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Yay the girls are working again 

Finally! I was beginning to think my hens were going to be freeloaders forever. They quit laying this fall when the weather turned wet but finally they are once again laying. I guess butchering a bunch of birds in front of them and telling them constantly to produce or go to freezer camp finally paid off. They are slow starting but it will pick up I am sure-in the mean time I will continue to baby them and gently explain that a few little eggs are much better to part with than ones head. Yes, I do love my chickens but out here no one-not even cute little hens-get a free ride. 

 It’s so nice having my friend Kimberly here. She has motivated my children to get the loft clean. Unlike mom who isn’t welcome simply because I am the momster, they readily accept Kimberly in their domain and her subtle encouragement to get things done.   Kimberly has also been an extra set of hands to help with the ever present problem of water everywhere. It’s a full time job keeping drainage ditches cleared, pens clean and dry and all that  

 comes with the heavy rains and thawing we are experiencing.  

 The weatherman says we will be seeing a drop in temps in a couple of weeks.  I cannot decide if I’m happy or just want it to hurry up and be spring. I can tell you I am sick of rain. Months of it has made me water logged and snippy. My kids, critters and hubby are obviously tired of it too as tempers are getting short but I have to just remind them and myself this too shall pass. I frequently say to myself “This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it”. Thank heavens for scripture-it sees me through these trying times. 

The days are getting longer and that makes me glad, darkness will soon be replaced with long days and busy hands. I’ve poured through so many seed catalogs I am gardening in my dreams. The little sleep I do get is filled with happy dreams though so I am feeling more rested. If any of you live in an area that grows sugar beets I am looking for some seeds so let me know please. 

Well my phone is almost dead so I will bid you good night. Praying for all those affected by the strange weather. Stay safe, warm and dry. Dan and Robin if your reading this everyone says HI!!!!! We miss you and will be glad when you return. God Bless and sweet dreams all.

Saying goodbye to 2015

  These last few days of 2015 are quickly passing by. It may sound strange but as the new year approaches I feel a sense of loss at the days past as if saying goodbye to an old friend. Things are evolving and changing here on Two Moose Farm as they must to permit growth but there are days I long for the the excitement of planning, dreaming and building where once there was nothing. 

The weather seems to be quite confused, what should be winter is more like spring. Temperatures well above freezing, rain, flooding and the wind storms have been brutal. We relish winter as it is much easier traveling on ground that is frozen. Our trip to town the other day was definitely not a cold one. We drove the wheelers through icy slush and water that was up to a foot deep the entire 3.5 miles. I am thankful we didn’t get stuck as standing in that would have been miserable. 


The critters have been plagued by Ravens, Hawks and owls lately. Caleb has been kept busy with his 410 attempting to scare them away-so far it’s not proving very successful. We’ve got 9 roosters who insist the tarp covering the freezer is their safe Haven and they spend most of their time there. Not a pleasant thing considering it is right next to the front door. I see freezer camp in the near future for them-that is if the predators don’t get a free meal first. The hens make a quick dash for my front door too if there’s a predator around. 

 Our goats have had a few mishaps on the ice and we are nursing them back to health. Soon we will have many kids running around and that will be fun. There’s never a dull moment with goat kids around. 

 With all the rain and warm temps we are watching closely for bear sign. Poor bears, imagine being snug and warm in your bed and you get woke up by laying in standing water. Yes, I do feel bad for them. Bears can’t do what they are supposed to do when it’s wet. They will be quite cranky too and nothing much meaner than a cranky bear.

Our Tom turkey has decided it must be spring and is courting the ladies…..and my dog. Tommy has found an attraction to poor Missy who isn’t at all interested. Missy used to love to play outside and they had a little game of tag they would play-she would chase him and hit him with her paw and he would then turn to chase her and give her a little peck. They would do this for hours then settle down beside each other to sun themselves and rest. It was cute and amusing until the weather turned warm again and Toms hormones kicked in. It started out simple enough, Missy thought it was just a new game. Tom would strut and fluff up then circle her and they would spin in a circle but then…..It  happened…… Tom decided to consummate the relationship and Missy being a nice girl was giving no free “rides”. Poor Missy won’t even venture outdoors if he is in the vicinity so he struts in front of the steps for her. Unrequited love.  


Well it’s time to check critters and make sure the drainage ditches are doing the job keeping the water from all the critter beds so I’ll bid you good night. May you be blessed with sweet dreams and a restful slumber.

