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Lazy Days of Summer….

The weather has finally decided to be nice and I am so ready for it. I, like many envision those lazy days of summer where you lounge around sipping cool drinks, languishing in the warmth of the sun and the cooling breeze of the ocean……and then I wake up and reality hits that there is still much to do!

Today was such a beautiful day to be outside. A balmy 70 degrees and actually the breezes were more like hurricane winds but they did keep the skeeters away. 
The laundry was starting to request its own zip code due to its large population so that was one of my first tasks to tackle. Getting the water boiling, cleaning the wash tubs, retrieving the plunger washer doo hickey (I really don’t know what they are called) and my scrub board I began with what I thought would be a quick couple of large loads but as usual I had underestimated. I did manage to complete all but the whites and those can wait until tomorrow. 
I really should of completed the laundry but once again I was called to play in the dirt. 
The remaining plants in the small greenhouse really were in need of transplanting so I spent awhile in the big garden. If all my cabbages, broccoli, tomatoes, onions,carrots, potatoes and cabbage produce I will not only have enough for my family but for a couple others as well!  I won’t count my chickens or cabbages for that matter before their “hatched” as the moose will wait until they are just perfect to dine. 
The kids have a couple friends out spending a few days and it’s been a nice time for all. These two boys are such good sports and go with the flow it’s nice having them here. There’s always things for young minds to do and they all stayed busy most of the day building rifles and swords out of wood then going on adventures to far away places. I love when kids use their imagination. We had lions (pigs), exotic antelope (goats) and rare birds (chickens and turkeys) on the safari.  

      If you look closely at the last pic there’s Master scout Caleb looking out from the tree just above the stove pipe braces and roof edge.

Our new little billy Frankie is having a hard time fitting in. He seems to think he is supposed to be with the 2 legged kids instead of his 4 legged buddies. Multiple times today I had to remove him from the cabin as he would sneak in then cry very loudly when removed. I mean seriously I already have a hundred young fowl in brooder a I really don’t need to add a goat too. Hoping by next week I can remove them to an outside brooder as the replacements for the ones we lost will be arriving. Yes I have become the crazy chicken lady. 

I am still working on the website and it’s very close to being completed so bear with me a bit longer please. 

I’ll leave you all with some random pics of this beautiful place I call home. God Bless you all until next time 😀 


Trip to town.


Just after midnight.

Alaska comes Alive at 3 a.m.

Awoke this morning to daylight and roosters crowing……at 3 a.m. Now officially the sun doesn’t rise until around 4:30 but when it’s light enough outside to see clearly it’s morning. It was a very short night after a very long day so I am getting a vision here…..wait…..yes I can see a nap in my future!  As I sit here waiting for the stove to heat up enough to perk my coffee so I can begin my day I wonder what trouble I can get into thinking without being fueled by caffeine. 

I spent the day switching hosting companies for my website and I have come to the conclusion that all computers are evil and hosting companies are only on earth to expedite making us all crazy. Perhaps I am being a bit dramatic but I discovered a new level of frustration today. I would much rather be out playing in the dirt than sitting in front of a computer-ALL day!

The weather has been incredible! Sunny, warm and breezy enough to keep the bugs away. Not that we have seen many mosquitoes this year but the no see ums are horrible. The kids have hijacked hubby’s wood shed deck and put a picnic table on it so they can eat outside and enjoy the fresh air. 

 Hubby got the head gasket on our 4 wheeler replaced so it’s up and running and we acquired a couple more wheelers that weren’t running and he has 1 of those going with a lot of help from our friend Dan. We are so blessed to have such great friends and neighbors in our lives! 

 I painted another beehive the other day as I’m getting prepared to split a hive. I had found a box of paint cans at the dump and inside it was a can of msha purple. Well as you can see from the picture msha purple looks more like woo hoo pink! Oh well at least the bees will be able to see it. I just hope they aren’t too embarrassed to call it home. I can just imagine the little bee conversations now. A couple of bees meet on a pollen run and one says to the other “hey are you from that hippy hive across the pasture”? Yes like I said its early and my caffeine level is very low. 

