New goat kidding shed

Today was another cloudy day with rain showers and even though it was 45 degrees out it felt colder due to the wind but I have the best hubby! Even through the rain and wind he and Fred worked tirelessly to finish the walls and roof on my new kidding shed and by the looks of things we will have new babies soon.


My day was filled with much of the norm-cooking,cleaning,school for the 2 legged kiddos and trying to complete mittens I’m making for the girls’ birthday presents.
No sign of the wolf that has been growing ever bolder maybe that warning shot with the shotgun scared him off-I can only pray it did.
Still looking for winter. I am one of those oddballs that likes it or maybe it’s because frozen ground much easier to navigate than this

If the girls look bored it’s because we have experienced this event so many times NOT getting stuck at least once a trip in or out is cause for celebration. This particular time did give me concern as I was already running late and it was getting dark. To top it all off the wolves started howling which made me extremely nervous knowing I had 2 children to protect.
The day is done now so I will leave you with this thought-What price can you put on peace? My life as hectic, hard, and crazy as it is, at the end of the day be it watching the sunset on Mt.Iliamna or the fire crackling in the stove I Thank God for the peaceful place he has provided me.


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