A simple life

Another day is winding down and it’s quiet time for me once again. Kids of the two and four legged variety are feed and in bed. All is well on Two Moose Farm. 

Mike will be gone for the next couple of days as Papa Fred needs to go to the VA. He’s been stuck out here for weeks with his wrist bothering him so much he is unable to ride his wheeler out. A friend is coming out to retrieve him and hopefully the VA will finally do surgery and get him on the mend. With summer coming he has many adventures planned and isn’t relishing the thought of being stuck in one place.

I’m still cooking birch sap down, it’s something I am grateful only comes around once a year for a 10 day period. The weather has stretched it out a bit longer but it should wind down soon with warm temps and sunny skies in the forecast.  

It’s after 10 pm and just getting dark. The long days are upon us and soon we will have very little darkness. That is alright with me! I would love to be gardening at midnight!

Another rabbit just had babies. I am wondering what her attitude will be like. The little 7 pound lionhead cross finally had hers and her attitude got worse! The only way I can describe it is imagine 7 pounds of fluff, teeth and nails suddenly becoming Ninja rabbit. Nope-she’s not so cute anymore!

The mud is drying up a bit now. Hoping by weeks end it gets really dry as I need to go to town and pick up a few things. Most of you have never experienced mud like this so let me explain. Imagine hiking out 3.5 miles and the entire time playing twister. Yes it is just like that except instead of other people’s hands and feet your tangled up in its branches, willows, water holes and muck! Don’t get me wrong it’s not that I’m truly complaining but with a pack on your back full of supplies if you land wrong (which I do quite frequently) you end up looking like a turtle stuck when they are upside down on their shells.

Pretty excited that I will be in the grow mode soon. Dear hubby is going to help dismantle the greenhouse my friend Robin gave me and her husband said he would help get it out here. Praying this wind dries everything out as I want to get that in here and I have bees coming on Wednesday that my sweet dis Cathy got for me after mine died in the last cold snap. Lots of excitement for sure in the coming days ahead!

The wolves are howling tonight and there was a moose out a bit ago. It’s going to be calving time soon so hoping our little mama returns and hangs out close by again. She obviously is used to humans as she would just hang out by the cabin. We gave her a wide berth just the same as momma moose can be very dangerous. It is still nice to watch the little one all knock kneed jumping and playing. 

Well the sun is setting and I’ve still much work to do but I’ll leave you with some pics of the world as I see it. Good night and God Bless all. 


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