Time stood still

Just for a few moments, time seemed to stand still. The twinkling stars of silver on a canvas of midnight blue, a masterpiece of its own but tonight there was more. The dancing haze of green arching upward then swooping down as gracefully as any bird in flight, yes for a few moments time stood still. I was mesmerized. It was if the haze were beckoning me to it. Reaching out and then quickly fleeting towards the heavens. Just a moment longer, one more swoop, swirl and spin of the entrancing light dance put on for only my eyes…..The night chill drove me indoors yet I couldn’t step away from the window as wave after wave of the haze grew brighter, more distinct and the dance seemed to be drawing me into its peaceful yet vibrant existence, if only for a few moments.

The Aurora was beautiful and it removed the word “chore” from my nightly task of critter checks. If it weren’t for them I’d have missed the show that words can never truly describe. The reality is-my moments were actually almost 90 minutes of 25 degrees but the chill of the night air only heightened the experience. 

The past several days have been daunting. Frought with ups and downs, highs and lows. Breakdowns of crucial pieces of equipment, worries piled upon worries yet tonight I was renewed. Tonight the solace was found in twinkling stars and swirling ions of light. Tonight I remembered why I can and will press on changing the lows to lessons and the highs to memories I can reflect on in the future.

I have always known I wanted to share this life we live with others-all of you reading this and following along our daily journey but tonight I finally found the answer as to why. The peace I feel deep inside is indescribable. I have longed for and searched out this peace my entire life and now that I found it I only wish I could bottle it up and send it to the far corners of the world so others can feel it too.

Even as I sit here listening to Frankie the Billy goat who has once again found his way not only into the yard but onto the deck AND is knocking on the door (yes seriously a goat knocking on the door at 2 a.m.) I should be annoyed with him but I feel peace. 

The snow fall we recieved has made the simple task of walking through the yard treacherous as it is still wet and mushy underneath. I found myself stuck yesterday while making my rounds and had to be rescued by dear hubby and son. I stepped in a spot and sunk to the tops on my knee high boots! It was like quick sand-really Quick quicksand! They made their way to me and pulled me out but not before chuckling at my predicament. 

I mentioned break downs and didn’t elaborate but it suffices to say that 2 of the wheelers are out of commission for awhile and the other things will just be put on the back burner until finances improve. I have more pressing things to do in the coming days such as getting birds dressed and ready for freezer camp. One more torrential downpour could devastate the remaining birds and that isn’t acceptable to the bottom line. 

This strange weather pattern were in seems to be affecting people all over the world. I keep reminding myself that it isn’t just us, there’s really NOT a dark cloud hovering over us but some days it does seem so. If it weren’t for my faith I would probably be depressed at what is happening but I know God is just preparing my family for greater things and he has given us the ability to continue on-yes we can and will persevere and brighter days are on the horizon.

Last Sunday as we faced getting buried coming in with supplies and the breakdowns began piling up I was faced with the reality that my darling Cati has developed her mothers twisted sense of humor. Walking in the dark in the wind a chill of night she stops and says “MOM”! Thinking a bear or other creature has appeared I immediately get my guard up and she then proceeds to tell me-“chill mom, I just wanted to tell you that at least we didn’t hear the hyenas this time” For those of you who haven’t read the story there was an incident when we got stuck in the mud and ice. The tires turning sounded much like hyenas yapping and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why there would be hyenas laughing at my plight! Yes my dear Cati is my mini me!

Well I’ve taken up enough of your time for today so I will leave you with a few pics of my family and our lives. The kids have grown so much in the last year and a half I’m simply amazed. I will ask that if you have the means to, please consider purchasing one of our tshirts or hoodies you can find them hereTwo Moose Farm shirts . Your support is appreciated greatly.

Have a blessed day all!



4 in the morning and sitting here enjoying my first cup of coffee. Already went out and slogged through the mud checking on all the critters who are quite content and still sleeping. The pigs were snoring loudly and it sounded like a bear growl about made me jump out of my own skin. Alas I have a few minutes of quiet time-alone. That’s rare! Hubby was up late last night draining water from pens and shoveling the muck so he is happily snoring away-louder than the pigs I might add and I’m not even going to wake him.

Ponderings-when your mind has many thoughts and you just mull them over, much like when tasting a fine wine when it’s just been uncorked. You look at it, inhale it, swish it around and determine if it is worth further consumption. It’s mornings like this I ponder many things. The current thoughts are-will we ever see winter again? How many buckets of sand will it take to create solid ground where it’s muck, and of course the normal thoughts of am I being a good parent. 

