4 in the morning and sitting here enjoying my first cup of coffee. Already went out and slogged through the mud checking on all the critters who are quite content and still sleeping. The pigs were snoring loudly and it sounded like a bear growl about made me jump out of my own skin. Alas I have a few minutes of quiet time-alone. That’s rare! Hubby was up late last night draining water from pens and shoveling the muck so he is happily snoring away-louder than the pigs I might add and I’m not even going to wake him.

Ponderings-when your mind has many thoughts and you just mull them over, much like when tasting a fine wine when it’s just been uncorked. You look at it, inhale it, swish it around and determine if it is worth further consumption. It’s mornings like this I ponder many things. The current thoughts are-will we ever see winter again? How many buckets of sand will it take to create solid ground where it’s muck, and of course the normal thoughts of am I being a good parent. 

Winter, it feels as if I haven’t seen winter for years. Not these little passing storms but a real winter with cold, snow and the magical feeling you get when you look outside to a blanket of white, pristine and a pure world. I do love winter, at least a few months of it.

This muck and rain have finally got to me-now I’m plotting revenge. I will conquer it. I will tame it and make it work to my advantage. Through diverting, adding amendments and creative engineering it will be my slave. ( insert evil laugh)! By now anyone who knows me understands challenges to me are like a dare to a child. I will do it because it “supposedly” can’t be done!

Now for the tough one:Parenting. Having 3 preteen, hormonal, Jekyl and Hydes under one roof is daunting. I can face bear, moose and wolves and am fearless compared to the hormonal mood swings these three have that bring chills to my spine one minute and get me so angry the next I am sweating. Yes, I know how many deep breaths it takes until you hyperventilate-11! I think I can get that number down to 9 if I speed them up-at least then I’ll have a couple of minutes of quiet while I’m passed out. Oh no worries I’m just kidding! Maybe…….

Life on Two Moose is full of ups and downs but through it all I know I am blessed to live this life. For those of you contemplating beginning on such an adventure-do not get discouraged for life would be boring if everything went 100 percent as planned. 

For now I must go and put on my mom cape which doubles as an apron. An apron that is an umbrella sheltering my family through any storm. Keep the faith and trust God to lead you~ 


One thought on “Ponderings”

  1. I have no doubts in my mind that you will turn your muck into usable ground. Unfortunately, that is challenging almost anywhere in Alaska and living where you do, makes it even more challenging.
    You are a wonderful Mom, and because your kiddos are hormonal (which is horrible for all parents), you will survive. Unfortunately there will be stressful days. I definitely can relate that it is easier to deal with Moose, Bears, etc. Vs. Hormonal children. So as you probably do, when you think stressed just go out and visit with your critters. (Pig, goats, chickens, turkeys, rabbit, ect.). From all I hear they are very entertaining.
    Hopefully, some sort or fashion of winter will arrive soon, if nothing besides the ground freezing up so you can get more of your things out to your place. I know the kiddos would enjoy some snow to play in and build some snow people for me.
    Take care and hang in there, I know you will. I love you.

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