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Hi all, winter life very much the same thing so here are a few posts from facebook before I had the blog up and running. I hope you enjoy our summer adventures!

August 2, 2014


Oh this must be the weekend of trials and tribulations! As you may know Luna had an encounter with moose and had a tumble but thank heavens she is on the mend. Today Mr. Bacon got ahold of a bar of soap I keep outdoors for washing and ate it! It was not many minutes later and he started looking like a rabid beast. A dose of baking soda and milk produced the contents of his stomach and of course this could not possibly be the end of it-no! Mr.Bacon then had to choke! Lovely. Not being one to sit idle I grabbed his back legs and proceeded to swing him, upside down, between my legs. Hubby sees this and comes out to see what I’m doing (he knows about the soap) and doesn’t bat an eye just asks if I need any help swinging the pig. Now this sounds much funnier than it did at the moment but I told him I had it handled. Finally he (Mr.Bacon) coughs up the blockage and starts screaming. Mind you the screaming isn’t a quiet little squeal he is screeching at the top of his lungs!  Yay me he is alive!!!! Of course all the other critters who had gathered around to watch, other pigs, horse, goats, cats and the dog all had to start screeching , howling, whinnying and any other noise they could make for unknown reasons. So what I now have is a breathing pig who wants comforted. Seriously? So by now I’m on all fours with various pig fluids on me and rubbing my little Mr.Bacons belly to calm him when he flips over and jumps in my lap covering me further with the last remnants of the soapy froth from his mouth and snout. Not a pretty picture but the sound of him being very much alive was worth every slimy bubble I was wearing. Okay happy moment over , work still needs to be done and since I am not only chief bottle washer, cook, farmer,nursemaid but also the resident assistant for everything else I wiped my face washed my hands, changed out of my superhero cape and returned to the tasks that needed completing. Been a very long day but sawmill is at the turnoff to home, animals are all alive and well, kids are fed, clean and in bed, dishes are done, coffee is awaiting me and I can now relax by the fire and thank God for this crazy life he has blessed me with.


Not much to share today. Oh it was definitely another long day though. As you know we were putting in a sand point well. Long story short we were getting gravel when we shouldn’t have been-pulled the pipe and the well point had broke off so now we must replace and start again. Between that, hauling water for laundry, washing 3 loads of laundry (heating the water then carrying it to the washtubs outside, scrubbing, agitating, rinsing and wringing all by hand) hanging it on the line and running out of clothes pins-can you ever have too many clothespins? This gal is tired. Did have to go see how much the kiddos got accomplished though when our resident papa Fred took them out and showed them how to cut grass for hay (and helped them start a hay crib for when it’s dry). While out there we picked watermelon berries. Unfortunately by the time we got back the kids had eaten all but 2 cups! Lol oh well they enjoyed them. Anyways got back walked through a muddy spot, feet got stuck and body kept going. Yes I have been accused of liking to play in the mud but as much as I do like it that moment was not one of them. Piggies looked at me like I was insane and didn’t want anything to do with me until I was clean! Dear hubby finished the grow out hutch for our baby rabbits and will have pics tomorrow. I am so looking forward to fried rabbit in a couple of months! Anyways I’m getting side tracked! Made supper, gave a haircut to Cami and helped both girls wash their hair. Dishes done, had a nice visit with my friend up north and now it’s time for coffee and relaxation! So everyone is clean and snug in their beds and I am heading that direction soon. I hope each of you reading this takes a moment to count your blessings and Thank our creator for another beautiful day-God Bless and Good Night

2 thoughts on “Facebook posts before the blog”

  1. As I followed along with all the two legged and four legged family members, hearing about Luna’s loss was devastating to me and can only imagine what it was like for all of you. But so glad you know so much about animals and was able to help the piggy that swallowed the soap. Yes, seems like a lot of ups and downs, but still seems like you stay strong and don’t give up. I would think 2015 will be a tad less difficult, at least I am hoping that for you all. Take care and Best Wishes always.

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