 My little chicks and one remaining turkey poult that Robin hatched out for me are doing incredibly well. I felt horrible that I lost 3 poults and a chick after she and Dan put so much work into hatching them but it’s just the way it is with chicks and I am so happy with the ones I have. One little black one has 6 toes on each foot! How cool is that! We have named it lucky.  

    I’m about to officially be over run with chicks though as my order for 100 meat birds and 20 turkeys will be arriving today. These will not only feed our family well but will also provide an income as we will sell dressed birds later in the summer and turkeys in the fall. With all the craziness in the lower states with bird viruses I’m so glad we are able to grow our own.

A couple of days ago Dear Hubby was taking our friend Kimberly back to her place after spending a couple days with us when he discovered a gentleman buried to his axles on the trail. After a brief conversation it was discovered that he had purchased the property directly south of us-sight unseen. A local realtor had assured him there was a cabin there that needed a little work and it was but a short ride on an ATV by trail to get there. After pressuring the man to close on the deal before viewing the property the deal was done and he not only is stuck with a property he cannot use (he isn’t physically capable) he also paid about 40k more than the place is worth. Very sad situation so I urge you all to never get in that type of situation-ever!

It’s been very busy around here with gardening and critters. Dear hubby has built some planter boxes for potatoes (yes I have around 100 planted so far) and my strawberries. I also got a few more cabbages in along with broccoli and cauliflower. My experimental corn is coming up as are my carrots, kale and squash. Praying for a bountiful harvest as I have many friends who can also use fresh produce. 

   My hubby is so wonderful. Some fellow homesteaders north of us (that I’ve never really met except on Facebook) had a breakdown on their ATV and needed a part welded. He went out and used one of their neighbors welder to fix it. I sent along Stitch-remember the chick with the severed neck I stitched up? We are getting too many roosters so I will be thinning them out by sending them to canner camp but could not bring myself to butcher him. He is a beautiful and sweet rooster so he will make a nice addition to their farm-I’m sure he’s crowing about now. 

The kids are enjoying summer and finding many things to keep them busy. Cami loves building things and has been cutting toy rifles out of wood, Caleb is always “mining” for gold-I think he has found 1 large rock and a whole lot of mud but no gold yet and Cati has kept busy cooking new things and being a milk maid. For 10 years old that girl can milk goats! The best part of all is my children are happy.  


I did take time to take a walk and get a few pics of the forest around us. It comes alive at this time but there’s even beauty in the trees that have died. 

                 Well the coffee is done and I must start on chores soon-moving chicks to make room for the others that dear hubby will be getting from the post office soon. Have a blessed day all and I have one request…..Please pray that I can get the website up without much more frustration and that I don’t use the computer for target practice. Thanks All!


Oh happy day!  Last night the hubby brought me chicks a friend has hatched out for me and I’m so excited!  Now before ya all go worrying, no I didn’t lose my others (well not all of them) I just wanted/needed more chickens and turkeys. Yes, I am that crazy chicken lady. Thank you Robin for adding 7 more baby chicks (these are Aracaunas I believe) and 4 more turkey poults (Royal Palms I think) to my menagerie. Once again the homemade non electric brooder will be my night light-as if I need one when it gets dark at midnight and light again around 4 a.m. Robin and her hubby Dan had fun hatching them and gave me updates regularly on their progress both during incubation and hatching. They referred to the eggs as their “kids” and doted over them. I called Robin Friday and got her on her cell in town shopping and jokingly said to her “Aren’t you close to being due? What’s a woman so close to labor doing out running around” Robin had a comeback for me though as she said no labor pains yet and had to prepare. She got me giggling Sunday though when she informed me she had to do a c-section on one egg as the chick was wearing down but yay!!!! She saved it. Yes folks I have awesome friends! 

 I just had to share this with you as I had a couple friends post to my Facebook page. Kristine and Wendy thanks for the giggles! 

