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Christmas Eve 2015 on Two Moose Farm

It’s a chilly 15 degrees out but the fire in the stove is keeping us all warm. Soon the aroma of sage, cinnamon and cloves will fill the air as pies bake and dressing is made. Yes in our home food is important and tradition must be followed. 

Tradition. I didn’t realize until a couple of days ago just how important it has become to my children but my eyes were opened when I mentioned instead of making my traditional cornbread dressing I would try a simple stuffing. You could of heard a pin drop. Suddenly my noisy, chatterbox children ceased all activities and stood there staring at me like I had just sprouted a tree from my forehead. Cati was the first to speak up and asked “why”? I told her I thought maybe they would enjoy something different but was quickly reminded that there were only 2 days of the year that I made cornbread dressing and how could I think of cutting out one of those days. She then went on to say and how will we have our Christmas scrapple if you don’t make dressing? I will be making dressing and we will have our Christmas scrapple.

I’m sure your wondering what we do as far as gifting for Christmas. It’s quite simple-we don’t. Finances don’t allow for any luxuries but that doesn’t mean my children go without. Aunt Cathy spoils them and they did recieve gifts from a secret Santa but they learned long ago that Christmas isn’t about spending lots of money to buy things that will soon be forgotten, Christmas is a time for remembering the birth of our Savior. I am truly blessed that my kids get it. They don’t expect, they don’t demand they are grateful for the simple things and thankful for tradition. 

Another tradition we started last year here on the homestead was “building” a Christmas tree. Not having much room we have to be creative. This year our “tree” is made with twigs and decorated with fishing tackle, spent shot gun shells and fly tying yarn. We hung it from the ceiling over the table. The entire family took part and it was a slow start (Caleb dislikes crafts immensely) but when I asked him to provide his shotgun shell casings he suddenly got in the spirit! My kids are growing so fast and when they are grown I think the time spent together doing things like this is what I will miss the most. 

 You have heard me mention our friends Dan and Robin before and how Robin hatched out some chicks for us. Dan and Robin are doing well and on the outside in Texas for a few months enjoying warmer weather but their son Brandon and his family are still here. I was contacted by Brandon and his wife Joyce because their chickens hatched out early fall decided to be roosters. They gifted us 7 birds that are destined for freezer camp even though it will be difficult to part with them. They are beautiful birds. Now to the point of my long winded story-while picking up the Roos Brandon’s daughter Courtney asked if we wanted a duck. They had one too many drakes and he was too cute to say no-yes Ducks can be cute. Brandon stated he had been well fed and should be good eating gasp how could I eat him he is too cute. I made it clear to Courtney that he would have a happy life and I would find him a mate to spend it with when Brandon interjects “grab that extra hen and then they will have a pair” so now you know the story of how Quackers (the drake) and Cheese (the hen) came to Two Moose Farm. Thank you again Brandon,Courtney and Joyce! 

 Dear hubby and the kids are working on our snow machine that was given too us. A gentleman who visited out here last year asked if we would like it even though it needed some tlc from years of sitting. Caleb and Mike hauled it in and dear hubby and Cati have been working on it-it should be ready for the trail soon and that’s very exciting as the snow is beginning to pile up. We are so blessed that others think of us and give so willingly. Yes to some they may see that machine as old and worn out but to us it is new and a huge blessing. I’m am so truly blessed by having a husband who can fix or create something out of nothing and the kids are learning so much. Life is good! 

Well it’s time to get another pot of coffee going as it will be a long day but I’ll leave you all with a prayer of peace and goodwill.  

 Merry Christmas!!!!

It’s been a great year

Christmas is just around the corner and soon after we will begin a New Year. It’s hard to believe that 2015 has flown by so quickly. We started the year off with a new birth on Two Moose, this year we may just see that again as our goat girls are getting quite round. 

The months flew by in a blur of new life springing forth, gardening, building, hunting and fishing. With the expansion of our animals came lots of building projects.

  The children grew so much I sometimes felt they had done so overnight. Gone is the baby faced years and they have all turned into young adults with ideas, inspirations and dreams of their own. It saddens this momma to see the birds preparing to fly from the nest but warms my heart to know that with the coming years they will gain enough knowledge to be well equipped to move into the world if they decide that’s their course. 

2015 showed an old dog (dear hubby) he could indeed learn new tricks. What began as a friend needing a deck hand has turned into a new career. My dear husband who had only heard stories from me about the ocean having a life and personality of its own finally experienced it and now feels her beaconing call. I watch his face as he looks out over the inlet at high tide and see the longing he feels to return to her once again.

