Summer in full swing

You can tell it’s summertime in Alaska by the smell of birch smoke and salmon in the air-well at my house anyway. Fish to be caught, smoked, canned and enjoyed now with more for later. Salmon is not unique to Alaska but Alaska salmon is unique! Sweet, firm and tasty. ​


Apparently it is not just myself that feels this way as there is an organization devoted to sharing all about how salmon connects Alaskans. Check it out for yourself-it’s a great group with lots of stories, recipes and of course news about salmon. The salmon project can be found here atSalmon

Went to the spring today with my son on our water run. What should take half an hour per trip turned into a two hour adventure. We watched a grouse try to distract us from her babies (look closely in the center of the picture you will see her in the tree), saw many berries forming and the wild flowers were amazing. Our time together wasn’t wasted as we enjoyed it immensely and I have come to realize as my children get older these times together will be fewer. Relish the moments folks for they are fleeting.


Dear hubby turned 61 today. We celebrated with A feast of birch planked salmon, barley pilaf, candied carrots and salad from the greenhouse. Cati baked an amazing chocolate cherry cake but forgot to get a picture before we all gobbled it up.

Working on a new project that I hope will inspire others. I’m beginning to video the things we do here such as fish processing, soap making etc. I’m still a bit camera shy so bear with me as I work through this. Coming soon I promise!

Dear hubby recently was asked by Bore tips to test their gun cleaning swabs and whips. Let me tell you this is something you must check out! The ease of use and compact design is a must for any firearm owner. Easy use, easy clean up, you can take them anywhere which is a bonus if you hunt in an area that’s wet oh and one more bonus-keeping the bore whip in your barrel when transporting ensures you have a safe and clear firearm. Check them out for yourself and volunteer to test their products! You can find them at

Well the fish is almost done smoking (it’s after 3a.m.) and I need to get it in the canning jars and process. I pray your all blessed with a warm bed, fully tummies and the love you deserve. God Bless

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