2a.m. Feedings

Still no winter here in Alaska and that brings an entirely new set of problems. Most would see this warm weather as a blessing but when having to go out at 1a.m to prepare to assist in a 2a.m feeding it can be a daunting task. I am getting a bit ahead of myself so let me explain. Princess being penned up with Bella and baby Etta for so long decided she was the surrogate momma to Etta. Along comes Racer this large annoying little fur ball who was demanding her attention and she was having none of that and Bella not liking Racer either I was forced to pen little Racer and Ella separate from the mommas and assist in feedings. Not wanting a new set of chores (bottle feeding babies) I must hold and guide Princess in the fine art of motherhood while little Racer is nursing. Now this may not seem like such a daunting task until you take into account before even getting into the barn you have to remove the icy sludge that has drained down due to the warm weather not completely freezing water from the rain. This is causing quite a mess. Yes folks I will take cold and snow over semi cold and rain any day! Once the slushy semi frozen tundra slurpee has been removed from in front of the doors I open the babies doors and inevitably Etta will dart around or under my legs then a 5 minute game of chase me ensues as she darts back and forth over the icy hills and dales of her imaginary play land until SHE decides the fun time is over and is ready to sidle up to the milk fountain at which time she will then allow me to pick her up and take her to her momma. Next comes reopening the door at which time it’s anyone’s guess whether Racer is going to jump from a stack of feed sacks or dart from beneath something to repeat Ella’s little antics. Once I have him cornered I must then hold onto this wiggling bundle of legs while renegotiating with the mommas door all the while holding a flashlight to navigate with and praying Etta has not finished eating yet and wants to play another round of catch me. Yes 2a.m. feedings are quite the workout and I find myself being quite thankful that she did not have twins and grateful that through all the frustrations my dear hubby responds with “sure honey” when I awake him in the middle of the night to assist me with shoveling/kid chasing and nurse mate duty.
Just another blessed day on Two Moose Farm. Goodnight or is it good morning all!

2 thoughts on “2a.m. Feedings”

  1. Gee, like you need “catch me if you can games” in the middle of the night. I definitely feel for you. Hope you don’t have that much trouble every night.

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