Our Critters

I love animals of all kinds. We raise chickens, rabbits, pigs and goats for meat, eggs and milk but even though they will someday be dinner each is given a good life and most have been named.
We free range our pigs and goats. I get a lot of enjoyment from their antics as you will see in time as I post about them. I guess I should of added entertainment to the list of things they provide for us.




Out here wolves and bears are not the only predators. Owls and eagles also will prey on animals so our chickens must be kept in an enclosed area. Wanting them to benefit from free ranging we devised a chicken tractor or portable coop that can be moved as needed giving them access to fresh greenery in the snowless months and clean ground



11 thoughts on “Our Critters”

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    1. Launa there should be a follow button and it will notify you each time i post. Thank you for commenting I was beginning to worry the comments section wasnt working 🙂

      1. You have done well, I hope to chat with you some time, I sent a message on FB, Please feel free to email me. (or FB) I’d like to get a little advice. (i’l moving to your neck of the woods in ~14 months)

  2. I can’t find the follow button, but i l do look forward to reading your blog. I willl watch for your notifications.

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