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Crazy, Busy, Life

IMG_3039Today was definitely one of those crazy days where I met myself coming and going.  The arrival of baby chicks at 6:30 a.m. means rising at least an hour earlier in order to be ready and get out to the truck to get to town and pick them up.  This is our fourth attempt and sadly I must report every one of the Barred Rock pullets arrived dead but the 25 assorted chicks 22 of those survived and are quite healthy.  I called the poultry producer immediately and was assured they would look into it and would make good on them.  Truly I have no fear that Ideal poultry won’t make good as they always do and the company has impeccable customer service but as I stated to them there may be something that requires a further investigation.  I am however very happy with the chicks that survived as the came out of the box on a run and went right to eating and drinking.

IMG_3035 The non electric brooder is working well and praying the chicks continue to thrive.

After getting the chicks settled in I began making taps for the upcoming birch sap run.  They are not difficult to make just time-consuming.  After gathering he willows (dear hubby did this for me) I cut them in 5 inch sections beveling one end. They are then stripped of the bark and a hole drilled through them.  Not much to it but when it takes 30 minutes to carefully do this so as not to drill through the side making 50 of them seems like a daunting task.  I completed 4 today before I had to quit and get chores started again.

IMG_3031 IMG_3032 IMG_3033

Many may question why I am making my taps when they can be ordered for a few dollars each but multiply that few dollars by 50 it adds up quickly.   There is a certain satisfaction from doing things old school.  After all there are very few people in this fast paced world who want to bother with making birch syrup as it takes at least 50 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup but once you taste it you will see why it is so special and if I am going to spend that much energy collecting organic sap to make organic syrup I don’t think I want to use plastic taps made from petroleum products to gather the sap with. I  am teaching my children the old ways, before our world became a disposable society.  Preserving these ways for future generations is an important part of history I want to keep alive.  My kids helped with the first taps today and will be a part of each step from tapping the trees, gathering the sap, cooking down and bottling.

Hope you all are living your dreams and pray that you are blessed beyond measure.

My new friend

I have had a great couple of days here sharing our little homestead and our lives with my new friend.
Kimberly has recently followed her heart to Alaska and our family has been blessed to make her acquaintance. The kids have been very excited to share their space with someone new, I have gained a friend who has much in common we me and dear Hubby and Papa Fred have enjoyed having this young woman around to teach the useful art of safe gun handling. As it turns out she is a natural and is already handling both
pistol and rifle like a pro!
Kimberly is an adventurous woman and reminds me so much of myself in the fact she wants to experience all life has to offer. I feel very blessed to call her friend.
My chicks have a had a rough go of it but still have some that are growing and doing well so I just keep reminding myself of the successes and working on a new brooder plan to ensure a better survival rate for the next batch. Off grid is not easy but to be successful you cannot dwell on the losses you must keep moving forward and that’s exactly what I plan to do.
I submitted my first article ever to a major publication last week. I may not know for awhile if it is accepted or rejected but will tell you either way I won’t be discouraged. I have had many contacts with magazines that have asked or suggested that I submit articles. For awhile I questioned their sanity, then I questioned why would anyone want to read anything I write and after much deliberation, speculation and a severe case of what I now know is writers block I have decided I am not a writer. I cannot just magically make words appear on paper (or a computer screen) I have to just share what is in my head like I was telling a friend about my day.
I love Alaska, our homestead and my life so much and feel so blessed to be right where I am right now I guess it’s contagious as I have had a lot of nice people out there telling
Me how they are living their lives vicariously through our daily adventures. I’m thankful that I get to share it with others as it’s just too awesome a place to keep it to myself!
Still no winter here so moving on to spring and praying that winter does not decide to make a late appearance. I hope to begin my plant starts soon (when I can find room indoors) then get the greenhouse started. I feel like I’m behind schedule already with much to do in a very short time frame . Worrying and fretting about getting things done is weighing heavy on me and is probably the cause of my latest bout of insomnia that is leaving me feeling completely drained.
Well folks that’s about all I have to share right now so for now I will go. May you continue to be blessed beyond measure and I will see you all soon!