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Heatwave, Fires and The Crazy Chicken Lady

Who would of thought we would experience a heat wave like what we have now.  The normal highs for summer are 72 degrees-we have surpassed that and while enjoying a normal summer day the extended forecast is calling for more hot weather. Couple that with the wind and dry conditions we are experiencing it makes for a dangerous fire season.  Although we are not in the midst of the flames our neighbors to the north about 40 miles (as the crow flies) are going through very tough times.  Many have lost their homes and it saddens me every time I read another news report.  Please keep us and our fellow Alaskans in your prayers as we need rain desperately.

Life still goes on here at Two Moose Farm and I am proud to announce I do have the website functioning and although not complete by any means we do have a few of our products on there with more coming soon.  You can take a look at www.offgridalaska.net and to celebrate this major accomplishment we are running a contest!  it’s really easy to enter just go to www.facebook.com/twomoosefarm “like” the page then share it! We will draw for a surprise gift pack on the evening of July 5th.

Its Official-I am the Crazy Chicken Lady!  If you doubt it my dear hubby will verify.  I now have around 200 turkeys and chickens of varying ages.  Do you have any idea how difficult it is to come up with that many names?  I mean really…Fried, Broasted, Roasted, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Ala King I am running out of names!  Of course I am kidding……almost. I am also running out of room! Chicks are everywhere!  The good news is my big girls are laying well now and I am getting eggs of many colors.  Blue, green, brown, tan, olive and one hen is laying eggs that look almost lilac colored!

IMG_5026 IMG_5016 IMG_5030 IMG_5031 IMG_5028 IMG_5013We do have one little guy in the nurses station he has somehow torn the bottom of his toe and needs a bit of tlc.IMG_5025Frankie, Our newest little addition to the farm is having trouble fitting in.  He does fine when just the youngsters are around but the older does are terrible to him.  He is finally venturing out to graze if one of us accompanies him but he doesn’t stray far from his “people” family.  I do believe once his hormones kick in and he gets some size to him he will adapt and keep those ladies in line.IMG_5037

The gardens for the most part are doing well and I have to tell you my potato peels I planted are growing nicely they are producing little potatoes already! I am growing them in feed sacks so when its time to harvest I can simply split the bag and harvest.  Of course I have potatoes planted everywhere in boxes, in the ground and in multiple locations because we love potatoes that much.


Still waiting on Charlotte to have her babies and by the looks of things she will be having a bunch.  She is getting so big her belly is almost touching the ground.  She is being very needy right now and lays down every time I am at her pen for me to scratch her belly. I have to tell you it is so cool that when she does this I can feel the little feet kicking inside.  It is times like this I realize just how blessed I am to be able to experience this life.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a human baby or an animal baby each ones creation is such a wonderful and beautiful event. IMG_5033

Well its time to get busy once again but I want to thank each and every one of you for reading my blog and allowing me to share my life with you.  I have found my peaceful place and pray each of you are living a life that makes you happy and content.  I will leave you with last nights sunset as it was such a beautiful sight at 11:30 p.m.IMG_4990