The day of feasting

Thanksgiving is done, our feast is over except for the leftovers which there is always plenty.  Tomorrow will bring our typical after Thanksgiving casserole that my family has come to expect.  Nothing fancy just layers of leftovers but to them its all part of our tradition. I can happily say at least one of my children will some day carry on my love of cooking as Cati who just turned 10 made the pumpkin pie all on her own and the cornbread for dressing!IMG_2214 IMG_2217

It’s finally quiet here at Two Moose Farm, children sleeping, animals bedded down-well except for our two pepping tom Billy goats who sneak (not so quietly I might add) up the steps to watch what is going on through the window in the door.


Our weather has finally turned more winter like and I am thankful for that.  Yes its a chilly 9 degrees out but I love having 4 seasons,  Tomorrow will bring the normal chores and the guys will resume wood cutting and running the sawmill to mill more lumber for my ever increasing needs.  Time flies by fast and it will soon be time to get a garden going so a small greenhouse for plant starting is top priority with the larger greenhouse to be completed in early spring. I have already planned my garden and am looking forward to the fresh veggies of summer.  We are down to about 5 hours of daylight but it isn’t really all that bright out.

We are still patiently waiting (okay that’s a lie I have no patience for waiting)  on the arrival of the goat kiddies. Two of our does have been showing signs for days but none yet.  The will come when the time is right or when a severe blizzard hits. The girls all love the goat shed and wait in line each evening to be put in so hopefully they will kid inside and not out in the pasture.

Well its getting late and tomorrow will come early so I bid you all goodnight. May tomorrow be filled with laughter and love. God Bless you all.



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