2014 We have been Blessed


Mike and I

As Christmas nears and the New Year to shortly follow I have been reflecting back on what we have accomplished in 2014.  Moving thousands of miles away from a life we had that was pretty much considered the norm for most folks to going off grid in a land where we are no longer the top of the food chain.

March is when our trip began. Our new lives begun the day we set foot on this land.  Its not been easy by any ones measure but it has been rewarding.  We fought ice, mud, more mud and now ice but in the 9 months we have been here we have built a cabin (though not complete) that is warm and dry, we have erected structures to house our animals which consist of 8 goats, 4 pigs, 7 chickens, 50 plus rabbits and bees.  Two Moose Farm has been born from nothing but raw land and big dreams.

We have also been blessed with many new friends both near and far away.  In Wyoming I was very lonely.  I felt that because of the way I look from the accident I needed to hide away as I did experience the snickers and rude comments from many, that when I was at the top of the ladder were my friends.  I have since discovered who the true friends are and God Bless them for staying with me even when my spirit was low.  I have met many new people here that have blessed my life and enriched it.  To those people I Thank You for accepting me into your lives as I am and teaching me that the world truly is a beautiful place still.  To my friends Cathy and Jen you have both brightened my darkest days and I Thank God for you daily.

Our dreams are becoming a reality, we are looking forward to spring with the new additions from the offspring of the animals we have now  and also to adding heritage turkeys to the farm. We will also be growing a huge garden and I will resume making our farmers market goods such as soap and pickles.  We are living a blessed life and we hope that sharing I will bless others.

For those of you waiting on the “how to” videos bear with me they are coming soon I am just in the middle of converting this blog to a website that will give me more flexibility to share with you.

This place is so beautiful I cannot get enough of its beauty so here are a few random photos I want to share.  May God Bless each and every one of you in your endeavors.

IMG_2417 IMG_2434 IMG_2449 IMG_2452 IMG_2413 laundrydayIMG_0072IMG_2449IMG_0078IMG_0199

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