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Catching up-Again!

It’s been awhile since I have posted and I apologize but truly I have been busy!

Spent a week in North Pole with my dear sissy which was a lot of fun but odd for me to be away from  my kids for so long. I can say having the freedom to not “Mom” reminded me of how much I cherish my family. Sissy and I did have fun being two  girls with no one to answer to. If we wanted hot fudge sundaes we ate them!  I did get to go see Santa’s village, hug a moose and get groped by a polar bear!The return trip was eventful. Murphy’s Law says if your in a no cell service area you will need cell service and I did! I broke down in a construction area and sat by the side of the road almost 6 hours until the tow truck arrived. It was not boring though by any means! The construction workers were so thoughtful and kept the coffee flowing and treats abounded. I finally had to tell them to stop or I would need a second tow truck to haul me out of there. My sissy is a magician with a phone. She managed to find someone in the town I was towed to who could get to the dodge dealership before they closed for the weekend, get my part AND had a garage and tools available so I could fix my truck. 20 minutes after the tow truck dropped me off I had the injector line changed and was scrubbing the diesel off my hands. I paid the guys for the part and the use of the garage and tools and was once again happily on my way.

Upon arriving home I was greeted by all of my 2 and 4 legged kids with much gusto. 10 minutes home and my dear goat who must of been crossing her legs for a week began to beller. She then presented me with twin buckling kids. Timing is everything! 2 days later another girl gave me twin doelings. 6 more girls-or maybe it’s 7? To go and kidding season will be done.

Did I mention that the night before my 12 hour drive I butchered half a moose? Several days prior friends of ours recieved a call from the troopers that there was an injured moose dispatched near them, they asked for dear hubbies help in retrieving it and offered to share. Hubby came home with the back end of a very large cow. I skinned and washed it then seared it to kill any bacteria on it and hubby and I hung it up. After wrapping in burlap and wetting it down (evaporation cools very quickly) we hung it to age. The weather was warm but we had a few rain showers that came through and then the wind would blow and it kept the meat at 40 degrees even though it was 60 outside. Close to 200 pounds of meat to feed the family and the steaks are so awesome. I worried that I had rushed the butchering but the meat is very tender so no worries. Busy busy busy summer! Planting the greenhouses is keeping me really busy. With not having soil available I must create my own. Plenty of sand, clay, moss and fertilizer from the critters all hauled to the planter boxes, mixed together and ta da! Soil! It sounds easy until you haul it all by hand-over a ton so far and still more to do but the rewards will be great when we are eating fresh salads, tomatoes and various pickles produced by our own hands.

Well I think we are caught up now so I’ll wish you a blessed day and get mine started. As is my norm I’ll leave you with random pics of life in the Alaska Bush-God Bless you all!

train going by while i waited on side of road for tow truck
tractor boat launch at Anchor Point Beach
modeling new coat from auntie
​What does a turkey chick look like when it’s hatching?

Super mom cape is on and I’m ready!

The sunshine has been abundant lately save for a scattered shower that snuck up on us today. Dear hubby has been doing some welding as he awaits the opening of halibut season. For months he’s paced in anticipation only to be held back by a delayed opening date-thank heavens it will be soon as he’s like a kid waiting for Christmas.

I, poppa Fred and the kiddos have busied ourselves with the routine chores like cooking pig food, keeping the others well fed, cleaning pens which is never ending and building a new greenhouse. Of course there is still the schoolwork to complete but it’s amazing how quickly they can complete lessons when the outdoors is calling. Cati however has busied herself by taking over the baking and that’s perfectly fine with me. At 11 years old she is very adept at bread and cake baking which frees me to do other things. 

We ran out of lumber for the greenhouse so the plan today was to run the sawmill but it was short lived. By the time all the other chores were completed it was 2p.m. 30 minutes into getting the mill ready and running a single log it started to rain and then sleet. By the time we made it back to the cabin we were soaked. 2 hours later the rain subsided but it was time to get the evening chores started and get supper on. 

Cati baked rolls , a cake and boiled the chicken down and shredded it while I finished splitting wood and cooking the pig food. I did have time to toss the ingredients in a pan for barbque sauce and tell her to keep an eye on it and get a pasta dish whipped up. Yes it was a crazy busy day but by the time dear hubby got home at 6:30 chores were done, supper was ready and I was more than ready to put up my feet. I started my day 13 hours prior and I was pooped!  I had to run back out and take a few pics of goats for a lady but I’m happy to say 2 of our young kids will be going to a new home next week.tomorrow the one that is a little he will be made into an it. Not my favorite thing to do but while my knife is sharp I might as well do the 4 little boy pigs too. Oh the life of a homesteader-it is never boring.  

