Happy days on Two Moose Farm

Summer is in full swing and busy as usual. So excited to share lots of news with you and upcoming events. 

We now are on periscope and want you to join us! Find us at periscope @offgridmom you can then view our remote farm and also be part of the upcoming live feeds where we can interact and answer questions from you.

The incubator is full of eggs and beginning Friday we should see them hatching. We found our turkey hens nest and added those eggs to the incubator too. Soon chickens, turkeys and ducks will be hatching and I will broadcast live feeds from periscope and Facebook.

We also have paired with Stagvid Media and will be bringing a YouTube channel online soon. Please help me  out and give me some input on what you want to see. You can message me here or join me on Facebook www.facebook.com/offgridalaska on Twitter you can join us too-www.twitter.com/offgridmom.

I was able to finally catch audio of the wolves howling this morning. You can find it here Wolves howling. Listen closely as its not great but so very cool!

One more thing that’s happening. Monday I’m doing an interview with Everyday Moms. They are on local channels nationwide. I’ll try to get a link up when I know the airing date. 

Well it’s time to get kids up and chores done. Just wanted to say hello to all and ask you to join me on periscope as I think it will be loads of fun!

As usual I’ll leave you with random pics and pray your day is blessed.

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