Good Morning

its a good morning for sure. The fire is crackling, Coffee is perking, stars are twinkling (which means it’s not cloudy) children still sleeping, rooster crowing and this momma gets to sit back and enjoy the sights, sounds and scents without interruption!

Yesterday was a sunny but chilly day. The wind blew but that hEloped to dry up things a bit. 

Fast forward it’s now 2 pm. Yes I was sidetracked! Chores, babies of several species and children seem to distract me at every turn!

After the morning milking and other chores were done I gathered sap. It’s slowed down due to the cooler weather but still trickling. Gathered again this afternoon and made fried bologny sandwiches. Yes we do try to eat organic healthy foods but there’s no substitute for a good ol fried bologny sammich!

Time to go plant some more seeds and wait for hubby to get home. He got me a Troy bilt tiller that someone had for cheap. It looks brand new so he and our wonderful friend Dan rebuilt it. Yes I am excited! That will make my life a whole lot easier! Robin, Dans beautiful wife has a portable greenhouse she said I could use as she has too busy a schedule with fishing to garden this year. Love that she is letting me use it and am willing to share the garden bounty when it comes in. Dan and Robin are great friends who are always there when we need something or just want to visit.

Sent a package to my friend Cathy. She’s such a sweetheart, more like a sister than friend as she “gets” me. Sending some of my products I make for her review as she will give me an honest opinion and also included some “garden rocks”, rocks the girls and I painted. I told her if her hubby Paul asks “what’s this a box of rocks?” She can honestly answer YES!

Well time waits for no man and very few women, seeing how it’s not waiting for me I need to get busy but hope you are all having a blessed day.

One thought on “Good Morning”

  1. It is Wednesday and the “Box of Rocks” arrived. And after we clear coat them, they will go out in our garden and everytime we were out there, they will remind of us of our wonderful friends/family. Besides the rocks we are all excited to try the homemade products. And we even received notebook covers that were hand made by Fred, they are really cool. Mine even has my name down the front of it, I sure feel special. I am so happy that you all got a rotor tiller, I know once we got ours, it definitely helped speed up the planting process. Though if I do all Straw garden this year, guess we won’t need it. Take care.

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