Aug29,2014 7:25 pm

I was reading some of my Facebook posts from summer and thought I would share. This was while we still had no real roof just a canvas one, the loft didn’t exist yet and we were all crammed into 16×20 feet. We had non stop rain for a week prior.
What a glorious day today was! Sun shining brightly and a gentle breeze carrying the salty scent of the ocean a across the tree tops. I had the door and window open so I could enjoy the outdoors while I cleaned and aired out the cabin after being closed in for days due to rain. I really should not do that as I get so easily distracted by the grunts and squeals of 4 little pigs begging for a belly scratching then the goats feeling slighted start with their games of “look at me I’m adorable”. Head butting and King of the mountain kept me distracted for almost an hour as I pondered how they could crash so hard horn against horn and sometimes skull against skull and not have a headache.
The Chicken tractor was moved today to fresh greenery and it is always fun to watch them rush out into their “New World” and dance around exploring, scratching and pecking for the latest treat the earth has to offer.
Children laughing and playing is music to my ears in the background as they release the tension built up from days of attempting to be quiet and reserved. Yes the kids are covered from head to toe in mud but they will wash and the freedom to be creative and imaginative should not be hindered nor could not be hindered by such a thing as keeping clean.
Supper is over and once again the kids have returned to a land far away just outside my window. With an old bath tub as their ship and a pup tent as the far away island.
No, my cleaning did not get completed today but the day was most definitely not wasted.





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