Treasurers can be found anywhere

Today is my twin girls’ 10th birthday. Presents around here are slim as money is always tight but thanks to the chickens I have 2 very excited girls. Let me explain. Today we got our first egg from our new chickens. What was supposed to be 6 hens and a rooster grew to be 5 roosters and 2 hens. We have been patiently waiting for those 2 girls to begin laying and one chose today to lay the first egg. The girls are eggstatic (cute play on words I think) 🙂 My children know that all blessings come from God and for them to receive this gift from him it is a treasure. Now to decide which of the beautiful roosters gets to stay and who gets to go to stew pot university. Have a blessed day all



6 thoughts on “Treasurers can be found anywhere”

  1. Eggs are a real delight and a simple way to get protein in a fast meal. They also help with making many bread/cake recipes. By now you are probably wondering what are we going to do with all the chickens!

  2. This is so cool!!! I’m a researcher working on a new project about the wonders of Alaska, is there any way we can get in touch Early? I love your way of life and outlook!

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