Roofing, Tiki punch and Pigs


Roofing on my anniversary and not a bit unhappy about it. Happy to say the framing is done and all but 4 sheets of the OSB are on the roof. Not many mishaps either! Praise God for keeping us all safe! What would a day here be like without something odd happening? Well today held true for the animal antics. While we were all on the roof we hear miss Charlotte our little miss piggy squealing,grunting (happy pig sounds) and a strange hissing sound. Whenever there’s odd sounds and pigs involved it becomes a priority to investigate-no really it’s a “right now” kind of thing. So down the ladder around the cabin I fly (no cape on just winging it) and find Miss Charlotte covered in pink foam and all the other little piggies in a frenzy to get what she has in her mouth. Still it’s not registering what she has or what that sound is until one of my 2 legged kids yell “she got into our pop”. We discovered that pigs can have such fun with a can or three of Shasta Tiki Punch Soda and it’s obviously the flavor choice because they left the grape and lemon lime alone. It was a site to see but after laughing the mom in me suddenly fears sharp edges and decides they must give up the cans. Alright the mind said that but the body had no clue what it was in for. In the mud wrestling a pig-remove the can game about the time I get my feet under me another pig sneaks between my legs grabs the can and we now have an official keep away game going that would rival any school yard bullying session! I finally came out victorious and I really do think I deserve a medal after all it was 4 against one! Cans disposed of piggies checked over for any cuts I now decide a time out aka coffee break is much needed. Sitting drinking a cup of coffee, still giggling at the previous antics my 3 2 legged kids come in and announce to me I am no longer super mom. What? Did you not see what I just went through? Smiling they dubbed me “the cape bruise-aider”! Yes I am blessed beyond measure. Sweet dreams to all and may God Bless you.


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