Insomnia again!

was very tired after the big day yesterday and then the arrival of the new goat kids last night so thought I’d call it an early night. Crawled into bed at 11 pm and slept like a baby until 12:40. Eyes wide open and here I sit at 2:45 posting because sleep eludes me. I guess I will catch you all up on the past few days.

My youngest son Caleb turned 12 on Saturday. We planned a get together with friends for Sunday and met for ice skating and pizza afterwards. It was a great day until we came home in the rain through the mud and we’re all soaking wet! Regardless it was fun seeing friends and having the kids get some time to play with their friends. My oldest son Corbin even joined us for a couple of hours!


I was late getting chores done so as I hurried up to get the milking done the kids and hubby fed and watered all the other critters. As you all know we have goats that are kidding and no idea of due dates so I make my final checks each night around 9. Nothing really happening so I went back in and around 10 Mike had Caleb shut off the generator. He suddenly starts hollering for his dad and tells him “I think there’s a bear cub screaming for its momma out here” dear hubby chuckles and yells in to me-“Mom, better check your goats I think your herd just grew” upon closer inspection Bubbles who less than an hour before was playing and being silly had just given birth to twins. Mind you it was still raining and she was in the girls’ pen not in the kidding barn so with a bit of team work we moved her and the two babies, through the rain and into the warm barn. 


The smaller dark kid is a doeling we named Illiamna and will call her Illy and the larger light is a buckling we have named Junior. All are doing well and Bubbles will spend a few days with the kids before we separate her from them during the day.

The busy time is on us with the break up in full swing. Another week of these warm temps and it will be walking the 3.5 miles to the road as the wheelers won’t be able to navigate through the muck. I am anxiously awaiting seeds a friend gifted me from Denali seeds. They are supposed to be acclimated to our climate and growing season. Thank you again Cathy for yet another thoughtful and useful gift.

Chickens are laying now and it’s like a treasure every time we get an egg. My kids dislike store eggs so are very excited. I’m excited that the weather has warmed up and my friend Robin is incubating some Americauna eggs for me. Green eggs in my future-how cool is that!

Well our battery alarms just went off so it’s time to say goodbye before I lose the last of my charge. Praying your all blessed with happiness and peace. 

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