The many faces of Mom

Moms you all know what it’s like to have many faces. To smile when you really want to cry, to keep a straight face when you want to burst out laughing and to not show fear when your scared to death because you are the glue that keeps it all together.

Yesterday felt like it was going to be a typical day and around here I guess it was but never the less it was challenging. Critter chores done and breakfast cooked I was starting the kids on schoolwork when Caleb announced he didn’t feel well. Alright straight face in place I now must determine is the a real sickness event or one of the “I want to get out of doing something illness”. No real symptoms and his appetite proved the illness was the latter I played along. Up to bed no going outside to play until your feeling better. Exactly 10 minutes later he has a sudden recovery. Not being one to let someone off the hook that easily I send him back to bed with schoolwork in hand. 4 hours later he is completely healed! Yes, I am a miracle worker. Still not giving in on this I tell him I’m not convinced he is all better yet but if he could split wood surely breaking a sweat would force out any bad germs that could potentially cause a fever. 30 minutes later the wood box is full but I’m still not totally  convinced he is not sickly and before I could figure out another chore to prove his illness was faked he finally fesses up. Score 1 for mom. I send him on his way to play 2 hours later than if he would of just gotten up, done his share of the chores and his school work without the drama of pretending to be ill. Somehow though it doesn’t feel like a win but an irritation at the time wasted trying to get out of chores.

Making my usually mid morning rounds while kids were inside doing school work and likely fighting I discovered one of my chicks severely injured. It’s neck skin severed completely and the muscle and bone all exposed. Time for the yes it’s gross and makes me want to cry straight up mom face. Looking like I don’t have a care in the world I convince all my little minions it is no big deal and yes I am super mom and YES I can fix it! I carefully clean it up and suture the skin back in place with 6 tiny little stitches. I am happy to report the patient is still doing well eating, drinking, pooping and doing the normal things chicks do. Barring any infection I predict a full recovery.

That excitement over with it was on to more mundane things like cleaning pens and preparing meals but I did take time to plant some tomato seeds in pots and dreaming of fresh tomatoes in a couple of months.

Now to go add sutures to my shopping list as I have discovered I am running low. You all have a blessed day and keep smiling because smiles truly are contagious!

4 thoughts on “The many faces of Mom”

  1. Sir Caleb should know by now that “Mom” is so much smarter than he is. And yes it would be easier for him just to do his chores and then it would be entertainment time. Guess his Aunt Cathy should have a chat with him. And so sorry you had to play surgeon, but at least you can. I remember when one of our doggies bit the puppy in the face. It was so scary, luckily our VET is only a short distance away. I am excited about the gardening, as I need to get plants started also, but we still have lots of snow. You will need to get your straw bales soon, since it says it takes 12 days to get them ready to plant. Yes, my Straw Bale Gardening book came yesterday and it is so cool. I can’t wait. ☺☺☺☺

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