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1 little 2 little 10 little piggies!

Finally! Charlotte finally farrowed yesterday and presented 10 cute little fat piglets at her morning feeding. I was expecting something to happen soon but didn’t think it would have been that soon.  I had checked her at 5 a.m. No signs of nothing but 3 hours later there they were! Like most new momma a she was a bit frustrated at first-she would try to lay down and a piglet would run under here so finally she stood frozen, grunting and barking loudly, until I came in to assist. I soon had them all in a corner and assured her it was all okay. She then carefully (as a 300 pound pig can be) laid down so they could nurse. I continued checking every hour after that and all was well until late afternoon I heard her carrying on again. When I got there all but 1 piglet was nursing and it had climbed over Charlotte and was laying between her back and the wall. I had to literally lay on Charlotte who calmly stayed put to retrieve the piglet. Charlotte is an amazing pig indeed.   Today she decided she wanted to get some air so I let her out and kept the piglets in. They started squealing and she came bounding back stuck her nose in the door and seen me holding them then proceeded back to her foraging-I guess she’s okay with me and her babies. 


Between rain showers today I was able to butcher 3 roosters and a tom turkey. I have set them all to brine and tomorrow will cook the turkey for Dear Hubby’s birthday. He’s hitting the big 6-0 tomorrow but still looks 40 and acts 30. 

The remainder of the day has been spent working the greenhouse, household chores, meals and helping the kids build more toy guns from wood and holsters from the tops of old muck boots. They are going to work on doing a play and want me to record it. I of course will and will share what I can on here. I love how these kids use their imaginations and try to support it as much as I can. 


It wouldn’t be a complete day without some kind of “incident”.  Apparently it is important to look up when standing especially when the split door of the barn is open on top and the wind is blowing. Yep, I stood up just as it swung over and now have a gash on my forehead. Oh well I guess I won’t be competing in this years Mrs.barnyard beauty pageant. 

It’s time to get the evening chores done so will leave you with more random pics and a prayer of peace.