Daily life

Daily life around here is never routine. Yes of course we do the normal things like caring for our animals, homeschool the kids,haul water, split firewood and are constantly building but there’s always something that gets thrown into the mix.
Last night was a prime example of how different here life can be. While finishing up supper the pigs started making quite a racket and the goats who are allowed to roam the yard suddenly decided that being right here in front of the cabin was the ONLY place they wanted to be. We immediately knew something was wrong so began to investigate. Not 20 yards out from the cabin was a huge wolf! Pacing back and forth and weaving through the trees he was much too close for comfort so a well placed shot with the shotgun appears to have persuaded him to be gone.
Never a dull moment!

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3 generation off grid family following God and living in Alaska

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