Maybe I am just being sentimental but truly I have spent the day thinking about all of the changes this year has brought and being thankful for each blessing.

We have come a long way since March, both literally and figuratively. The following is a snapshot of our lives these past 6 months.

Our Journey begins on the 15th of March,2014.

Driving cross country 7 of us in 4 vehicles from Moorcroft Wyoming to Bellingham Washington to board the Alaskan FerryStoppped for a breakkidsat the ferry

We arrived March 27th to Alaska.

Here is the first look at our   Future home site


The next several months were spent camping and building. Everything had to brought in on muddy trails or manufactured here.

The beauty of this place is breathtaking.fireweedcloseBella and HenryIMG_0639

There has been many happy times out here at Two Moose Farm our first accident happened when we were moving goats and a rescue horse to the homestead, the horse stepped on my foot and broke it in 3 places. I walked in leading 8 goats got them in their pens and then set my foot-a month went by before I took my makeshift cast off then another month of wrapping daily but it healed nicely.broke footGoatsLuna

Luna was a rescue horse a friend saved and she was almost starved when Shanna got her. She was doing well but needed room to graze so we brought her out here and she thrived for the first few weeks but then her damaged body quit and she passed. I don’t regret the time we had with her as she was beautiful and loving but I do miss her greeting me each morning.

This summer it rained almost every day. We were in a cabin with a canvas and plastic roof until mid September when it finally dried out enough to put a real roof on and it was quite the project.  First we needed to get the sawmill closer to home. This was a major ordeal considering we had over 30 inches of rain in 3 weeks but with a little ingenuity and a lot of hard work we finally got it in and set. Then we had to haul logs which were then milled into lumber. Finally with lumber cut we all pitched in and the framework began.IMG_0709IMG_0674IMG_1185IMG_1188Family Roofing

We now have a warm and snug cabin, an outhouse with a view, and a menagerie that includes 54 rabbits, 8 goats, 7 chickens, 2 hives of bees, 4 pigs and are expecting goat kiddies soon.  We have big plans for the future as we live out our dream.  Yes life is difficult out here but God has blessed us with so much and we are Thankful.







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3 generation off grid family following God and living in Alaska

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