 The weekend was busy as usual and my dear hubby literally ran his legs off. Saturday he had to hike in to take the kids to shooting sports. Our trail is still too wet to support the weight of adults, the wheelers and supplies (never do we make a trip in without bringing something) so the kids drive and we walk. Sunday he made 2 trips in and out! For those of you who don’t know that’s 15 miles of hiking!  He was pretty excited though when he went to retrieve one of my “deals” and loaded not 1 but 2 wheelers that need a bit of work onto the trailer. There was much excitement in his voice when he called and anticipation for the time they are running and we have extra transportation and work horses for logging. I will post pics when he gets them running and out here. His next errand he ran for me was picking up the hay I got for a song! He got there and was surprised that the cheap hay I committed to over the phone for 5.00 a bale was great Timothy hay. Mind you hay around here sells for around 25.00 a bale for good hay. He also met a new friend with many of the same interests AND who also has twin girls our Twins’ age! I’m telling you folks God is so good! He provided for yet another need.

My weekend was spent working on projects around the farm but did take time to make some butter after I separated the cream and some mozzerella cheese. It didn’t turn out perfect but it’s edible. One thing I am discovering is everything I know about cheese making is based on cows milk. I have to tweek my recipes as Goats milk is very different. It requires less rennet and now if I could just remember that BEFORE I add it perhaps I will get back to making awesome cheese instead of just so so cheese.  

   Two of our wethers went to new homes on Saturday and I will admit I do miss them. Every baby has its idiosyncrasies and little Blake definitely had his. The kids called it the invisible leash. You could get that little stinker to follow you anywhere by scratching his chin. They have found a new home now where they will be spoiled pets with a couples grandkids to play with.  

   The plant starts are doing well and I really must get them in the ground soon but am a bit anxious about the potential for frost. It’s been so warm I wonder if it will last. I guess I will just have to do it and pray that it stays warm. 

       Cami is starting to take interest in the goats more and is learning to milk. For those of you who have never milked it’s easier said than done. Milking requires the use of muscles that don’t normally get used and builds up forearm strength. It’s tiring until you get those muscles used to it and even though I enjoy it I will admit having 2 more sets of hands is a blessing. Cati has become a skilled miller already and can even milk my one doe who is a hard milker.  

 Much was accomplished last week with getting the farrowing pen done and having a happy pig and I hope this week we can be as industrious as last. 

I know I’ve said for months I would have a website soon with farm products for sale so by weeks end I will announce it. Our first offerings will be Birch syrup, Barley pancake mix, goat milk hot cocoa mix, lip balm and goat milk soap. I will also be running a contest so stayed tuned!

Well folks once again it’s been my pleasure to share our lives with you but duty calls. The roosters are crowing, everyone wants fed and there are many other projects to be completed. May your hands stay busy, your heart be happy and may God grace and bless you.  


Birch trees, baby goats and 3 seasons in a day.

you can definitely tell by our crazy weather that it’s Alaska! In the last 48 hours we have experience over 2.5 inches of rain followed by 3 inches of snow.  The sun did come out yesterday afternoon and that coupled with the wind melted the snow very quickly. It is now 2:00 a.m. 38 degrees and snowing once again! 


The Birch trees finally began running yesterday. Not full out running but a slow trickle so the race is now on! We will have 10 days or so of a routine that consists of gathering then slowly cooking the sap down for syrup. Yes this is a 24 hour a day job as the sap that is gathered must be cooked down and bottled to make room for more. 


We are still waiting for the last goat to kid but Bandit doesn’t appear to be in any hurry. The big question is how many will she have? So far this year we have had 3 single births and 2 sets of twins from 5 does. We will keep the doelings (so far there are 4) and the bucklings will most likely become wethers and find new homes.  

      Sorry for the bad pics but snow rain and overly friendly goats wanting attention doesn’t make ideal photo sessions!

The names of our new kids are quite varied. Each one is named randomly and the big white boy pictured above is Olaf. Named after the movie Frozen my kids so desperately want to see. Hoping to make that happen soon!

Well time to stoke the fire and stir the syrup. I’ll leave you for now but pray blessings of plenty upon you all!