 Today was not one of my better days in the grace department either. While cooking the pig food-in an old bathtub outside-I got my feet tangled up in the chickens looking for a handout and started falling towards the now boiling water. Trying to avoid a hot bath I grabbed for a goat who was also trying to get to the pig food, the goat was more than helpful. I somehow managed to get my hand under the collar and at the same time my feet left the ground I was hung up on the goat which my nose soon told me was Henry one of the billies. Henry not knowing what to think about me laying over his back with my feet in the air and arm through his collar decides to go site seeing. Of course he didn’t want to slip on the ice so took the muddy way around the farm yard and more than once stepped on my braid hanging down before I finally wedged my lower body against a tree to get him to stop. Finding my footing I dislodged my arm from his collar, rung my braid out, wiped off as much of the mud as I could and decided it was time for a coffee break. Cami came around the corner about the time I hit the cabin steps and followed me in. Not taking note of my appearance at all she asks “what stinks” with a “duh” look on my face she says “it smells like a Billie goat in here”. I could not bring myself to run through what had just happened so I played dumb and said I didn’t smell a thing. I did go out and wash up some but it took a change of clothes to get his heady scent off of me.

All in a days work I keep telling myself. Without the little mishaps life would be so boring!

Have a blessed night all. I’ve got my supermom cape ready and I’m off for another adventure tomorrow-stay tuned!

1 little 2 little 10 little piggies!

Finally! Charlotte finally farrowed yesterday and presented 10 cute little fat piglets at her morning feeding. I was expecting something to happen soon but didn’t think it would have been that soon.  I had checked her at 5 a.m. No signs of nothing but 3 hours later there they were! Like most new momma a she was a bit frustrated at first-she would try to lay down and a piglet would run under here so finally she stood frozen, grunting and barking loudly, until I came in to assist. I soon had them all in a corner and assured her it was all okay. She then carefully (as a 300 pound pig can be) laid down so they could nurse. I continued checking every hour after that and all was well until late afternoon I heard her carrying on again. When I got there all but 1 piglet was nursing and it had climbed over Charlotte and was laying between her back and the wall. I had to literally lay on Charlotte who calmly stayed put to retrieve the piglet. Charlotte is an amazing pig indeed.   Today she decided she wanted to get some air so I let her out and kept the piglets in. They started squealing and she came bounding back stuck her nose in the door and seen me holding them then proceeded back to her foraging-I guess she’s okay with me and her babies. 


Between rain showers today I was able to butcher 3 roosters and a tom turkey. I have set them all to brine and tomorrow will cook the turkey for Dear Hubby’s birthday. He’s hitting the big 6-0 tomorrow but still looks 40 and acts 30. 

The remainder of the day has been spent working the greenhouse, household chores, meals and helping the kids build more toy guns from wood and holsters from the tops of old muck boots. They are going to work on doing a play and want me to record it. I of course will and will share what I can on here. I love how these kids use their imaginations and try to support it as much as I can. 


It wouldn’t be a complete day without some kind of “incident”.  Apparently it is important to look up when standing especially when the split door of the barn is open on top and the wind is blowing. Yep, I stood up just as it swung over and now have a gash on my forehead. Oh well I guess I won’t be competing in this years Mrs.barnyard beauty pageant. 

It’s time to get the evening chores done so will leave you with more random pics and a prayer of peace. 


Sharing The Dream

I must apologize for not updating sooner but it has been a busy week both on and off Two Moose Farm.  I had the pleasure of showing a wonderful couple around the area as they search for the perfect place to build their Alaska dream.  Ken and Tracy Baxter have now put an offer in on a beautiful piece of almost raw land to which they hope to fulfill their dreams of Homesteading Alaska.I wish I could find a beaver for the pond as Tracy is beaver crazy!  She wants a beaver in her back yard.   IMG_4386

I enjoyed the 2 days out and it is so refreshing to see others who see the beauty in all things Alaska.  Tracy was so excited to see all of the eagles, moose and sandhill cranes she would squeal with delight at each one we passed it reminded me of myself when I first arrived.  Finding joy in such simple things is truly a blessing.

Things are still moving along and its been a nice spring so far.  The water levels are dropping and I keep praying it will continue to do so.  I am behind as usual in my work but Alaska is pretty forgiving and I believe I can catch up.  The greenhouses are looking more “green” every day but I still have to get the big house up and my cool crops planted out doors.  The piggies have done a wonderful job of rototilling now to smooth it down and get them back to their own area.  Soon we will be able to let them roam free again but not just yet as Charlotte is nearing her farrowing time.

