Mom capes and mud slinging

Sept.28,2014 9:54 p.m.
What a day! I started out to town braving the wild with dear son Caleb along. A quarter of the way out I buried the 4 wheeler in the shallowest mud hole on the trail. To add insult to injury I then stepped off, made the whoosh sound with my Mom Cape, and proceeded to the front to push it out. I tripped over a mud covered root, recovered without falling on my backside and just as I was ready to pat myself on the back I took one step too many and was in mud up to my knees. Now y’all know in a perfect world one would simply lift their foot out of the mud and regroup but I have found it is much more interesting to live in some other realm, for the minute I lifted my foot it came right up-minus my boot. Hmmm,so balancing on one foot,knee deep in mud, I push up my sleeves and begin the search for my missing boot. At this particular moment I realize I am very uncoordinated or the swamp hates me and my remaining booted foot is sinking…FAST. Now there are two choices here, continue sinking while frantically searching for my missing boot or put my somewhat dry socked foot in the mud. Okay for me there is a third choice-climb onto the 4 wheeler, hang over the edge and dig. Sounds great in theory right? Wrong! For about the time I think “You are a genius” the wheeler slides off of the stump that caused this mess and I find myself doing a hand stand while looking at the pit of sludge directly beneath my nose. So, I finally wiggle myself into a somewhat upright position and dear son tells me “That was really cool mom, can you do that again so I can get a picture? Dad and Cathy would love seeing this”! I am now faced with another dilemma, do I forget the sarcastic 11 year old standing before me smirking with a mud pie (I really thought about it) or do I continue the boot search. Alas he wins mom back in his court by retrieving the hidden treasure, washing the mud out and returning it with a smile on his face that speaks volumes.
By this point I am ready to swallow my pride once again and call my dear hubby to once again come rescue this damsel in distress. After an hour he arrives and quickly rights the situation and I resume my trip.
My Mom Cape is still intact even though my pride suffered a bit of mud slinging. All in a days adventure and well worth it as I stopped to see a friend and was rewarded with halibut steaks for my family’s supper.
The day is about over and even though I had a bit of stress from the event today I am truly blessed to live in a place where I feel such peace and harmony at days end. God has led me here and I am glad.

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