Special times

Today after the morning chores were completed Mike, Caleb and Papa Fred worked on the broken trailer axle. This gave me the perfect opportunity to have some girl time so us girls went on an adventure of our own.

Our outing started out by going to the creek and Rock picking so we could have rocks to paint later. We then began exploring parts of our property we hadn’t yet seen and even climbed a few trees.  Nothing truly exciting but the time we spent together was something I will treasure. I heard all about their dreams of “when I grow up”. 


The rest of the day was spent doing odds and ends, planting seeds in the seedling house and then checking our birch tree taps.  One is starting to drip!!! Yay it won’t be long now!

We ended the evening after chores were complete by painting the rocks we had gathered. 



Oh and look one of the free chickens we were given layed a green egg today! Yes it’s the little things that excite me!

Life here at Two Moose may seem boring to some but for me it is just perfect!

I’ll leave you with yet another amazing sunset from my front porch. 





 good night and God Bless  

Playing in the dirt

Finally!!!! Yes I got to play in the dirt yesterday. I guess you can never out grow or outrun that desire once you’ve experienced the feel of it between your fingers and inhaled the earthy sweet aroma. Gardening to me is really just an excuse to play in the dirt and now I have people encouraging me to do it!

Yesterday we recieved more care packages from Cathy up in North Pole and Steve from down south. Both included seed packets that I hope I can turn into a vegetable garden. Gardening has always been an important part of my life (I can’t seem to stay out of the dirt ever) but I have come to realize that there are many issues to deal with that are unique to Alaska. First off the soil is so rich in peat moss and so acidic most plants dislike it immensely-except for potatoes, tomatoes and cucumbers that seem to love it. The second issue is it is too wet in many areas so one must get creative. I had planned to try straw bale gardening but breakup came to quickly so that will have to come another year. The mini greenhouse is complete and so far I have filled 146 pots with soil to get my plants started. I did go out at 11 last night to see if it froze because the temps dropped to 26 and ice on the outside of the plastic but inside was toasty!  Yay! Today I plant!

While the seedlings get there start we will construct the main greenhouse and the plan is to have it then a fenced in area on each side for cold crops and yes I must at least attempt to grow my sweet corn. Anyone who knows me knows that before Alaska I had huge crops of sweet corn every year-I will again even if it means building more greenhouses! I carried 5 pounds of my heirloom seed here that I harvested from our 2013 crop and have done a germination test its sprouting about 95 percent so I’m going to give it a try!

Poor bubbles was in misery yesterday, with twins to feed you would think she would be sucked dry but that isn’t the case. The twins are thriving and she still looks like a jersey her bag is so big and full. I milked part of her out yesterday and got a quart-no where close to emptying her so beginning today she will get milked twice a day. From the looks of her milk she will be a high butterfat content so more cream in our future! I have a separator now and will be putting it to use frequently. With 3 more goats left to kid we won’t have a shortage of milk!

Made 2 more pounds of cheese yesterday and it’s in the press. Going to make cream cheese today or perhaps tomorrow. Cati has been wanting to bake a cheesecake and we finally are producing enough cream and eggs to do it! What a great way to celebrate yet another small victory in our lives.

There are still some who question our sanity. Living out where roads don’t exist, water must be hauled from the spring or creek and everything we cook or heat must be done with wood but each day I see my children growing in knowledge, discovering new things, using the gifts God gave them to tackle problems or designing ways to do things that improves our lives I realize we truly are doing what is best for them. They have knowledge of survival and reasoning way beyond their years. 

