 

 Looking forward to getting the goats weaned and having enough milk to use my separator to get cream. Was just thinking how yummy strawberries and fresh cream will taste. Folks the separator I have is top quality yet half the price of others I’ve seen. There’s always a special going on so please go check out the website. http://www.slavicbeauty.net/cream-separators/separators 

Still loving my new boots! For those of you who haven’t seen my other posts I recieved a pair of Altai tactical boots to put through the test of our terrain. I cannot find anything I don’t like about them. Now I realize when reviewing a product you are supposed to point out what you like and what you don’t like but honestly I love these boots. My feet stay dry, they give support to my ankles over uneven terrain, they are light weight and just flexible enough to be comfortable when climbing. If there is one thing I have learned this past year is not all boots are created equal. Yes quality costs but when I was going through a pair of uncomfortable boots a month due to holes being ripped in them from the timber that we go through I am sold on these. Check them out for yourself! They have a cool contest going right now too where you can win a free pair of boots! http://www.altaigear.com/ 

 I am very excited for the latter part of the week to get here. My friends Tracy and Ken are coming to visit!!!!! Was such a nice surprise when they told me but now I really can’t sleep. I’ll be sure to post pics as they will love it here I’m sure. 

Oh almost forgot to share this-my friend Kimberly is now the owner of a piece of raw land she will be building her homestead on. Ladies if you want to do it then go for it! She is living her dream and you can too! Just look at her smiling face! 

 Once again I will leave you all with random pics of the farm. Keep the faith all, keep praying and know HE is always with you.