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Lazy Days of Summer….

The weather has finally decided to be nice and I am so ready for it. I, like many envision those lazy days of summer where you lounge around sipping cool drinks, languishing in the warmth of the sun and the cooling breeze of the ocean……and then I wake up and reality hits that there is still much to do!

Today was such a beautiful day to be outside. A balmy 70 degrees and actually the breezes were more like hurricane winds but they did keep the skeeters away. 
The laundry was starting to request its own zip code due to its large population so that was one of my first tasks to tackle. Getting the water boiling, cleaning the wash tubs, retrieving the plunger washer doo hickey (I really don’t know what they are called) and my scrub board I began with what I thought would be a quick couple of large loads but as usual I had underestimated. I did manage to complete all but the whites and those can wait until tomorrow. 
I really should of completed the laundry but once again I was called to play in the dirt. 
The remaining plants in the small greenhouse really were in need of transplanting so I spent awhile in the big garden. If all my cabbages, broccoli, tomatoes, onions,carrots, potatoes and cabbage produce I will not only have enough for my family but for a couple others as well!  I won’t count my chickens or cabbages for that matter before their “hatched” as the moose will wait until they are just perfect to dine. 
The kids have a couple friends out spending a few days and it’s been a nice time for all. These two boys are such good sports and go with the flow it’s nice having them here. There’s always things for young minds to do and they all stayed busy most of the day building rifles and swords out of wood then going on adventures to far away places. I love when kids use their imagination. We had lions (pigs), exotic antelope (goats) and rare birds (chickens and turkeys) on the safari.  

      If you look closely at the last pic there’s Master scout Caleb looking out from the tree just above the stove pipe braces and roof edge.

Our new little billy Frankie is having a hard time fitting in. He seems to think he is supposed to be with the 2 legged kids instead of his 4 legged buddies. Multiple times today I had to remove him from the cabin as he would sneak in then cry very loudly when removed. I mean seriously I already have a hundred young fowl in brooder a I really don’t need to add a goat too. Hoping by next week I can remove them to an outside brooder as the replacements for the ones we lost will be arriving. Yes I have become the crazy chicken lady. 

I am still working on the website and it’s very close to being completed so bear with me a bit longer please. 

I’ll leave you all with some random pics of this beautiful place I call home. God Bless you all until next time 😀 


Trip to town.


Just after midnight.