Mommas saying those 4 letter words again

Today was quite the day. My vocabulary consisted of many 4 letter words. Yes, momma had a trash mouth-well at least to her fellow Alaskans that were also tired of the weather. 

Snow, that word was repeated so many times today it is permanently imbedded in my brain. You see the thing is the white stuff just kept coming. Non stop! Big flakes, little flakes, sideways and straight down! 

Cold, from 17 above to 7 below and every degree of cold inbetween. It’s February in Alaska yet the thermometer is behaving like it is January. Ha! The nerve!

Trip. Not a trip like an excursion one would take but as in to trip, stumble and yes another 4 letter word-FALL. That is exactly what I did today. Fall. Fall over unseen or imagined objects hidden by the snow. Objects that would TRIP me. 

I certainly hope we don’t end up with that other dreaded 4 letter word coming out of my mouth or out of the sky anytime soon. You know which word that is. Alright, I will be brazen and say it. Close your eyes and quit reading if your faint at heart because mommas mouth is about to spew the worst word ever uttered in February in Alaska……..RAIN. Might as well scream it from the mountain top as that would definitely be the icing on the cake right now or just the ice-no matter it is Alaska and if you don’t like the 4 letter words well let’s just not mention the big W-oh let’s live life recklessly. Wind Wind wind. Ah oh…too much?

It was quite the day though, actually quite the week. The snow is piling up now with several inches and sometimes feet at a time falling for the last week I guess old man winter has finally returned to his home and brought with him the typical weather that we had missed for the last several years. I am thankful the ice isn’t as bad as years past and there is a subtle beauty in the white blanket that has enveloped my little world. 

I did get a few pics in black and white that turned out amazing. Purely accidental I might add but intriguing I think.

Complain as I do I do admit I love winter. The snow always makes me feel energized when the big flakes fall softly to the ground and at night when it’s clear the slightest bit of light seems to magically bring it to life with its twinkling, shimmering and often even a glow as it reflects light back upon itself. Yes, snow seems to have a life of its own.

I do hope the coming days are clear though as the aurora forecast is for a good display even this far south. Perhaps by chance I may finally get a single picture of this amazing site. 

Life in Alaska is not for the faint at heart but it is a wonderful life. Finding humor, poetry, solace and grace in every breath is a sign that life is good. I pray no matter where you are your heart sings with joy as mine does.

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