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The Runaways

Today was a hectic day for sure. Taking advantage of the beautiful sunny day I decided to deep clean some pens-starting with the meat chickens. Due to the mud and water all of the young critters have been confined to close quarters to prevent any more drownings. Yes, the water has gotten that bad. Closed in animals equals lots of shoveling. Just as I had completed the meat chicken pen cleaning (and wrangled all the little escapees) my phone rang. Dear hubby was calling from the trail where he and the kids were working to drain some of the standing water (some spots were over 3 foot deep),placing logs over areas that had turned to soup and replaced logs that had completely washed away. Back to the reason for his call-it went something like this: Your pigs are almost to the swamp (our description of where the timber ends) call them home. Click. Hmmm, someone was clearly upset. I went out to the trees and began hollering and calling….nothing. Not a squeal or grunt to be heard. By the way have you ever noticed how “Ours” becomes “Yours” when children or critters are being difficult? Still no answer or site of the wandering pigs I call dear hubby back and he tells me they are heading back-apparently it isn’t a good thing when you fight to place a log in deep mud and a pig roots it out while your retrieving another log. Thinking the pigs have gotten sidetracked by some tasty morsel-or more likely taking a nap I am diverted to another call for help. I can hear a goat screaming like it’s been caught by the devil himself so off I head in the direction of the distress call. Two hours of hiking through willows, over and under fallen trees and through tall grass hiding said fallen trees I locate the screamer. Next to the creek, completely fine except she had gotten separated from the herd. Really?  That is all I could think of at the moment to say to her. Now all her screaming was like calling every predator in the country out and I reach down to get some reassurance that I will be okay and guess what I did not have on my belt. Yep! In my haste I forgot to get my pistol. I had purposely left it in the cabin while cleaning the pens because this acidic slop is no good on gun metal. So I find myself in the middle of the banquet table and not a weapon on me. Thank heavens the Bears, wolves and coyotes were taking the time to enjoy the sunshine and not hunting idiots or I would have been dinner and the screaming goat dessert. Of course Doris the screaming goat got a severe reprimand and my yelling had caused the rest of the herd to come to investigate.

Hiking back to the cabin to resume my pen cleaning (nine goats following) I came upon a nice patch of cranberries. Of course I didn’t have a thing to put them in but there were so many! I couldn’t leave them just sitting there so I filled my shirt front and once again headed for home. Now for normal people this would have been a great reward for the effort of saving a little lost goat-NORMAL being the key word. Well if your as graceful as I am this is just one more of those incidents better left in the woods but of course I have to share it. Now mind you I already said it was a beautiful sunny day and I was outside working. That means I was wearing a tshirt-an almost white tshirt. When you couple an almost white tshirt full of extremely juicy red cranberries with a woman who has two left feet it’s pretty much a disaster waiting to happen. Yes, you guessed it-I tripped over an unseen log and try as I might not to lose the berries or break any crucial bones I land arm protecting berries mind you, on a soft but very large moss hump. It looked like I had been eviserated. Dripping red down one arm and all over the front of me my berries were now cranberry sauce and had anyone come up on such a site they would have thought I’d escaped being mauled. No harm no foul I continued onward to home, threw the “bloody” shirt in the burn barrel and only after I lit the trash did I think “wow that would of been a cool costume for one of the kids for Halloween”!

By now it is after 3 and I’m still not finished with my chores for the morning. I finished what I could of the pens, fed the ever starving meat birds again and was just getting the stove going again to heat up a cup of coffee when I look at the clock and see its 5:30. Wow where did my day go? More importantly where is my family?  They had run into town to check the mail since they were already out by the truck and I got yet another phone call. This time it was one of the kids asking if the pigs had come home. Well, no……. 2 minutes later the phone rings again and I hear-found your pigs they are at the truck. Apparently they were wanting to go to town!

By the time dear hubby, the 3 kids and 2 wandering pigs pulled into the yard it was right at dark. Time for the evening chores to hurriedly get done and then back to the cabin where my cold cup of coffee sat there right where I had forgotten it. Supper wasn’t on the table until after 9 and it was a thrown together pot of chicken and dumplings from a jar of my home canned chicken.

As I write this it’s 2 a.m. and I have just made the rounds checking critters who are all sleeping snug and dry in their pens. 

It’s a crazy, hectic and sometimes frustrating life here on Two Moose farm but as I climb the ladder to kiss each forehead of my sleeping children I thank God for his blessings he has bestowed upon our family. Now time for a quick nap before I have to start another day. 


