Breaking up is hard to do

It’s that time of year. Spring has sprung, the days are getting longer and temps are climbing. Soon the snow and ice will give way to water and mud-yes breakup is here in Alaska. I can’t say that I’ll miss the snow as it’s been a long winter but the mud brings an entirely different world to our little cabin in the woods. Ah but the green will return and long days of sunshine will mean fishing, gardening and preparing for  another winter. I’m actually excited to see how the little green giant will do in the breakup because she sure can tear through the snow and ice now!​


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted and I will try to catch you all up on the happening here. It’s been a flurry of activity with numerous spring storms, furniture building, garden plans and of course planning for the Spring thaw means trying to figure out where we will build pens to keep the critters out of the mud. The girls and I have stayed busy with our projects while the fellas have worked hard at getting wood in. You’ll see some of our trash to treasure projects in the pics below-

Kitchen cupboard we still need to build doors for
Completed kitchen table
The latest project a sofa big enough for all the kids

The babies are getting big and it’s almost time to start round two of the kidding season. Little Hope has grown a lot since my last post and thinks she is the queen of the farm. A few mournful bellers finds goats and humans alike heeding her call. Yes she has become quite accustomed to getting attention when she wants it. 

I was enjoying doing live feeds on periscope but that came to a halt when PETA complained we were eating animals-boo hoo. I was permanently banned from periscope for showing how to clean a turkey. No worries, I’ll still teach what I can but from now on it will be here where it’s safe. Sad that one groups opinions can keep the rest of the world from seeing what they choose to see.

The turkey that got me banned from periscope. The entire meal cooked by Cati who at 12 years old has mastered wood stove cooking. It was delicious!

Went to town the other day and seen my friend Mossy. She’s such a beautiful soul you really must check out her website and if an Alaska vacation is in the future she has lodging available. I always feel so content when I’m at her place overlooking Kachemak bay. Here’s the website, go see for yourself! 

My friends Jamie and Leighann at sent us another package of love the other day. You really must check out their Thrive freeze dried foods. Click on the link above and you’ll find not only good but gifts for the entire family. With Easter coming I can’t think of a better gift than a basket full of the freeze dried fruits (raspberries are to die for) cheese-yes! freeze dried cheese I guarantee your kids will love and for those college students longing for moms homemade soup try their instant soup packs as they are truly amazing. Tell them Off Grid Mom sent you!

My sissy Cathy and hubby Paul are planning a trip here in early summer. I can’t wait! Our elves will get to reunite with their elf cousins and no telling what kind of mischief they will find to get into. If you look closely in the videos above you’ll see that I’m not the only one having fun in the Argo they too were enjoying playing in the snow. 

The bears are coming out of hibernation now so it’s back to checking on critters through out the night but the geese are great watch dogs. There is one drawback to geese, during their breeding season which has already began the males get aggressive. Never try to tinkle if they are in the vacinity. Bare backsides are a target-trust me. Enough said you can use your imagination but I will tell you this, I discovered I can leap small buildings in a single bound!

Well time to get the day started. I leave you with pics as is my norm and pray you have a blessed day.

Caleb throwing snowballs for Missy the wonder dog
Cami the wild child never misses anything. She was pointing at a Moose but couldn’t get a clear pic of it.
Kids sporting new coats from auntie Cathy-of course they are camo-my favorite color!
Hope “insisting” on a kiss from Cati
Morning egg gathering-chicken, duck, turkey and the giant is a goose egg
Caleb sure is proud of his Mossberg he got for his 14th birthday

10 thoughts on “Breaking up is hard to do”

  1. I’m glad you’re back, I really enjoy your posts, the snow is finally getting soft up here in Houston too, I am so so ready for spring we got so much snow (up to my waist) and -30 this winter, yuk. But I have goats due the end of the month and the kids are playing outside​ in t shirts because it’s “so warm” at 40 degrees. 😁 And who wants to work on school when it’s so nice out?

  2. I’m glad to read about your exploits. I have been missing them. I think it is ridiculous you are banned from Periscope for showing how to butcher a turkey. Where exactly do people think their meat comes from anyway? You should be very proud of Cati for her cooking skills. It is something many adults couldn’t do let alone a preteen using a wood stove! Amazing! Congratulations on such great parenting!!

    I read outloud to my husband the paragraph about the male goose who goosed you. He almost spewed a mouthful of coffee all over his computer when he heard it! That was hilarious – especially the part about being able to leap small buildings in a single bound!

    Keep your posts coming when you can. You have fans out here in cyberspace who thoroughly enjoy them.

  3. love seeing Hope doing so well! Thanks for saving her life and keeping her. I can see she is one of your family now! Yup, having grown up in Alaska, I sure can relate to the “break up” challenges. And that turkey you brought me? Its fantastic, Never tasted anything better!

  4. We are buying a house near Tok , complete with goats, turkeys,ducks,and chickens. I mamy have to hit you up for some advice lol

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