Saying goodbye to 2015

  These last few days of 2015 are quickly passing by. It may sound strange but as the new year approaches I feel a sense of loss at the days past as if saying goodbye to an old friend. Things are evolving and changing here on Two Moose Farm as they must to permit growth but there are days I long for the the excitement of planning, dreaming and building where once there was nothing. 

The weather seems to be quite confused, what should be winter is more like spring. Temperatures well above freezing, rain, flooding and the wind storms have been brutal. We relish winter as it is much easier traveling on ground that is frozen. Our trip to town the other day was definitely not a cold one. We drove the wheelers through icy slush and water that was up to a foot deep the entire 3.5 miles. I am thankful we didn’t get stuck as standing in that would have been miserable. 


The critters have been plagued by Ravens, Hawks and owls lately. Caleb has been kept busy with his 410 attempting to scare them away-so far it’s not proving very successful. We’ve got 9 roosters who insist the tarp covering the freezer is their safe Haven and they spend most of their time there. Not a pleasant thing considering it is right next to the front door. I see freezer camp in the near future for them-that is if the predators don’t get a free meal first. The hens make a quick dash for my front door too if there’s a predator around. 

 Our goats have had a few mishaps on the ice and we are nursing them back to health. Soon we will have many kids running around and that will be fun. There’s never a dull moment with goat kids around. 

 With all the rain and warm temps we are watching closely for bear sign. Poor bears, imagine being snug and warm in your bed and you get woke up by laying in standing water. Yes, I do feel bad for them. Bears can’t do what they are supposed to do when it’s wet. They will be quite cranky too and nothing much meaner than a cranky bear.

Our Tom turkey has decided it must be spring and is courting the ladies…..and my dog. Tommy has found an attraction to poor Missy who isn’t at all interested. Missy used to love to play outside and they had a little game of tag they would play-she would chase him and hit him with her paw and he would then turn to chase her and give her a little peck. They would do this for hours then settle down beside each other to sun themselves and rest. It was cute and amusing until the weather turned warm again and Toms hormones kicked in. It started out simple enough, Missy thought it was just a new game. Tom would strut and fluff up then circle her and they would spin in a circle but then…..It  happened…… Tom decided to consummate the relationship and Missy being a nice girl was giving no free “rides”. Poor Missy won’t even venture outdoors if he is in the vicinity so he struts in front of the steps for her. Unrequited love.  


Well it’s time to check critters and make sure the drainage ditches are doing the job keeping the water from all the critter beds so I’ll bid you good night. May you be blessed with sweet dreams and a restful slumber.

2 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to 2015”

  1. Oh how funny! Poor pup! My Tom is strutting for his ladies also. I loved the video, I’m trying to convince my does to make nice with the young buck so we have spring babies but some of them are snots. 🙂

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