No posting in a muddy month would be complete without a bit on my latest gymnastic moves in the mud so I won’t  keep you in suspense any longer. Those who have followed my blog know when God was giving out gracefulness he missed me. I can take a simple 10 yard walk and turn it into something that would rival any Olympic floor event! While walking back to the cabin to retrieve more supplies for potting I tripped over a chicken-yes it is possible. Not wanting to squash the poor thing I attempted to hop onto my other foot that snagged in some unseen cranberry bush that I swear deliberately wrapped itself around the toe of my rubber boot. Trying to extricate my self from it while remaining upright ( yeah like that was gonna happen) I somehow twisted, turned, half leapt and finally landed in the opposite direction on my backside-in the mud-with Henny the bossy chicken between my legs ranting in chicken talk and I’m sure she wasn’t using polite words but who can blame her? I’d be upset too if a giant almost fell on me! Of course my goats heard the commotion and never want to miss out on anything so they had to make a scene running over bleating to the world (as if Henny hadn’t already made enough noise) and while Ginger, Snap and Princess Longhorn were showing genuine concern by nudging, nosing and licking me I swear Bandit and Bella were smirking and laughing! Thank heavens Jack the rooster heard the commotion and with a few flaps of his wings and much squawking dispersed the crowd enough that I could right myself.

Yes homesteading life holds many dangers but if I do encounter a bear it will probably be laughing so hard at my ungraceful moves it won’t have time to eat me!

I’ll leave you with a few random pictures of life on the farm and continued prayers that you have a life blessed by the Father. 


Happy Anniversary to us Part 2

August was one of the wettest times I had ever seen. It rained seemingly non stop and I found myself learning to laugh at getting stuck in the mud. Finally September arrived and it was dry for 2 weeks straight!  With the break in the weather we took advantage of it and began moving the saw mill.


Inch by inch we took it slow and finally got the job complete and then……you guessed it more rain! We did manage to get the plywood roof up and covered with plastic so we almost had a real roof!

October gave us sunny days and cool nights but we were able to get some lumber cut and get the kids a lift floor in and start the insulation but it never got really cold even though there were mornings with ice on the water barrels.

November was much the same as October although we did get a bit of snow. It was beautiful but it didn’t last long. 


Our first Thanksgiving here was exciting though. Cati and I worked together and made a wonderful dinner and enjoyed our “pioneer” life with the family.

December was all about Christmas. Remembering the day of our Saviors birth is important to us and we celebrate regardless of finances. We hadn’t any room for a tree but the girls and I got creative and made one out of construction paper. Of all the Christmases I know this one will be the most memorable.  I have to mention that the kindness of old and new friends made our first Christmas spectacular. We wanted for nothing and yet was given so much. Thank you to All of you who sent gifts and care packages. Finally Christmas Eve we had a new addition to the farm when little Henrietta made her appearance. 


New Year’s Day brought little Racer in with much fanfare as he had to be pulled due to having a leg back but he was a tough little fella! 


We ushered in the New Year to more rain but then it turned cold. A two week period of time when the water would freeze before we could get it home from the spring. During that time we spent countless hours thawing ice and hauling water to the animals and the littlest ones spent the night inside and I would carry them out to their mommas for feedings.

February it warmed up and began melting. That got the spring fever started along with the longer days but it proved to be a false start. The cold returned, our 4 wheeler broke down and it was a repeat of January’s routine of keeping everyone warm and watered. My bees that I had wintered over I lost in the last cold snap as did many of my rabbit babies and that made me sad but overall everything else did well.

Here we are one year later! We have a nice little farm started with goats reproducing, chickens laying, rabbits having babies, the goats are rebounding in the milk department and we finally have enough pens,hutches,barns and coops to keep everyone happy. Oh and we now have turkeys too!

We have learned to adapt to our surroundings and to create when we have a need such as the kerosene lamp brooder. Life is not easy out here and for many it would be intolerable but for us it is perfect! 

As for me I have learned faith does matter. I have seen insurmountable problems quickly resolved by giving it to God. I question less why he chose here to put us and find comfort in knowing he is in control so I don’t have to be. I have made many friends from around the world who encourage us and many here locally that want to see us succeed. I have a friend who I talk to daily that I couldn’t imagine living without as I rely on her to keep my grounded. Cathy DeHaven this is dedicated to you. You are always there when I need advice, a sounding board or just to talk. God may not of made us sisters by birth but in my heart you will forever be my big sis. 