Humbling myself

Those of you who know me know I have a hard time asking for help but here I am humbling myself and asking for your assistance. Our little farm is producing well but our products aren’t reaching enough people and we aren’t getting the sales we need to make ends meet. Please share our web store with everyone it’s at  www.offgridalaska.net and we are also doing a shirt fundraiser at www.booster.com/twomoosefarm  

 if you buy a hoodie with our logo it gives us a little cash. 

While we are striving to become self sufficient there are still things like animal feed, auto insurance, shoes and clothing for our growing kids. As much as I hate to ask I am and pray that those of you who can afford to make a purchase please do so and share our sites and blog with your friends. God Bless you all and thanks in advance!

Wonder Woman

I have decided I am going to use Wonder Woman as my alter ego. After all I already wonder where I put things, wonder how I don’t break bones every time I trip over my own two feet and wonder how I ever get anything accomplished with my short attention span! Let’s take yesterday as an example-As many of you know we have been building a fence to keep the pigs and goats out of the cabin as they think if the door is open that it’s an invitation inside. While dear hubby was at the sawmill cutting more boards I was cleaning up the yard area of debris like small stumps and roots. Now this particular task requires the use of an axe. It was just here as dear hubby (DH) had just used it tackling a larger stump. As I searched for it, it was just here! I tripped over the stump that was in my sights for removal before I lost the axe and proceeded to do moves that would of put many break dancers to shame.(if you remember break dancers you just gave away your age). Anyway, I found the axe it was under my backside-well right where I landed and after dusting myself off I began the original task of chopping the stump out. Now anyone who has ever swung an axe properly knows that concentration is key to not removing limbs of the personal kind. As things happen in my world (remember I am Wonder Woman) just as I swung the axe a turkey flew by.  Of course worried about why a turkey would fly without something chasing it I looked up……this started a chain of events that only took seconds. When I looked up I turned the axe ever so slightly (mind you the momentum was still there) I missed the stump which was positioned between my legs and the axe not having anything to stop its momentum continued on and I had 2 choices-hang on to the axe or let it go in a yard filled with children and critters. Of course being Wonder Woman (who by the way really should have been endowed with a cape as all crusaders should) I held on. This attempt at saving anyone or anything from harm resulted in swinging the axe between my legs which through me off balance and after my feet went flying again I am sure beyond any shadow of a doubt the flip I did would of put Bruce  Lee to shame! Had I of had the cape on I could of trimmed the tree tops in seconds instead I had to just land amazingly on both feet with multiple children and critters looking at me like I had just had some sort of siezure. Not one could appreciate the fact I had saved them from certain doom. Oh well Wonder Woman never truly got the recognition she deserved either. The excitement over I did remember the task at hand and removed the offending stumps before DH returned.  The fence is now 2/3rds complete, 1/2 the yard is stump less and the kids and I managed to move the woodpile to its new location without a single injury!

I am still waiting on Miss Charlotte to farrow-I am beginning to believe she will be pregnant for a very long time. A pigs gestation is 3 weeks, 3 months and 3 days. I expected piglets on Mother’s Day-apparently that date was wrong-very wrong as here it is many weeks later and she just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I pity the poor girl as her teats are very close to dragging on the ground. I have actually thought about creating her some sort of bra but not sure how to make one with 19-yes 19 cups!   

       The chickens and turkeys I recieved in the past few weeks are growing like crazy. We have had many losses due to the fact it takes 4 days to get them here but am happy to say both hatcheries-Murray McMurray and Ideal poultry have been very good at replacing the losses. It’s always comforting to know that your doing business with companies that you can trust to make things right even when the conditions are out of their control. 

         It’s been terribly dry here for weeks now. I know that some of you in drought areas think weeks of no rain is nothing but when the Eco system here is almost tropical in the summer and everything depends on rainfall from the plants and trees to the fish in the rivers and streams we are beginning to show signs of critical times. There are fires everywhere, the moss has not grown, berries are stunted and it all has a delicate balance that is off kilter. Praying for rain now when this time last year we were praying it would stop. 

The gardens are doing amazing though and my tomatoes are beginning to set fruit. I have had more than one fantasy moment of fresh mater sammiches! The only thing I have discovered that isn’t doing well is my squash plants so next year I will plant them in raised beds and lower the acidity in the soil. Onions, tomatoes and potatoes love this soil though!  

