Food storage and cooking without electricity

Food storage and cooking can seem like a daunting task when living without electricity but really it isn’t. There are several ways of keeping cold foods cold such as an ice box. Here is an old crate I repurposed into an icebox. You simply freeze bottles of water outside and put them in the icebox just like the old days but a little less messy.



Another option is if you have a cool shaded area dig a hole big enough for a 1 gallon jug with lid fill hole with water and place food in jar then set in hole and cover (I used packing styrofoam sheets) weigh down with a brick. Then there’s the crock method that works much like the hole in the ground except you fill a large crock with water after you place you jar inside place a towel over top tuck it into the water and evaporation does your cooling.
Cheese storage is another thing I have been asked about. Be it homemade hard cheese or store bought either can be waxed with cheese wax then stored on a shelf

Eggs are shelf stable if they are fresh and they have never been washed but you can also make store bought eggs shelf stable for a few weeks by coating each one with oil like olive oil. It doesn’t take much just coat your hand then wipe the eggs-I have also used coconut oil too.
Meats, poultry etc can be canned for future use and it’s great for fast meals.
Fruits and veggies can be canned or dehydrated-I use both everyday.
Whole wheat berries keep longer than flour so invest in a good grinder and you will always have fresh flour. (I will cover baking with whole wheat later-I’ve found some tricks for super bread!
Hand gadgets can be expensive so be on the lookout at second hand stores for hand mixers, old style potato mashers, crocks and for those who don’t have a cast iron collection that includes Dutch ovens start gathering those now as you can even bake on a campfire with them.



Lastly invest in a good canner, it will be something you will use for years and a good one can last many years.


Hope this gives you an idea of how with a little planning life can be quite easy and simple on the homestead!

9 thoughts on “Food storage and cooking without electricity”

  1. When you use your canner on a wood burning stove, how easy or hard is it to keep the pressure at the right setting.

  2. I may just try out the wood box with the foam for a summer cooler. I have been using a commercial igloo but ice melts within 6 days and I can not keep veggies or meat in it very long. I had been thinking about getting a new set of batteries and a small ‘dorm room refrigerator’ but its a short summer of doing without fresh foods! Great post, thanks.

  3. I had to chuckle. My kitchen gadgets look like yours. People come over and wonder what to use to mix, and u hand then my mixer. Giggle. Live your life..I’m still working in the boys.

  4. Yes Elise & I think Kimberly is an amazing woman! Learn & Laugh. So practical & I can only imagine the feeling of self sufficiently & carrying on traditions. Just have to love this Wonder Woman 🙂

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