Our last goat kidded a few days ago and little Doris is doing well except her momma keeps losing her.  Bandit the momma gets so wrapped up in her browsing the green things that are springing up she wanders away as little Doris sleeps and then when its time to return home no Doris.  Twice we have had to look for the little thing and let me tell you its no easy feat finding a baby goat on 80 acres of timber and tall grass.  For the near future little Doris will be staying home while her momma goes out but she doesn’t seem to mind hanging out in the cabin.Do

The turkeys are refusing to be wild.  I know that sounds odd but they have become annoying!  I have discovered the true meaning of “peeping Tom”.  They want to follow us around and if we go indoors the literally stretch out their necks to peek inside!  The hens though I am not minding as they are delivering eggs…….Literally!  They come to get attention and have begun laying in the doorway.  I know one of these days we will forget and step on an egg but seriously is that not the coolest thing! IMG_4253 Had to share this video with you of one of the hens who came waltzing into the cabin to beg.  Definitely thinks she owns the place!

The kids are looking forward to Saturday as they will get to see their friends and Caleb will have another meeting with his shooting sports club.  He has discovered a passion for skeet shooting and I am glad that he will have a hobby that will teach him the importance of gun safety, the ability to fend for himself if the need arises and the camaraderie of having others in his circle of friends who have much knowledge to share.  Life is about constantly learning and books are wonderful instruments but life skills are just as important.

We did have a bit of sadness this week when Cami’s cat had kittens.  Not sure if it was her or one of the other cats that killed all but 2 of them but we did try unsuccessfully to save them.  It is never easy to lose an animal regardless of the type and am hoping that this is an isolated incident.

Finally finished planting the last raspberry patch today.  The others are growing new leaves and the rhubarb is 6 inches tall already! Our strawberries are growing rapidly too so hoping for a nice crop of fruit this year and rhubarb next year.

Dear hubby had to take Papa Fred to the orthopedic surgeon yesterday and what an adventure they had.  Papa cannot operate the wheeler so Caleb was his chauffeur.  All was going well until one wheel hit a deep hole and papa slid off the back of the wheeler into the swamp.It was a soft moss landing so no injuries but he did say the water was quite cold.  Poor Caleb was so heartbroken and worried but Papa assured him it was not is fault and all was well.  Caleb is growing up to be such a handsome, loving and kind young man who I am very proud of.

Mothers Day was much like every other day for us.  The guys had gone in to town overnight and it was just us girls.  We did our normal chores, split wood for our fires and then began cleaning up the brush that was laying around in the yard.  After 2 days the yard looks amazing and now I can begin planning the fence that I keep telling myself will keep the critters out-that’s never going to happen but a gal has to dream!  It will be nice to have a yard though that we can enjoy instead of the mud we experienced last year.

Well folks its now after midnight and the sun has finally set. Once again God has painted a beautiful scene for me to enjoy and I want to share it with you.  I hope wherever you are you are feeling as blessed as I am. 


Random ramblings

Seems like I have so much to say but nothing fits in a category but still I feel the need to share with all this crazy life  I love.

The long days are back with it being light out until after 11p.m. and that is a good thing as there is so much work to do. There are gardens to be put in, another greenhouse to build and always more animal pens to construct.  Today was a day of overcast and drizzle. Not conducive to doing much of anything yet we stayed busy all day. The pigs are about halfway through tilling my next garden area and I must admit I am anxious to get to planting. My friend Robin sent out a bunch of seed potatoes that I want to get started. Some are heirloom that have been planted here in Alaska for many decades. I still have one more raspberry patch to plant but did get my rhubarb in and hopefully planting it in 3 different areas will ensure that it will survive. Here’s a pic of my kitchen garden area with the greenhouse from Dan and Robin. I love the gate dear hubby built. 

 My “wild” heritage breed turkeys were not informed they are supposed to be wild. Guess they never got the memo because they seem to think that stalking and peeping is what they are required to do. Seriously! They have to be following one of us around at all times and if we are in the cabin they are stretching their necks to peek through the window! 

   It will soon be weaning time for the little goats. They are eating hay, grass, grain, pellets and cat food (no I don’t feed them cat food they steal from the cats). The momma goats are pushing them away more and more so it’s a sign it is time.  

 Papa Fred is back out here again thanks to Dan bringing him out. The next step will be surgery as he isn’t healing correctly and we really need to find a way to get a side by side as the doc informed him he will no longer be able to ride a wheeler. Say a prayer for us if you would, I know God will provide but I believe he likes it when many are praying in agreement.

Here’s a pic of Dan with 2 of the kids. They kept trying to crawl into his lap. 