I will leave you all with my favorite view and a promise of more to come here at Two Moose Farm. May you be blessed with peace and happiness. 


Happy Anniversary to us! Part one

It’s been a year since we landed in Alaska and started out on this journey. Looking back we have definitely come a long way. Many lessons have been learned, a few sorrows and a lot of happiness found.  I thought a quick walk through our progress was just what my mind needed today as I sit and wait still for yet more 4 wheeler parts to get us mobile again.

Our first spring in Alaska began in April 2014 with experiencing the break up. For those of you unfamiliar with “the break up” it’s normally a fast process that takes 2-3 weeks of ice melting, water everywhere, then mud and finally drying up for the most part. We missed the drying up part-it didn’t happen. It rained, then rained some more and finally it rained even more! 

April was spent slogging through the muck to attempt to quickly (ha ha) erect a cabin to shelter us at night from the bears and wolves.  In Alaska quickly means sometime in the next few years-lesson 1!

By May we had an Alaskan cabin erected. Yep a true Alaskan cabin-no roof!  But we did have four walls and a door-that was progress!  We were also uppity Alaskans as a blue tarp where the roof should of been was not for us we had a canvas roof-I liked to tell the kids “just like the pioneers”!   

May it rained, June it rained are you getting the picture? I spent many nights up all night emptying the dips and Swales in the canvas “roof” to keep it somewhat dry inside. During the day we would dodge rain showers and attempt to quickly (yes that word still cracks me up) an outhouse and animal pens.  


We had brought my beloved rabbits with us-yes I do love them as they keep us well fed. Babies were growing and new cages needed built and as you all well know the breed prolifically so many cages needed built. 


June brought chickens, pigs, goats and Luna the rescue horse to the homestead and for me a broken foot. Keeping in true homesteader fashion I set it, made a makeshift cast, covered in an oversize boot and life went on, albeit a bit slower for me for the next 6 weeks. 



June also was when we completed (somewhat) the outhouse minus a door. Between animal pens and cutting wood for lumber it was a busy month of building and usually done in the rain.

July was much like June except it was a bit sunnier and the fireweed was blooming. Oh the fireweed!!!! If you’ve never experienced a field of fireweed as tall as you are you have not lived! 

 To be continued…….

Readers ask questions

Lately I am receiving many messages from readers asking questions and thought addressing them here would be a good idea.  Some are serious, some are silly but overall most are asked good naturedly and I am grateful that you all take the time to read my ramblings.

The most frequent negative question I get asked is “Why would you subject your children to isolation and the dangers of living in the wild”? My answer is not so simple.  I for one do not feel like we are isolated nor do I feel that the are in any more danger than living in the city.  We have technology to keep us in communication with others and we do make trips to town.  Yes my children are isolated from other children and I am hoping this will change some BUT I don’t feel that they are being damaged in any way from not being able to experience things like bullying or any of the other things the outside world has to offer.  My children have friends and a social life be it a limited one.  As far as the dangers of living out here remotely, yes they exist.  There are wild animals that don’t consider us the top of the food chain and there is always the chance of an injury.  In the outside world there are dangers too and I am much more comfortable predicting an animals behavior than a humans.

How did you gain your knowledge is the next most frequently asked question-That one is much easier to answer but lengthy.  First of all I have always hungered for knowledge of old ways and from a very young age intrigued by the way pioneers made a new life with little in new lands. I have spent hundreds of hours listening and learning from old timers. I remember once when I was 5 or 6 watching my Paw Paw making fishing sinkers-he would melt the lead and pour  it into molds he made out of sand.  I asked him why he didn’t just buy them at the store like everyone else and he responded by saying “its good to use what you have” and tapped the side of his head, chuckled, then said “and a quick trip to the store wouldn’t be as fun as spending time making them together”.  For years I had one of his sinkers on my key chain to remind me of those times.  I later discovered  old cook books!  Old cook books are full of information and if your lucky enough to acquire one where the original owner wrote down her words of wisdom you have a rare and beautiful find. The contents of old cook books spans mch more than recipes as it was the second most important book in a household, the first of course being the Holy Bible.  Old cook books led me to other books then Mother Earth News and eventually I discovered the internet.  Knowledge is everywhere but you have to have the desire to harvest it!