     Well it’s time to get the day started and first off I have to check hives so I will rouse Cati so she can be my helper (she loves the bees) and proceed with the day. Please take a minute to check out our website though as we have farm products for sale that keep our little farm going. www.offgridalaska.net Also take a look at our farm Facebook page, give us a like and share to be entered into a contest for a surprise pack giveaway July 5th. (Open to US residents only at this time) www.facebook.com/twomoosefarm

Have a blessed day and as usual I will leave you with random pics of our world as we know it. 


All Thumbs and Two Left Feet

Well it’s been awhile since I posted but I promise you it is not because I have been idle!  Let me tell you how I discovered I am all thumbs.  

Computers are supposed to be easy right? They are supposed to make your life simpler, correct? Well I am living proof that someone lied!   I’ll start at the beginning of the discovery. I was attempting to do a simple logo design for my farm products. Nothing fancy just a couple of squiggly lines, a dot and some lettering. Easy, right? Should only take 5 minutes poof I will be done and move on to something more exciting. Well guess what…..It is not that easy, it took longer than 5 minutes and once it was done (3 days later) the computer in all its glory, grandeur and wisdom….ate it! Now keep in mind that this simple 5 minute project has consumed 3 days which is about 26 hours, 5 tanks of fuel in the generator, 15 pots of coffee and 10 pounds of chocolate (to keep me motivated) and my last nerve. All of this so the computer could eat it!  Poof it’s gone….into the rabbit hole….or never land or wherever computer stuff goes. Luckily I was able to retrieve it after I calmed down enough to actually think. You see it is not that I’m computer illiterate as I actually used to use them daily but it appears lack of using that part of my brain has caused a memory loss when it comes to anything electronic. The story isn’t over yet though, as I still have the website to complete but I want to show you the logo, on the label which is now on the first bottle of Birch Syrup created right here at Two Moose Farm! 

   The story goes on……Now not a newbie to website building I thought hey!!!! I got this! I have done it many times before right!  For the sake of time let me tell you things in the electronic world have changed A LOT in the last few years. Those days of simple file systems are long gone. I quickly discovered that little bit of info when I attempted to place my logo file of abc into a program that will accept most files except the one my logo was in. It’s day 3 on it and although it’s online I am far from finished. You can see it at http://www.offgridalaska.net   I’ll get it done but for now if your interested in ordering then shoot me an email at early@offgridalaska.net and I’ll get you fixed up. 

All that computer stuff makes me cranky so I decided some outdoor time was much needed. It does the body good to be outside in the fresh air right? Okay usually! I discovered my two left feet when watering the greenhouse that sits on the turkey pen. Yep it’s only 6 foot off the ground and dear hubby even built me a walk way so I could water and care for my little seedling babies without much effort-ha ha you would think after 25 years he would know me better than that!  Apparently when you have this condition of two left feet even the simplest navigations become dangerous. Climb the step, stand on the walkway and oh dear the farthest back plants aren’t getting enough water so put one knee inside the greenhouse hook toes into the now wet walkway for stability and reach out as far as you can with watering can full of water then poof!  Falling, slipping, sliding but oh can’t put my hands down to stop the fall as I might squish the little plants-when the motion finally stopped I was upside down one booted foot caught on the edge of the greenhouse, the other boot less foot stuck in between the boards of the walk way my water pitcher still in one hand and the other hand dangling there like it was a cheerleader surrounded by the curious chickens and turkeys when who shows up to console me???? Oh Henry the billy goat! I’m sure he thought “See momma it’s not hard to get into trouble”. Now mind you other than critters there is no one else close enough to holler at for assistance so here I am looking like a four legged spider caught in its own web, hanging upside down and caught in several places. Thank heavens I could touch the ground and was able to drop the watering can (why I was still holding it I cannot explain as even I don’t know) then push myself up enough to unhook the two left feet then gracefully-yes I said gracefully it’s my story, removed myself from my predicament. Bumps, bruises and a few splinters later I’m still in one piece so I will continue to move forward!

I promise the website will be fully functional soon and I hope you all will take a look. Have a blessed day all.


