Happy Anniversary to us Part 2

August was one of the wettest times I had ever seen. It rained seemingly non stop and I found myself learning to laugh at getting stuck in the mud. Finally September arrived and it was dry for 2 weeks straight!  With the break in the weather we took advantage of it and began moving the saw mill.


Inch by inch we took it slow and finally got the job complete and then……you guessed it more rain! We did manage to get the plywood roof up and covered with plastic so we almost had a real roof!

October gave us sunny days and cool nights but we were able to get some lumber cut and get the kids a lift floor in and start the insulation but it never got really cold even though there were mornings with ice on the water barrels.

November was much the same as October although we did get a bit of snow. It was beautiful but it didn’t last long. 


Our first Thanksgiving here was exciting though. Cati and I worked together and made a wonderful dinner and enjoyed our “pioneer” life with the family.

December was all about Christmas. Remembering the day of our Saviors birth is important to us and we celebrate regardless of finances. We hadn’t any room for a tree but the girls and I got creative and made one out of construction paper. Of all the Christmases I know this one will be the most memorable.  I have to mention that the kindness of old and new friends made our first Christmas spectacular. We wanted for nothing and yet was given so much. Thank you to All of you who sent gifts and care packages. Finally Christmas Eve we had a new addition to the farm when little Henrietta made her appearance. 


New Year’s Day brought little Racer in with much fanfare as he had to be pulled due to having a leg back but he was a tough little fella! 


We ushered in the New Year to more rain but then it turned cold. A two week period of time when the water would freeze before we could get it home from the spring. During that time we spent countless hours thawing ice and hauling water to the animals and the littlest ones spent the night inside and I would carry them out to their mommas for feedings.

February it warmed up and began melting. That got the spring fever started along with the longer days but it proved to be a false start. The cold returned, our 4 wheeler broke down and it was a repeat of January’s routine of keeping everyone warm and watered. My bees that I had wintered over I lost in the last cold snap as did many of my rabbit babies and that made me sad but overall everything else did well.

Here we are one year later! We have a nice little farm started with goats reproducing, chickens laying, rabbits having babies, the goats are rebounding in the milk department and we finally have enough pens,hutches,barns and coops to keep everyone happy. Oh and we now have turkeys too!

We have learned to adapt to our surroundings and to create when we have a need such as the kerosene lamp brooder. Life is not easy out here and for many it would be intolerable but for us it is perfect! 

As for me I have learned faith does matter. I have seen insurmountable problems quickly resolved by giving it to God. I question less why he chose here to put us and find comfort in knowing he is in control so I don’t have to be. I have made many friends from around the world who encourage us and many here locally that want to see us succeed. I have a friend who I talk to daily that I couldn’t imagine living without as I rely on her to keep my grounded. Cathy DeHaven this is dedicated to you. You are always there when I need advice, a sounding board or just to talk. God may not of made us sisters by birth but in my heart you will forever be my big sis. 

I will leave you all with my favorite view and a promise of more to come here at Two Moose Farm. May you be blessed with peace and happiness. 


4 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to us Part 2”

  1. So glad I can be there for you “Lil Sis” , keeping in contact with you and your family has helped me tremendously get through this past year while I have spent 95% of my time in bed looking at my walls. Guess we are in each others lives to help us both. Your dedication of this post to me brought tears. Glad you all are part of my extended family. I Love you all. Take care.

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