Mud,sweat and gears

Yes spring has sprung, the break up has come and the breakdowns abound. Finally got the four wheeler parts in, dear hubby got the wheeler back together after a month. The water pump had a bearing sieze up and one of the balls went into the gears ground them down smooth it did but we had spares from a parts 4 wheeler I aquired so half the battle was won but Apparently Polaris forgot to list 2 bearings on the parts list book. Through much  diligence  and perseverance I found them!  I have to say that every job I have ever held in my life has taught me something and being a parts gal I remembered lots of tricks on finding parts!

The axle on the trailer has finally given up and cannot be welded anymore as it is just cracking again but woo hoo we actually had a piece of square tubing to fix it! My hubby won’t be laughing at my dump treasures anymore! Yep I proudly admit I scrounge things at the dump and that little gem just saved us 50 bucks easy! So now he will rebuild again and hopefully we can use it after breakup is done. Please pray for dry weather for the next couple of weeks! 

My cream separator arrived and I just love it! 

 I have to tell you I was apprehensive about it having a plastic bowl and spouts but now that it’s here I can tell you it’s built heavy duty! I have only used it once but find it very simple to use and it separates the cream very well. I will post more on it as time goes by but it is a product I will recommend simply because it is well built and it works! If you are looking here’s where to get the best pricing

Critters are all happily running around and enjoying the warmer weather. 


Kids are happy to have friends out to play with.


I’m busy with the many projects I have and the guys busy building for my many projects. Life is good here on Two Moose Farm and getting better everyday. 

I do have a request though-I need your input. I want to build a Calendar of pics for 2016 and would like to know what pics you all enjoy most-critters and projects or scenery. If you like both just answer both in the comments! Thank you for your help!

I’ll leave you with a pic of the sunset and a prayer of blessings.  


5 thoughts on “Mud,sweat and gears”

  1. I wrote a comment, then hit the wrong button. Poof it all went away. Grrrrr. Let’s see, I think I said animals and scenery is good for your calender. The cream separator looks wonderful and we will be waiting for a photo of the by product. Hope your ground dries out some, so it will be easier to work and build. Also so you have a chance to finish your roof correctly. Unfortunately you still need some rain so big fires don’t start. The kiddos and the critters are all looking good. Take care and more fun headed your way. šŸ˜Š

  2. Pix of your beautiful surroundings, pix of your home, pix of sunsets, pix of your family, it’s all beautiful. Can hardly wait to retire and move to Ninilchik!

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