Oh happy day!  Last night the hubby brought me chicks a friend has hatched out for me and I’m so excited!  Now before ya all go worrying, no I didn’t lose my others (well not all of them) I just wanted/needed more chickens and turkeys. Yes, I am that crazy chicken lady. Thank you Robin for adding 7 more baby chicks (these are Aracaunas I believe) and 4 more turkey poults (Royal Palms I think) to my menagerie. Once again the homemade non electric brooder will be my night light-as if I need one when it gets dark at midnight and light again around 4 a.m. Robin and her hubby Dan had fun hatching them and gave me updates regularly on their progress both during incubation and hatching. They referred to the eggs as their “kids” and doted over them. I called Robin Friday and got her on her cell in town shopping and jokingly said to her “Aren’t you close to being due? What’s a woman so close to labor doing out running around” Robin had a comeback for me though as she said no labor pains yet and had to prepare. She got me giggling Sunday though when she informed me she had to do a c-section on one egg as the chick was wearing down but yay!!!! She saved it. Yes folks I have awesome friends! 

 I just had to share this with you as I had a couple friends post to my Facebook page. Kristine and Wendy thanks for the giggles! 

 The weekend was busy as usual and my dear hubby literally ran his legs off. Saturday he had to hike in to take the kids to shooting sports. Our trail is still too wet to support the weight of adults, the wheelers and supplies (never do we make a trip in without bringing something) so the kids drive and we walk. Sunday he made 2 trips in and out! For those of you who don’t know that’s 15 miles of hiking!  He was pretty excited though when he went to retrieve one of my “deals” and loaded not 1 but 2 wheelers that need a bit of work onto the trailer. There was much excitement in his voice when he called and anticipation for the time they are running and we have extra transportation and work horses for logging. I will post pics when he gets them running and out here. His next errand he ran for me was picking up the hay I got for a song! He got there and was surprised that the cheap hay I committed to over the phone for 5.00 a bale was great Timothy hay. Mind you hay around here sells for around 25.00 a bale for good hay. He also met a new friend with many of the same interests AND who also has twin girls our Twins’ age! I’m telling you folks God is so good! He provided for yet another need.

My weekend was spent working on projects around the farm but did take time to make some butter after I separated the cream and some mozzerella cheese. It didn’t turn out perfect but it’s edible. One thing I am discovering is everything I know about cheese making is based on cows milk. I have to tweek my recipes as Goats milk is very different. It requires less rennet and now if I could just remember that BEFORE I add it perhaps I will get back to making awesome cheese instead of just so so cheese.  

   Two of our wethers went to new homes on Saturday and I will admit I do miss them. Every baby has its idiosyncrasies and little Blake definitely had his. The kids called it the invisible leash. You could get that little stinker to follow you anywhere by scratching his chin. They have found a new home now where they will be spoiled pets with a couples grandkids to play with.  

   The plant starts are doing well and I really must get them in the ground soon but am a bit anxious about the potential for frost. It’s been so warm I wonder if it will last. I guess I will just have to do it and pray that it stays warm. 

       Cami is starting to take interest in the goats more and is learning to milk. For those of you who have never milked it’s easier said than done. Milking requires the use of muscles that don’t normally get used and builds up forearm strength. It’s tiring until you get those muscles used to it and even though I enjoy it I will admit having 2 more sets of hands is a blessing. Cati has become a skilled miller already and can even milk my one doe who is a hard milker.  

 Much was accomplished last week with getting the farrowing pen done and having a happy pig and I hope this week we can be as industrious as last. 

I know I’ve said for months I would have a website soon with farm products for sale so by weeks end I will announce it. Our first offerings will be Birch syrup, Barley pancake mix, goat milk hot cocoa mix, lip balm and goat milk soap. I will also be running a contest so stayed tuned!

Well folks once again it’s been my pleasure to share our lives with you but duty calls. The roosters are crowing, everyone wants fed and there are many other projects to be completed. May your hands stay busy, your heart be happy and may God grace and bless you.  


Feeling sappy

It’s  a cool spring day here on Two Moose Farm. It’s been raining on and off since yesterday evening but that doesn’t mean chores can be left especially during the sap run. 

For those unfamiliar with the process of making syrup from sap, it is a simple process but very time consuming. Once the trees are tapped the sap is gathered twice a day. It is then filtered to remove bits of bark and such then is put on the stove to cook down and condense. Sounds simple enough but the tricky part is reducing it down without burning it. This is a long process as you don’t want to boil the sap just let it get hot enough to evaporate. This takes about 26 hours to do which means the stove must be constantly fed wood and attended to and the pots much be watched. Let me tell you that old wives tale-a watched pot never boils is true! It can be fine one minute but turn your back for a minute and it boils..,,.and burns!  Yep first pot I burnt and while it may not seem like a big deal consider this, it takes 25 quarts of sap to make 1 pint of syrup. That is a lot of work!