For me 2015 was the turning point where I could see how far we had come. I am living where I want, how I want and for the first time in my life I am at peace. There is no place like home. From the first little green sprig in spring to the latest snowfall and every day in between I find something daily to rejoice over. Our little farm is growing despite the set backs living in the wild can bring, my children are happy, healthy and learning more than anyone could ever imagine and my dear hubby is experiencing things he never dreamt he would. Yes life is blessed and I expect 2016 to be just as exciting.

As I sit here with the fire crackling, the aroma of coffee in the air, looking out the window to the light of a sliver of the moon reflecting on the pristine snow blanketed land I see the future. Our future. Where someday my grandchildren may sit in this same exact spot and wonder if granny was right-is this truly good next year country. Of course not all will see or feel the pull this land has on my heart but perhaps one will feel it as I do. 

Once again it’s time to make the rounds to check on our critters so I will leave you with random pictures of our life here on Two Moose. May your day be blessed.


2014 A time of changing

As the year is rapidly winding down I find myself in awe of the changes to our lives.  We began this adventure in March leaving Wyoming and all we knew to venture to a new land that was raw and untouched ready to not conquer but to build our lives in unison with the wild.

Our trip here was virtually uneventful in the grand scheme of things but what memories it does hold.  If ever you get a chance to ride the Alaskan ferry please don’t miss out on the opportunity!  The sights are breath taking, the people friendly and warm and it is something I wish everyone could experience.



We have since seen so many beautiful sights and I awake to the sounds of whispering trees, crowing roosters and the sight of Mount Illiamna on the horizon.  Nestled in our cozy little cabin amongst the wilderness yet feeling safe, secure and blessed we are able to venture out and see just what hardwork and perseverance can accomplish.  My first thought each morning is I am blessed and it is my last thought at night as I say a prayer thanking our Lord for leading us to such a wondorous place.


Aside from our simple cabin that is built from 90 percent raw lumber milled on our sawmill from trees right here

IMG_2509 (2)IMG_2432


we have managed to build shelter for the pigs, a chicken tractor for our poultry, and a kidding barn for our goats.

We have experienced both life and death here on Two Moose Farm with the passing of our beautiful Luna and my little hen Kayla.


We are just coming into our first kidding with the birth of Henrietta yesterday and what a cutie she is and there are always new litters of baby rabbits.


This year has seen many changes but each one a blessing and as I watch the year 2014 leaving I look forward to 2015 and the new projects and adventures it will hold.  With this as our palette the possibilities are endless.

IMG_2487 (2) IMG_2495 (2)

We have been blessed with health and happiness and Pray you all have a Merry Christmas and the New Year is filled with joy.

Building memories

The holidays are upon us and at times I worry that my children are missing out on getting “things”.  We are what we like to refer to as “cash challenged”-not poor but with putting every cent we had into living our dream it will take awhile until we start reaping financial rewards.  Today I seen how important this life has become to my children.

We are very cramped in our tiny little cabin, so much so that even though there are literally thousands off trees right outside our door we don’t have room to bring one inside so we improvised!IMG_2378

We made our Christmas tree fit our space!  During this time my girls said to me “You know Mom Christmas isn’t about presents its about remembering that Jesus was born and came to earth to save us”.  This simple little statement spoke volumes to my heart-My children know what Christmas is all about and at that moment I felt so blessed!

The day slipped by so fast enjoying this time alone with the girls (the guys were all dragging logs to the sawmill).  We baked cookies, sang Christmas carols and I then realized I had not baked the bread nor done the breakfast dishes and about the only thing I had accomplished in my normal schedule was feeding critters and schoolwork for the kids.

Now rushing to complete the tasks that needed to be done I managed to make dough for a pizza for dinner, wash the dishes, mix up the bread dough, make pizza, fed the family and got the bread in the oven all in a matter of two hours!

At last it was quiet again as it was just Cami and I in the house. Cati had gone out with the guys to help drag logs and I realized that it was time to get chores done then prepare for supper. Bless her heart Cami comes over says “have a cup of coffee Mom and take a break I will go do chores-alone!  10 years old and she fed the pigs, goats, rabbits and chickens, hauled water to all of them and bedded them down for the night as I sipped a cup of coffee and took a deep breath.

Supper was a simple meal with fresh bead, hamburger steak, baked beans and pickled beets but it tasted much better knowing that even though I was nearing exhaustion from the course of the day my family all realizes this place is home to all of us and together we can build OUR Dream.  I am so Blessed!!!

My day is over and I will leave you with this beautiful picture of the moon rising tonight and this simple thought- Building memories and traditions that will be in our hearts forever is much more valuable than silver and gold.