Sprinter time! 

Well it is supposed to be springtime in Alaska, it’s not 40 below like the old song says but it’s not exactly sunshine and roses either!  I have decided since it’s not quite winter yet not quite spring we need yet one more season and we will call it Sprinter! Sprinter will be that in between time that anything goes!  Here is what Sprinter looks like it’s snowing and 34 degrees out. 


The sap run has been interrupted by the cooler weather so it’s going to slow down completion of that project. Here is what birch sap looks like before it’s been cooked down to reduce then after when it is syrup 


The process is very simple but time consuming. The pint jar is what remains of almost 15 gallons of sap. 

Oh here comes the sun again! This weather is quite fickle. Last week we had torrential rains and hopefully it will begin drying up. 

Dear hubby is hauling lumber from the sawmill today on his back as it is too wet to do otherwise and we are hoping it dries out soon because we will be needing some supplies from town.the wheeler is out of commission again and has us stumped as to where the racket is coming from. Always something isn’t it!

Babies everywhere now as we have the 5 new ones, one goat left to kid and the cycle begins again in 2 months. We are getting quite a bit of milk now so hoping that I can figure out what is going wrong with my cheese. Never had this problem before so it is a mystery. Going to try my old granny stand by recipe and see what happens. I’ll let you know!



Well sun is out and I have raspberries that need planting and more seeds to pot so I’ll bid you farewell for now and pray  your day is blessed with busy hands and a happy heart.

One thought on “Sprinter time! ”

  1. Sorry about the snow, but now living in Alaska one never knows how or what the weather may do, especially in April and May. All the baby goats are just adorable, and it looks like the one just can’t stay out of mischief. The sap off the Birch trees does look just like water and wow, 15 gallons of sap to make the little jar of Birch syrup. Guess the sap will start flowing again as soon as it warms back up. Hope you get plenty.

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