Our kids

Today is the twins’ birthdays. It’s hard to believe they are 10 years old today. They started out in this world just tiny little things at at 2 and 3 pounds but to look at them today you would never know they came into this world 2 months early. Maybe their rush caused them to be the laid back young ladies they have become. Cami is always dreaming of building new things and most times you will find her with either a hammer in hand or with one of the animals (she is very thorough in their care). Cati is my
Mini me. She loves to cook, create new things and be a home body. I am so proud of how all my children have adjusted to the homesteader life style and pray they grow up to follow whatever paths bring them joy.
My children have created “posts” about life on the homestead thought it might be interesting from a kids perspective.
Cami-Almost 10: Today I watched Henry the goat get a bucket stuck on his head and it was funny.
Every time I split firewood I sing this song I made up- (moms note, it’s sung to the tune of I’ve been working on the railroad) I’ve been split-ting lots of firewood, all the live long day….I been splitting lots of fire–wood just to pass the time a way!
Can’t wait until my birthday in a week and I will finally be 10.
I love Alaska! I saw a real wild wolf!
Time to feed the pigs and here comes Charlotte in the lead and she wins!
I love my life on the homestead and especially when I get to work with poppa Fred.
Cati-I’m the bigger twin and older by 5 minutes.
I love my life on the homestead. Work is just playing like when you feed the animals and the goats and pigs come running. We have chickens and rabbits too. My dog and cat are fun to play with too.
I like the view of Mount Iliamna it is very pretty and I like to build with my mom, Dad and Poppa Fred.
I’m a one of a kind kid. I like to pull logs with the 4 wheeler for my pa. Everyday life is fun it is the freedom and the feeling that makes chills run up my spine cause I get to do stuff I love.
I like to climb trees and I’m waiting for summer because I can climb trees at midnight in the daylight!
Things I don’t like are rainy days but that can be good too because then I can spend the day reading and writing stories.
It’s hard work living here but I love it and it’s worth it and with my family we make it work.






4 thoughts on “Our kids”

  1. I just love your kiddos, I have never met them, but I am hoping to by next Summer. I have only chatted with them a few times and seen many pictures of them and feel like I have known them all their lives. They seem very happy with their new way of life, as they should. As with what they are being taught, they will always be able to survive.

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