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Christmas Eve 2015 on Two Moose Farm

It’s a chilly 15 degrees out but the fire in the stove is keeping us all warm. Soon the aroma of sage, cinnamon and cloves will fill the air as pies bake and dressing is made. Yes in our home food is important and tradition must be followed. 

Tradition. I didn’t realize until a couple of days ago just how important it has become to my children but my eyes were opened when I mentioned instead of making my traditional cornbread dressing I would try a simple stuffing. You could of heard a pin drop. Suddenly my noisy, chatterbox children ceased all activities and stood there staring at me like I had just sprouted a tree from my forehead. Cati was the first to speak up and asked “why”? I told her I thought maybe they would enjoy something different but was quickly reminded that there were only 2 days of the year that I made cornbread dressing and how could I think of cutting out one of those days. She then went on to say and how will we have our Christmas scrapple if you don’t make dressing? I will be making dressing and we will have our Christmas scrapple.

I’m sure your wondering what we do as far as gifting for Christmas. It’s quite simple-we don’t. Finances don’t allow for any luxuries but that doesn’t mean my children go without. Aunt Cathy spoils them and they did recieve gifts from a secret Santa but they learned long ago that Christmas isn’t about spending lots of money to buy things that will soon be forgotten, Christmas is a time for remembering the birth of our Savior. I am truly blessed that my kids get it. They don’t expect, they don’t demand they are grateful for the simple things and thankful for tradition. 

Another tradition we started last year here on the homestead was “building” a Christmas tree. Not having much room we have to be creative. This year our “tree” is made with twigs and decorated with fishing tackle, spent shot gun shells and fly tying yarn. We hung it from the ceiling over the table. The entire family took part and it was a slow start (Caleb dislikes crafts immensely) but when I asked him to provide his shotgun shell casings he suddenly got in the spirit! My kids are growing so fast and when they are grown I think the time spent together doing things like this is what I will miss the most. 

 You have heard me mention our friends Dan and Robin before and how Robin hatched out some chicks for us. Dan and Robin are doing well and on the outside in Texas for a few months enjoying warmer weather but their son Brandon and his family are still here. I was contacted by Brandon and his wife Joyce because their chickens hatched out early fall decided to be roosters. They gifted us 7 birds that are destined for freezer camp even though it will be difficult to part with them. They are beautiful birds. Now to the point of my long winded story-while picking up the Roos Brandon’s daughter Courtney asked if we wanted a duck. They had one too many drakes and he was too cute to say no-yes Ducks can be cute. Brandon stated he had been well fed and should be good eating gasp how could I eat him he is too cute. I made it clear to Courtney that he would have a happy life and I would find him a mate to spend it with when Brandon interjects “grab that extra hen and then they will have a pair” so now you know the story of how Quackers (the drake) and Cheese (the hen) came to Two Moose Farm. Thank you again Brandon,Courtney and Joyce! 

 Dear hubby and the kids are working on our snow machine that was given too us. A gentleman who visited out here last year asked if we would like it even though it needed some tlc from years of sitting. Caleb and Mike hauled it in and dear hubby and Cati have been working on it-it should be ready for the trail soon and that’s very exciting as the snow is beginning to pile up. We are so blessed that others think of us and give so willingly. Yes to some they may see that machine as old and worn out but to us it is new and a huge blessing. I’m am so truly blessed by having a husband who can fix or create something out of nothing and the kids are learning so much. Life is good! 

Well it’s time to get another pot of coffee going as it will be a long day but I’ll leave you all with a prayer of peace and goodwill.  

 Merry Christmas!!!!