Our Children

As you know we have 3 children who live one the homestead Cami, Cati and Caleb. Our children love life out here where they have had room to run and grow.
We homeschool and of course no tv means finding other ways of entertaining themselves and while during nice weather there’s always something fun to do out doors the rainy days with three energetic children in a 16×20 cabin can be just plain crazy! Happily I can now say they have all discovered the joy of reading. We have always provided lots of books but I have to say that a dear friend Cathy inspired them more than I ever could when she sent them the “Diary of a whimpy kid set and then God Bless her she found the series Left Behind “The Kids” and sent those too. All of my kids enjoy reading them and Cami has completed all 35 books since September!









2 thoughts on “Our Children”

  1. i love the pictures! your kids are so awesome! you must have the giant fireweed, we don’t we have the short ones. ours only get up to about 18 inches or so. have you tried eating any of it yet? i made some fireweed jelly this year and it came out awesome.

  2. Lived in the bush 6 years and 35 years later still miss it and wish we were still there! All the best to you and family.

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