Special times

Today after the morning chores were completed Mike, Caleb and Papa Fred worked on the broken trailer axle. This gave me the perfect opportunity to have some girl time so us girls went on an adventure of our own.

Our outing started out by going to the creek and Rock picking so we could have rocks to paint later. We then began exploring parts of our property we hadn’t yet seen and even climbed a few trees.  Nothing truly exciting but the time we spent together was something I will treasure. I heard all about their dreams of “when I grow up”. 


The rest of the day was spent doing odds and ends, planting seeds in the seedling house and then checking our birch tree taps.  One is starting to drip!!! Yay it won’t be long now!

We ended the evening after chores were complete by painting the rocks we had gathered. 



Oh and look one of the free chickens we were given layed a green egg today! Yes it’s the little things that excite me!

Life here at Two Moose may seem boring to some but for me it is just perfect!

I’ll leave you with yet another amazing sunset from my front porch. 





 good night and God Bless  

One thought on “Special times”

  1. You guy’s life is anything from boring. And trips together with your daughters is priceless. I wish I could spend some time out there with all of you. But since I cant, I live out there via your posts and stories you all share. All of that helps me make it through each day. The painted rocks are adorable and that looks like so much fun. Love to you all.

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