Another Day in the Life

Today was much like every other day feed kids, do schoolwork, animal care and preparing for the arrival of my 25 Barred Rock pullet chicks.  I have to admit I have been bitten by the spring bug and am anxiously awaiting its arrival.

I spent some time today going through my seeds and have a confession to make-I’m a seed junky. I bet I have enough seeds gathered that I could plant 10 acres-okay more than 10 easily.   I do plan on maximizing my greenhouse space though as I have been doing a lot of research on companion gardening and also vertical gardening.  Come on spring!

I have had many sleepless nights with the goat babies.  Just as one accepts her role as mother here comes another kid and a momma without a clue which means I must intervene and assist until she finally gets the hang of it.  Yes this does have many moments of frustration!

IMG_2792 IMG_2793 IMG_2737 IMG_2721 IMG_2706

The clear nights and beautiful moon have had me distracted too.  I go out for a quick trip to the barn to care for the babies and find myself spending much time just gazing up at the sky and have been rewarded twice this week with the entrancing dance of the aurora borealis.  It is quite spectacular to see the waves of green dipping and swirling, the green hues so intense then quickly fading away. The moon has been so bright at night I am surprised that I could see any northern lights at all.  Its an amazing thing when you can watch the moon setting in front of the cabin and the sun rising in the back.

Today while I spent time with the other goats who have yet to kid, Henry and Lil Bit the Billies I was giving them their peanut butter treat (yes they like to eat peanut butter from a spoon) and I suddenly found myself on my back, feet straight in the air and surrounded by very concerned goats.  Henry had to rush up to me look down and console me as only he can do.  It is remarkable how each animal takes on a different personality depending on the circumstance.  Henry as you know is ALWAYS in trouble.  His inquisitive mind keeps him in tight spots and he has developed this low murmuring bleat that tells me he is in a bind and needs help.  When I fell he immediately began that same bleat that told me he was concerned or maybe he was just letting me know it was my turn to be in a pickle!  After getting assistance from two of my 2 legged children on getting upright on the ice and assuring my 4 legged children all was right in the world I had to chuckle, who else talks to their goats and has the goats talking back?

Still winter has refused to make an appearance but the sawmill is once again running and soon we will begin building more cages and pens for the ever expanding animals here on Two Moose and the greenhouse will be going up late next month.  I will then put a woodstove in to keep all my little seedling warm as they begin a new life and I can once again have the feel of soil between my fingers and breath in the aroma of the earth.

I once again apologize for the poor picture quality but it is the best I can do with what I have and I hope they give you a glimpse of this blessed life I am living.


6 thoughts on “Another Day in the Life”

  1. Like you don’t have a enough to take care of and now 25 new baby chicks, wow what a woman. And it is okay to talk to your animals and let them talk to you. I do the same thing with the grand doggies. But you are going to have to he way more careful not to fall or get hit by things, that is rough on the body my friend. Your photos come out great on my cell phone, but I will try and remember tomorrow and look at them on my computer. Then I will let you know. I have a question about your many seeds you have, how many years are seeds good for. I thought they had to be thrown away each year, unless you froze them and then they could be used for two seasons. Also, so a wood stove in your greenhouse will keep it warm enough for the seeds to sprout and grow?

    1. I have used seeds that are 3 and 4 years old that produced. Most of my seeds are from last year though as i collected them from the garden. Seeds last alot longer than people realize. Testing seeds is quite easy. Place a few seeds in damp paper towel then in a plastic bag if they sprout after the normal fermination time your good to go! A wood stove will keep a greenhouse surprisingly warm especially if it is double plastic with air in between.

  2. Still waiting for winter? A fellow blogger in Talkeetna has -6, my daughter in Fairbanks has -26 while out at my cabin on Rose’s homestead its a balmy -12 are you sure your thermometer is working?
    Lots of luck with the new goats.

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