Winter, it feels as if I haven’t seen winter for years. Not these little passing storms but a real winter with cold, snow and the magical feeling you get when you look outside to a blanket of white, pristine and a pure world. I do love winter, at least a few months of it.

This muck and rain have finally got to me-now I’m plotting revenge. I will conquer it. I will tame it and make it work to my advantage. Through diverting, adding amendments and creative engineering it will be my slave. ( insert evil laugh)! By now anyone who knows me understands challenges to me are like a dare to a child. I will do it because it “supposedly” can’t be done!

Now for the tough one:Parenting. Having 3 preteen, hormonal, Jekyl and Hydes under one roof is daunting. I can face bear, moose and wolves and am fearless compared to the hormonal mood swings these three have that bring chills to my spine one minute and get me so angry the next I am sweating. Yes, I know how many deep breaths it takes until you hyperventilate-11! I think I can get that number down to 9 if I speed them up-at least then I’ll have a couple of minutes of quiet while I’m passed out. Oh no worries I’m just kidding! Maybe…….

Life on Two Moose is full of ups and downs but through it all I know I am blessed to live this life. For those of you contemplating beginning on such an adventure-do not get discouraged for life would be boring if everything went 100 percent as planned. 

For now I must go and put on my mom cape which doubles as an apron. An apron that is an umbrella sheltering my family through any storm. Keep the faith and trust God to lead you~ 


What is a normal day?

On several occasions I have been asked what a normal day is like on the farm.  My reply is “what is considered normal”.  All joking aside I decided to really give it some thought and map out what a “normal” day is like.  Of course with each passing season things change but this is what it looks like when nothing comes up, no emergencies and no blunders.

4 a.m. is wake up time-build a fire in the cookstove and get coffee going.  By 4:30 I am out the door doing a critter check (remember we live in bear and wolf territory).I go pen to pen checking the animals running back to check the fire in between and also find the goats and account for all of them.  This is sometimes daunting as they now have split into 2 herds each with their own leader.  Its now around 5:30 a.m.if I am lucky and didn’t have to walk out too far to locate the goats.

5:30-7:00 I check emails (this blog generates a lot and I enjoy answering each and every one of them!  I also answer any messages on facebook.

7-8 a.m. I am making breakfast and planning the school day for my 3 children.

8-10 a.m. We all go out to feed animals, water them and let them out after they have eaten to roam around free ranging.

10-10:30 I line out the kids with their school work.

10:30-11:30 I do up dishes and get our afternoon meal going assisting kids with school at the same time.

11:30-1:00 I check pens to see which ones will need cleaning, water diverted and or fresh bedding added of course I have been called back at least a half dozen times to assist with schoolwork or other MOM questions.

1:-1:30 we eat dinner and I answer any further questions about school.

1;30-2:30 kids and I rewater all the critters and feed the babies again.

2:30-4:00 Kids return to schoolwork I go out and doctor on any sick or injured animals, trim hooves or nails and any other thing that needs done for the critters well being.

4:00-4:30 p.m. Its time to get supper started.

4;30-5:30 pen and cage cleaning adding fresh bedding etc.

5:30-6:00 get supper on the table.

6:00-7:00 We eat and spend time together

7:00-8:30 chore time again-this many critters and they like to eat!

8:30-9:00 do supper dishes

9:00-10:30 check emails, update blog and facebook

10:30-11:00 check critters and go to bed.


4:00a.m. wake up call-rouse the bear sleeping next to me.

4-4:30 split wood for the cabin stove (we don’t use our winter supply in the woodshed unless its snowing or raining heavily)

4:30-5:30 split wood for pig food and get fire going under bathtub/cooker. Fill tub with water and barley

5:30-9;30 split more wood for pig food fire and keep it burning for 4 hours cut ditches to drain water from animal pens while pig food is cooking

9:30-1:00 hike into the forest and cut up trees to haul in for firewood.  The solid wood is used for heating and cooking inside Punky wood used for cooking pig feed.

1:30-3:00 Haul water from spring for critters

2:30-5:30 assist in hoof trimming, fix walkways to critter pens,  Haul logs to sawmill from forest Cut lumber for pen repairs.

5:30-6:00 4 wheeler maintenance

6-7:00 family time and supper

7-8:30 help with feeding time, hauling water to pens and bedding down animals

8:30-10:00 phone calls, email and facebook messages answered.