 Looking forward to getting the goats weaned and having enough milk to use my separator to get cream. Was just thinking how yummy strawberries and fresh cream will taste. Folks the separator I have is top quality yet half the price of others I’ve seen. There’s always a special going on so please go check out the website. http://www.slavicbeauty.net/cream-separators/separators 

Still loving my new boots! For those of you who haven’t seen my other posts I recieved a pair of Altai tactical boots to put through the test of our terrain. I cannot find anything I don’t like about them. Now I realize when reviewing a product you are supposed to point out what you like and what you don’t like but honestly I love these boots. My feet stay dry, they give support to my ankles over uneven terrain, they are light weight and just flexible enough to be comfortable when climbing. If there is one thing I have learned this past year is not all boots are created equal. Yes quality costs but when I was going through a pair of uncomfortable boots a month due to holes being ripped in them from the timber that we go through I am sold on these. Check them out for yourself! They have a cool contest going right now too where you can win a free pair of boots! http://www.altaigear.com/ 

 I am very excited for the latter part of the week to get here. My friends Tracy and Ken are coming to visit!!!!! Was such a nice surprise when they told me but now I really can’t sleep. I’ll be sure to post pics as they will love it here I’m sure. 

Oh almost forgot to share this-my friend Kimberly is now the owner of a piece of raw land she will be building her homestead on. Ladies if you want to do it then go for it! She is living her dream and you can too! Just look at her smiling face! 

 Once again I will leave you all with random pics of the farm. Keep the faith all, keep praying and know HE is always with you.


A simple life

Another day is winding down and it’s quiet time for me once again. Kids of the two and four legged variety are feed and in bed. All is well on Two Moose Farm. 

Mike will be gone for the next couple of days as Papa Fred needs to go to the VA. He’s been stuck out here for weeks with his wrist bothering him so much he is unable to ride his wheeler out. A friend is coming out to retrieve him and hopefully the VA will finally do surgery and get him on the mend. With summer coming he has many adventures planned and isn’t relishing the thought of being stuck in one place.

I’m still cooking birch sap down, it’s something I am grateful only comes around once a year for a 10 day period. The weather has stretched it out a bit longer but it should wind down soon with warm temps and sunny skies in the forecast.  

It’s after 10 pm and just getting dark. The long days are upon us and soon we will have very little darkness. That is alright with me! I would love to be gardening at midnight!

Another rabbit just had babies. I am wondering what her attitude will be like. The little 7 pound lionhead cross finally had hers and her attitude got worse! The only way I can describe it is imagine 7 pounds of fluff, teeth and nails suddenly becoming Ninja rabbit. Nope-she’s not so cute anymore!

The mud is drying up a bit now. Hoping by weeks end it gets really dry as I need to go to town and pick up a few things. Most of you have never experienced mud like this so let me explain. Imagine hiking out 3.5 miles and the entire time playing twister. Yes it is just like that except instead of other people’s hands and feet your tangled up in its branches, willows, water holes and muck! Don’t get me wrong it’s not that I’m truly complaining but with a pack on your back full of supplies if you land wrong (which I do quite frequently) you end up looking like a turtle stuck when they are upside down on their shells.

Pretty excited that I will be in the grow mode soon. Dear hubby is going to help dismantle the greenhouse my friend Robin gave me and her husband said he would help get it out here. Praying this wind dries everything out as I want to get that in here and I have bees coming on Wednesday that my sweet dis Cathy got for me after mine died in the last cold snap. Lots of excitement for sure in the coming days ahead!

The wolves are howling tonight and there was a moose out a bit ago. It’s going to be calving time soon so hoping our little mama returns and hangs out close by again. She obviously is used to humans as she would just hang out by the cabin. We gave her a wide berth just the same as momma moose can be very dangerous. It is still nice to watch the little one all knock kneed jumping and playing. 

Well the sun is setting and I’ve still much work to do but I’ll leave you with some pics of the world as I see it. Good night and God Bless all. 


Sprinter time! 

Well it is supposed to be springtime in Alaska, it’s not 40 below like the old song says but it’s not exactly sunshine and roses either!  I have decided since it’s not quite winter yet not quite spring we need yet one more season and we will call it Sprinter! Sprinter will be that in between time that anything goes!  Here is what Sprinter looks like it’s snowing and 34 degrees out. 


The sap run has been interrupted by the cooler weather so it’s going to slow down completion of that project. Here is what birch sap looks like before it’s been cooked down to reduce then after when it is syrup 


The process is very simple but time consuming. The pint jar is what remains of almost 15 gallons of sap. 

Oh here comes the sun again! This weather is quite fickle. Last week we had torrential rains and hopefully it will begin drying up. 

Dear hubby is hauling lumber from the sawmill today on his back as it is too wet to do otherwise and we are hoping it dries out soon because we will be needing some supplies from town.the wheeler is out of commission again and has us stumped as to where the racket is coming from. Always something isn’t it!

Babies everywhere now as we have the 5 new ones, one goat left to kid and the cycle begins again in 2 months. We are getting quite a bit of milk now so hoping that I can figure out what is going wrong with my cheese. Never had this problem before so it is a mystery. Going to try my old granny stand by recipe and see what happens. I’ll let you know!



Well sun is out and I have raspberries that need planting and more seeds to pot so I’ll bid you farewell for now and pray  your day is blessed with busy hands and a happy heart.