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Wonder Woman

I have decided I am going to use Wonder Woman as my alter ego. After all I already wonder where I put things, wonder how I don’t break bones every time I trip over my own two feet and wonder how I ever get anything accomplished with my short attention span! Let’s take yesterday as an example-As many of you know we have been building a fence to keep the pigs and goats out of the cabin as they think if the door is open that it’s an invitation inside. While dear hubby was at the sawmill cutting more boards I was cleaning up the yard area of debris like small stumps and roots. Now this particular task requires the use of an axe. It was just here as dear hubby (DH) had just used it tackling a larger stump. As I searched for it, it was just here! I tripped over the stump that was in my sights for removal before I lost the axe and proceeded to do moves that would of put many break dancers to shame.(if you remember break dancers you just gave away your age). Anyway, I found the axe it was under my backside-well right where I landed and after dusting myself off I began the original task of chopping the stump out. Now anyone who has ever swung an axe properly knows that concentration is key to not removing limbs of the personal kind. As things happen in my world (remember I am Wonder Woman) just as I swung the axe a turkey flew by.  Of course worried about why a turkey would fly without something chasing it I looked up……this started a chain of events that only took seconds. When I looked up I turned the axe ever so slightly (mind you the momentum was still there) I missed the stump which was positioned between my legs and the axe not having anything to stop its momentum continued on and I had 2 choices-hang on to the axe or let it go in a yard filled with children and critters. Of course being Wonder Woman (who by the way really should have been endowed with a cape as all crusaders should) I held on. This attempt at saving anyone or anything from harm resulted in swinging the axe between my legs which through me off balance and after my feet went flying again I am sure beyond any shadow of a doubt the flip I did would of put Bruce  Lee to shame! Had I of had the cape on I could of trimmed the tree tops in seconds instead I had to just land amazingly on both feet with multiple children and critters looking at me like I had just had some sort of siezure. Not one could appreciate the fact I had saved them from certain doom. Oh well Wonder Woman never truly got the recognition she deserved either. The excitement over I did remember the task at hand and removed the offending stumps before DH returned.  The fence is now 2/3rds complete, 1/2 the yard is stump less and the kids and I managed to move the woodpile to its new location without a single injury!

I am still waiting on Miss Charlotte to farrow-I am beginning to believe she will be pregnant for a very long time. A pigs gestation is 3 weeks, 3 months and 3 days. I expected piglets on Mother’s Day-apparently that date was wrong-very wrong as here it is many weeks later and she just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I pity the poor girl as her teats are very close to dragging on the ground. I have actually thought about creating her some sort of bra but not sure how to make one with 19-yes 19 cups!   

       The chickens and turkeys I recieved in the past few weeks are growing like crazy. We have had many losses due to the fact it takes 4 days to get them here but am happy to say both hatcheries-Murray McMurray and Ideal poultry have been very good at replacing the losses. It’s always comforting to know that your doing business with companies that you can trust to make things right even when the conditions are out of their control. 

         It’s been terribly dry here for weeks now. I know that some of you in drought areas think weeks of no rain is nothing but when the Eco system here is almost tropical in the summer and everything depends on rainfall from the plants and trees to the fish in the rivers and streams we are beginning to show signs of critical times. There are fires everywhere, the moss has not grown, berries are stunted and it all has a delicate balance that is off kilter. Praying for rain now when this time last year we were praying it would stop. 

The gardens are doing amazing though and my tomatoes are beginning to set fruit. I have had more than one fantasy moment of fresh mater sammiches! The only thing I have discovered that isn’t doing well is my squash plants so next year I will plant them in raised beds and lower the acidity in the soil. Onions, tomatoes and potatoes love this soil though!  

     Well it’s time to get the day started and first off I have to check hives so I will rouse Cati so she can be my helper (she loves the bees) and proceed with the day. Please take a minute to check out our website though as we have farm products for sale that keep our little farm going. www.offgridalaska.net Also take a look at our farm Facebook page, give us a like and share to be entered into a contest for a surprise pack giveaway July 5th. (Open to US residents only at this time) www.facebook.com/twomoosefarm

Have a blessed day and as usual I will leave you with random pics of our world as we know it.