As you can see our days are quite busy.  If we need to go to town it is an hour to 90 minutes to get to the truck and another hour to get to town.  If one of us is gone to town its an all day event and 2 days to get the supplies into the cabin.

I hope this gives you an idea of what its like to live our life out here.  Now lets talk about my day!  We had cranberries that we had accumulated while out checking goats so I cooked them up early this morning and while getting kids going on schoolwork ran them through the food mill and made cranberry sauce and not one to waste used all the skins and made cranberry jam.  Oh it tasted so good and I got the bright idea to run out and pick more while doing my critter checks.  Now if you have ever picked berries with an entourage of goats, pigs and turkeys then you just have not lived!  It goes something like this-Spot a clump of berries and bend over to pick just about grab them when a turkey sees the bright color dives in to grab them and the pig (Miss Charlotte) thinking I am being attacked by a turkey jumps at the turkey and her bulk hits me.I am now on the ground checking to see if my bucket is upright and trying to find footing to get up.   Oh did I mention it is extremely wet out and there are holes 2 foot deep with water in them covered by grass so you don’t know the are there until you step in one?  Of course the goats who are casually taking this in see the bucket is not my main concern and take the opportunity to sample the sour berries-not liking them they can’t take their fellow goats word for it one by one they all have to have a go!  Meanwhile I am still on the ground being guarded by a 400 pound pig who decides since I am down there I might as well give her a belly scratch-seriously Charlotte?  Well I finally get upright and realize the time has gotten away from me so I hurry back to the cabin but Frankie being Frankie fell asleep in the woods and didn’t come in with the rest of us so to shut up his constant mmmaaaaaaaing which is like calling to a bear and saying “hey dude, lunch is over here” I go back out to where we were and retrieve him.  Of course not knowing if where I am going and what I am doing may or may not involve treats, my entourage follows.  I eventually made it home and called the kids out to assist me with catching up with the things we needed to get done and went in to my sweet Cati making us a late dinner of grilled cheese and soup.

The rest of the afternoon was spent trying to remember what I had competed and what I hadn’t and then in to get supper going.

It is now 10:30 p.m. The rains have returned and I just got back in and am trying to finish this post as my teeth chatter. I am soaking wet and am contemplating whether we have time to build an ark.  If this continues we will have to go out and drain the pens as the water will be getting deep again.  I love our life but have to say I am so ready for cold and snow.  Its getting tiresome dealing with all this water all the time.  The weather forecast is not looking promising at all-rain forecasted for the next 2 weeks.

I’m excited that we are building a wind generator soon and it will be our kids’ science project for the year, my sissy Cathy’s husband had 2 new CAT batteries in his shop he said we can have and even arranged for transportation to get them to us next week-Thank you Paul you are so awesome! Just in time too as I fear one of our RV batteries may be dying.  We don’t get much tie on the battery now before it loses its charge.

I will leave you again with my usual random pics of life on the farm.  Until next time may God Bless and provide for your every need.

IMG_6235 IMG_6306 IMG_6308

IMG_6309 IMG_6316 IMG_6347 IMG_6424 IMG_6425 IMG_6426 IMG_6428 IMG_6429 IMG_6430  IMG_6432 IMG_6433IMG_6401

Short Days of Winter


One would think with the short days of winter that there would be time to set back and do nothing-after all it is winter right?  Well apparently winter has forgotten Alaska as we are experiencing the shortened days but at 46-48 degrees during the day and 40 for an overnight low it just doesn’t feel like winter, couple the warm temps with the rain we have been having and the workload just keeps growing.

Animal pens need cleaned several times per week as they get soggy, walking on ice that is covered with water makes one soon realize they are not 25 anymore but just when the frustration level reaches its peak and that little evil voice in your head starts telling you the things you don’t want nor need to hear, Alaska shows you that she is beautiful regardless of the weather patterns.

So as we slosh through the slushy mess to yet clean another pen or cage we get to experience the true Alaska where the wolves howl and sing to one another their mournful song, the moon rising above the trees paints yet another indescribable picture in bright whites, deep blues, greens and black shadows of trees and I look up to the heavens and see the stars that shine so brightly you feel like they are surely going to fall from the sky and you just know the darkness won’t last forever and God has given you these beautiful sites and sounds to remind you of this.

No, the darkness will soon be replaced with never ending sunlight and brighter moods so for now I will day dream of baby animals, gardening and a new beginning.