The seeds in the greenhouse are poking their little heads up through the soil and reaching out to the light. Quite a cushy existence for them as I keep it heated to a balmy 72 degrees with 2 kerosene lamps. Won’t be long until they will be full fledged plants and I will be in my element-bare feet and hands in the dirt!  I do love gardening as it gives me a lot of peace just playing in the dirt.

I was asked a question the other day I haven’t quite found an answer to. Someone asked “when is your slow time” hmmmm after much pondering I have come to the conclusion the appropriate answer will be “never”. There are always critters to feed, meals to make, pens to clean, spring and summer is the growing season and fishing, late summer and fall canning and more fishing and hunting. Winter brings new work with keeping pens cleaned, dried and making sure animals are warm, that their water is thawed and for us we spoil our animals with hot meals. Yes it may seem silly but an animal uses less energy if they are warmed on the inside I believe. Yes lots of work but it brings us joy.

Oooooh happy day! We got our first turkey egg! How cool is that!

Well I will leave you all for now with pics of the syrup and the turkey egg. Yes it’s another milestone and very exciting for us. Have a blessed day all.



Special times

Today after the morning chores were completed Mike, Caleb and Papa Fred worked on the broken trailer axle. This gave me the perfect opportunity to have some girl time so us girls went on an adventure of our own.

Our outing started out by going to the creek and Rock picking so we could have rocks to paint later. We then began exploring parts of our property we hadn’t yet seen and even climbed a few trees.  Nothing truly exciting but the time we spent together was something I will treasure. I heard all about their dreams of “when I grow up”. 


The rest of the day was spent doing odds and ends, planting seeds in the seedling house and then checking our birch tree taps.  One is starting to drip!!! Yay it won’t be long now!

We ended the evening after chores were complete by painting the rocks we had gathered. 



Oh and look one of the free chickens we were given layed a green egg today! Yes it’s the little things that excite me!

Life here at Two Moose may seem boring to some but for me it is just perfect!

I’ll leave you with yet another amazing sunset from my front porch. 





 good night and God Bless  

Happy Anniversary to us Part 2

August was one of the wettest times I had ever seen. It rained seemingly non stop and I found myself learning to laugh at getting stuck in the mud. Finally September arrived and it was dry for 2 weeks straight!  With the break in the weather we took advantage of it and began moving the saw mill.


Inch by inch we took it slow and finally got the job complete and then……you guessed it more rain! We did manage to get the plywood roof up and covered with plastic so we almost had a real roof!

October gave us sunny days and cool nights but we were able to get some lumber cut and get the kids a lift floor in and start the insulation but it never got really cold even though there were mornings with ice on the water barrels.

November was much the same as October although we did get a bit of snow. It was beautiful but it didn’t last long. 


Our first Thanksgiving here was exciting though. Cati and I worked together and made a wonderful dinner and enjoyed our “pioneer” life with the family.

December was all about Christmas. Remembering the day of our Saviors birth is important to us and we celebrate regardless of finances. We hadn’t any room for a tree but the girls and I got creative and made one out of construction paper. Of all the Christmases I know this one will be the most memorable.  I have to mention that the kindness of old and new friends made our first Christmas spectacular. We wanted for nothing and yet was given so much. Thank you to All of you who sent gifts and care packages. Finally Christmas Eve we had a new addition to the farm when little Henrietta made her appearance. 


New Year’s Day brought little Racer in with much fanfare as he had to be pulled due to having a leg back but he was a tough little fella! 


We ushered in the New Year to more rain but then it turned cold. A two week period of time when the water would freeze before we could get it home from the spring. During that time we spent countless hours thawing ice and hauling water to the animals and the littlest ones spent the night inside and I would carry them out to their mommas for feedings.

February it warmed up and began melting. That got the spring fever started along with the longer days but it proved to be a false start. The cold returned, our 4 wheeler broke down and it was a repeat of January’s routine of keeping everyone warm and watered. My bees that I had wintered over I lost in the last cold snap as did many of my rabbit babies and that made me sad but overall everything else did well.

Here we are one year later! We have a nice little farm started with goats reproducing, chickens laying, rabbits having babies, the goats are rebounding in the milk department and we finally have enough pens,hutches,barns and coops to keep everyone happy. Oh and we now have turkeys too!

We have learned to adapt to our surroundings and to create when we have a need such as the kerosene lamp brooder. Life is not easy out here and for many it would be intolerable but for us it is perfect! 