Another question I receive frequently is how do we make do without running water?  honestly believe that people waste water and should try this experiment-put back 15 gallons of water and you can still use your toilet normally but for everything else such as cooking, washing, brushing teeth and doing dishes you can only use from the water you have. No cheating, no turning on the faucet.  After you’ve completed that challenge spend 24 hours keeping track of your water usage.  It will amaze you how much is wasted. Personally I have grown to love the outhouse.  That may sound silly or crazy to some but even on the coldest days I always find myself enjoying the walk to it and there is lot to be said for the quiet time it affords me.  Heating water on the stove has become habit and in the summer months it waters my plants too.

I love this next question:  How can you be online and “off grid” ?   We have technology out here in the Wilds of Alaska.  Battery packs, solar panels and a generator supply our power needs and cell service keeps us in contact with others and provides our internet connection.

Now for a little humor.  To those of you who want to know if we live in an igloo the answer is no. Can we pet the wild animals? Not while they are living or they think you are dinner. The last most funny and heartwarming question comes from a readers 5 year old son who likes to look at the pictures- Yes Charlie this place is  very real and I’m sorry but we don’t sell admission tickets. It is nice though that you think it looks like a fun place to visit.

Thank you to all of you for sending me your questions. I do enjoy reading them and try to answer each of them to the best of my ability. 

For Charlie I am adding a few more pics I do hope you enjoy them. Good night and God Bless each one of you.

Busy days at Two Moose farm


It’s been quite hectic here at Two Moose as of late. New pens to build as babies being born, new inventions to build and use and the crafting time has begun.
We completed the weaning shed and pen (much to the dismay of little Racer and Etta who would have prefered staying with their momma. You will see in the video what Racer thought of penning him in!

IMG_3283 IMG_3279 IMG_3280IMG_3281

The Turkey Tractor is complete also and the turkeys have found it quite to their liking.  My daughter thought it would be great fun to play different calls to them and see what they would do.

IMG_3335IMG_3338 IMG_3339 IMG_3340

Of course no one can be left out on the farm and roosters especially as they have to be in the limelight ALL the time as you can tell from prior videos the voice their opinions frequently.

The goats are our biggest source of entertainment here at Two Moose.  They never cease to amaze me with their antics. Here is Bella who was ready to be milked. When I refused to acknowledge her as it was still hours away from milking time she proceeded to crawl into the feed pan and begin bleating very loudly at me.

IMG_3352 IMG_3358

The test tap I did on a Birch tree last week is finally showing signs of the approaching run.  There are a few drops of sap making a show but not enough to tap the other trees yet but soon.  My soap I created last week is aging nicely and although unscented has a beautiful clean scent about it.  I will be putting the website online shortly and the soap along with leather crafts, hot cocoa mix made from powdered goats milk and many other items will be available for sale for those of you wanting a little taste of Alaska I will have the Birch syrup available as soon s the run is complete.

Life here is about constantly moving forward and work is a big part of our lives but there is also time for learning and fun.  The children have been working on school work but their best education I believe is seeing how providing for the animals is returned by what the animals provide for us.  Cati has become quite proficient at milking and loves the goats as much as I do, Caleb is all about the rabbits.  He enjoys feeding them and can tell you which rabbit is due to have babies.  He also is a great hand at splitting firewood.  Cami is our little get it done girl who makes sure every creature has adequate bedding and with her sister Cati they are the ones who monitor the pens for cleanliness.  I still have to assist but am proud they love the animals as much as I do.

We did take a trip to the beach the other day where the kids enjoyed playing with a friend from town and they also gathered a bunch of coal for our cookstove.  Simple things mean a lot to us and a couple hours of beach time gave everyone a break from the daily routine.

Its getting close to chore time again so I must go but will try to post a bit more frequently.  I will leave you with a picture of my favorite view and a prayer God blesses you with health and happiness.