Summer, gardening, babies and fishin’

I love summer here. Alright I love every season here but especially the season I happen to be experiencing at the time. My greenhouses are growing and I’ve already harvested fresh cilantro and soon strawberries. Went fishing with the kids, yes it’s quite enjoyable now that they are older and I no longer must deal with snarls and tangles-my kids are growing fast and fishing they can handle almost alone. We didn’t have much luck but some visiting Canadians sure did! I tried mimicking them to “borrow” some of their luck but apparently I didn’t quite pronounce the “aye” right as the fish paid no attention to me. Was nice seeing the joy on the visitors faces as they caught kings and marveled over them. Danny Egger and his beautiful fish!

Danny Egger
Many new babies now on Two Moose Farm. 2 sets of twins and 1 single. 3 boys, 2 girls and many more mommas left to kid. There’s absolutely nothing more entertaining than watching baby goats.Sorry for the short post but with only 24 hours of daylight there’s never enough time. Praying you are all enjoying your summer and as is my norm here are a few random pics of life off grid.

2 thoughts on “Summer, gardening, babies and fishin’”

  1. I can remember some of your first postings when you first moved there, (mud up to there and stuck four wheeler’s), and were just starting to build a “home”. You all have come a long way and should be very proud. God is rewarding your hard work.

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