About us-Living the dream

Our view from the front porch
Our view from the front porch

I’m new to blogging so please forgive me if I don’t have it right.

We began our off grid adventure in March 2014. My name is Early, I’m the mom of Cami, Cati and Caleb. Mike is my dear husband and Poppa Fred is not really my dad but we have adopted him as our Poppa. While he isn’t quite ready to settle down yet he says soon he will be ready to build a cabin and be out here full time.  We are just grateful for his presence, help and wisdom.

now that I’ve introduced you to all of us I’ll begin to tell you of our adventure. In March 2014 we arrived in Alaska ready to live our dream. Almost 2 months of setbacks we finally were able to construct walls for our 16×20 cabin complete with a canvas roof. 5 months a canvas roof is plenty-trust me! Our first summer here it rained almost everyday which meant construction was at a stand still and many sleepless nights of dumping the swells of rain filled canvas so we would stay dry. Finally in mid September we had some decent dry days so our building could resume.

We now have a semi complete 16×20 cabin with a loft for the kids and a roof still covered with plastic because it got too cold to put the roofing material on.

Off grid to us means no electric, no gas, no running water. All heating and cooking is done with wood. We have solar panels and a battery bank to power our 12 volt system for a few lights and to charge our cell phones. A small generator is used when the sun doesn’t appear for days to also charge the batteries. Internet is through our cell phone so that is how I’m posting. We haul water from the spring or the creek for bathing, dishes, cooking and laundry. We have no refridgeration but have adapted well to doing without and improvising. I will be doing a separate post later explaining in detail how this can be accomplished. Yes we have an out house but since we are in a wet area we use a composting system. I will go more into details later.

To get to our place we must either walk 3.5 miles or if it isn’t too wet out we can use our 4 wheeler. Everything we have has either been brought out by those means and that in wet conditions is no easy task.

We live in the wild. Bears, Moose, Coyotes, Wolves and a plethora of other wildlife are our neighbors. This life is most definitely not for the faint of heart!

We are raising rabbits, goats, chickens, pigs and bees for food and I’m excited to say soon I will have new baby goats and with that I can resume milking and my cheese making!

I hope this gives you an idea of what were doing and I promise to go into more details and include more pictures in later posts.

22 thoughts on “About us-Living the dream”

  1. Awesome! You are blogging it! I would love to hear where you lived before, and how long you planned and prepped for the move to Alaska!

  2. Hold tight gal.sounds like my first year in ky.moved in a house that had been empty for eight years and most folks said should be shoved over the hill. But no, I saved it.28 years later, people come through my door and first words…I love your house.it’s 240 years old.the first years were much like yours. I new every tree personally.no running water…no heat.it was rough.I was 36 at the timr.young feisty full of piss and vinigar.I cried many tears that first year.the cold and wintry days held me prisoner till I thought I would go crazy.nothing here compares to your winters I’m sure.keep posting and I’ll keep reading.god bless.

    1. Thanks for tge words of encouragement Susan! Sounds like you and I are alot alike. Im 50 years old but my mind tells me im younger but the body somedays reminds me. Living the dream! God Bless you my dear!

  3. Hi. I really enjoy the blog. Advice…I’m 48 and a Paramedic. Avid outdoorsman and all that goes along with that. Nature lover and admirer of Alaska. In live in the lower 48. I have for so many years wanted to live OG. I’m absolutely fine with it. Heck I wanted to be the next Dick Proenneke. Its been something in my mind for many years. Well at 48 you know you don’t have much longer to be able to go OG. With very limited $ do you have suggestions how I can get to AK and go OG? Any help is greatly appreciated. Steve

    1. Steve our resources were almost nonexistant so im going to tell you if there is a will theres a way. Would love to talk to you send me your email address so we can chat

  4. Hi there! I am thrilled that I found your Blog! I too live off grid in Texas, in 450 sq feet with 9 of us. No gas, no electric, no solar. We do run a generator for ac in summer when the triple digit temps are too much. ( we went without it one summer and decided to get one for this past summer lol)
    We heat and cook with wood , tho I have a propane grill too.
    We haul our water from town and heat it for bathing too.
    After we used a cooler as a fridge for almost 2 years we found a dorm size propane fridge. And we love it!
    I look forward to reading more!

      1. What would your advice be about this idea? With small villages and communities along the Yukon that would hire work for living?

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      2. I would say check on craigslist and see what you come up with. Be aware that as an outsider you will be scrutinized until you prove your worth. Alaskans are a loving bunch but have been burned so many times that you must prove yourself to them. I would also suggest checking out the state park service as they are always looking for caretakers for remote locations and there was an ad not too long ago an individual was looking for a caretaker for their remote property (fly in on a lake-gorgeous)

      3. I completely understand proving yourself. I believe that’s why I gravitate to it. To prove to myself I can. And they deserve the respect. I will scope CL. Thank you!

    1. I’m in a 784 square full addition..and it’s crowded with 4..can’t imagine 9..only off the grid when the power goes out..then the generator takes over..I admire all who can live remotely ..we do have a small garden and chickens, cats and a new puppy..

  5. Been reading through your posts, but can’t seem to find what part of Alaska you’ve relocated to. I’ve bought my land in Alaska, just waiting on April 2017 to arrive so I can finally retire and move! Will be ‘off-grid’ until I figure out Solar, Wind and Water sources for power. Land has small stream close, so will use that as water source until I see if I have a spring on the property. Truly enjoying everything you’ve posted. Thanks, Derek

  6. I don’t see an email here… I’d like to privately message you if that’s ok? I’ve sent my email address… hope to hear from you. I’m working on a project that I think you may be a great fit for. All the Best! Stacy

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