As for me I have learned faith does matter. I have seen insurmountable problems quickly resolved by giving it to God. I question less why he chose here to put us and find comfort in knowing he is in control so I don’t have to be. I have made many friends from around the world who encourage us and many here locally that want to see us succeed. I have a friend who I talk to daily that I couldn’t imagine living without as I rely on her to keep my grounded. Cathy DeHaven this is dedicated to you. You are always there when I need advice, a sounding board or just to talk. God may not of made us sisters by birth but in my heart you will forever be my big sis. 

I will leave you all with my favorite view and a promise of more to come here at Two Moose Farm. May you be blessed with peace and happiness. 


Let it snow-No! make it go make it go!

I guess I have been spoiled all winter by the lack of true winter weather. Now that spring fever has hit full force it becomes bitterly cold and now I see white flakes falling from the sky. Make it stop!!!!!! No really, I’m done, bring on spring in the form of sunshine, skip the rain, mud and all things that could possibly hinder my progress and just let me have sunny days and green grass…..please! 

The latest cold snap has little frost bitten ears on my goat baby, a chicken with frozen toes now residing in the cabin and we lost several baby rabbits who got out of their snuggly nest and froze. Oh how I hate to see little ones suffer. 

As I sit pouring over garden plans and day dreaming of green grass I must remind myself it will be here entirely too fast and will leave even sooner but I just can’t help myself. I do this every year and after all these years it hasn’t gotten any easier.

The cold has increased the workload immensely with constant thawing of water dishes, bottles and bowls for all the critters and I have lost feeling in the tips of several fingers now due to frostbite. It will return, it always does but somehow whining about it makes me feel a tad bit better-you know misery truly does love company! On a good note the weather man says we have warmer days ahead so I’m holding him to it! 

I am on high alert now as it is typical for momma animals to pick the worst weather to have babies in so night checks will continue indefinitely which translates to a lot of sleepless nights for me. I really am not complaining about this though as I love seeing new life enter this beautiful world and it does bring me joy.

Still waiting on parts for our 4 wheeler. It seems to take forever sometimes but once again I am getting impatient.

Not much else happening in our neck of the woods so I will bid you all a good night and pray health, happiness and dreams of Flowers blooming, chest high hay and fields of grain dancing in the breeze. God Bless you all.

The many faces of Mom

Moms you all know what it’s like to have many faces. To smile when you really want to cry, to keep a straight face when you want to burst out laughing and to not show fear when your scared to death because you are the glue that keeps it all together.

Yesterday felt like it was going to be a typical day and around here I guess it was but never the less it was challenging. Critter chores done and breakfast cooked I was starting the kids on schoolwork when Caleb announced he didn’t feel well. Alright straight face in place I now must determine is the a real sickness event or one of the “I want to get out of doing something illness”. No real symptoms and his appetite proved the illness was the latter I played along. Up to bed no going outside to play until your feeling better. Exactly 10 minutes later he has a sudden recovery. Not being one to let someone off the hook that easily I send him back to bed with schoolwork in hand. 4 hours later he is completely healed! Yes, I am a miracle worker. Still not giving in on this I tell him I’m not convinced he is all better yet but if he could split wood surely breaking a sweat would force out any bad germs that could potentially cause a fever. 30 minutes later the wood box is full but I’m still not totally  convinced he is not sickly and before I could figure out another chore to prove his illness was faked he finally fesses up. Score 1 for mom. I send him on his way to play 2 hours later than if he would of just gotten up, done his share of the chores and his school work without the drama of pretending to be ill. Somehow though it doesn’t feel like a win but an irritation at the time wasted trying to get out of chores.

Making my usually mid morning rounds while kids were inside doing school work and likely fighting I discovered one of my chicks severely injured. It’s neck skin severed completely and the muscle and bone all exposed. Time for the yes it’s gross and makes me want to cry straight up mom face. Looking like I don’t have a care in the world I convince all my little minions it is no big deal and yes I am super mom and YES I can fix it! I carefully clean it up and suture the skin back in place with 6 tiny little stitches. I am happy to report the patient is still doing well eating, drinking, pooping and doing the normal things chicks do. Barring any infection I predict a full recovery.

That excitement over with it was on to more mundane things like cleaning pens and preparing meals but I did take time to plant some tomato seeds in pots and dreaming of fresh tomatoes in a couple of months.

Now to go add sutures to my shopping list as I have discovered I am running low. You all have a blessed day and keep smiling because smiles truly are contagious!