And then there’s HOPE

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted and I want to fill you in on what’s been happening. First of all I have been laid up with an injury-that keeps getting reinjured. I had a bad fall that took my knee out-looks like it’s a chipped and bruised bone but of course letting heal just couldn’t happen, like a sore thumb it kept getting bumped. Cross your fingers it’s almost healed then yesterday I took the pad of my left ring finger off deep enough to shoot blood across the yard with every heartbeat. Ok I’ll admit that one was actually pretty cool in a sadistic kind of way. 

There’s some really cool news coming but for now I’m gonna just give you all the boring updates and make you wait but first here is a hint big brown eyes. 

The weather has been on and off meaning it’s winter then poof it rains then a coating of snow predicted and we end up with a foot. That was actually pretty cool. Took Papa Fred to town where it rained all day, when we got back to the parking area it wasn’t raining it had snowed-a foot and was still snowing! Of course we loaded into the little green giant and we were off. About halfway home I said to Fred sitting in the back that I swear this little machine was saying “weeeeeeeee all the way home” he cleared his throat and said “um, I hate to tell you but the voice in your head saying weeee is your own…..out loud” okay so I was enjoying playing in the snow. That little machine is more fun than 30 barrels of monkeys!

Ok hint number 2: it’s soft and furry….I know it’s killing you isn’t it! Hee hee 

For those of you who haven’t gotten the periscope app I wish you would join. It’s so much fun doing these live videos-here’s the link Periscope. ​I’m not talking to myself on the video I’m answering messages by followers lol. 

Last hint: she’s bigger than a goat alright I’m terrible at this here’s a pic.This is Hope our new little calf. Now here’s the story of how she came to be. My dear friend Mossy Kilcher from Seaside Farms got that flu bug that is going around. Her momma cow calved and the calf just wasn’t doing well and poor Mossy was run ragged. The original plan was to nurse it back to health and return it to it’s momma but Mossy being the sweetheart she has offered to let us keep her. I don’t think Mossy knows how much this means to all of us. We have been longing for a cow but never dreamt we would have one at this time. I would still return her if she wanted her back as this is such a beautiful little heifer but am proud to have her here too. Now those of you wanting to visit Alaska really must visit Mossy’s farm. She has cabins for rent and she’s Seaside at Kachemak bay. Go take a look at her website and drop her an email. Encourage her to start blogging and periscoping live. The woman is awesome and the stories of growing up on the homestead are enthralling. Yes, I admire Mossy as she is a woman who has worn many hats, is talented beyond belief (you should here her sing)and still keeps learning and growing everyday.  See her at

Well that’s the latest folks and sorry it’s a short one but busy busy for sure. Until next time-God Bless❤ Papa Freds car parked at the trail head covered in snow

7 thoughts on “And then there’s HOPE”

  1. Awe, 2 things… praying for continued healing of your body. I think we are both around the same age and I’m finding that as I age it takes my body longer to bounce back from anything. While I have it a bit easier than you, it is my prayer that God will give you moments of respite so your body will be able to respond positively.
    Hope is beautiful. Having cattle must run deep in the Kilcher family, I enjoy throughly watching her brother Otto ( I believe he is her brother) do his cattle drives to and from the head of the bay. So glad you have and are a friend that looks out for others and they look out for you.
    Thanks for sharing your life and family with us.
    I for one have been blessed by you.

    1. Thank you for the prayers Katie I believe in their power for sure. Yes as we age our bodies are definitely less forgiving. I hadn’t realized how much I missed having cows until I spent the night nursing this little one back to health and never expected to be given such a blessing. I wish the world could meet Mossy as she is a treasure and just hearing her laugh and seeing her smile brightens the day. Her farm is beautiful and beyond its location there’s a peace that envelopes you the moment your there. The Kilchers are awesome folks for sure. I am truly blessed to live in a place that folks still value being neighborly. I’m glad you enjoy my posts and I feel guilty at times when I can’t get more done but it’s quite busy around here year round. Thank you for being my friend from afar and I pray your blessed beyond measure.

  2. I so want to visit Alaska, always have, and at my age, 66, may not be able to much longer…your love for sharing the beautiful place you live, bumps, bruises and all…all the great pics and videos of the animals and the land is just wonderful!! So glad I found you! Take care and get all well soon!! Trellen Russey

  3. Ah. Hope. I can’t wait for spring! We are hoping to get 2-3 calves. 2 years ago we got bottle babies. A lot of work but they are so sweet. I wanted to bring them in but Mr. Misty is a stick in the mud and nixed my plans to make them into pets. Lol!

    1. We raised cattle for many years. I thought those days were behind me and was so excited to discover that they were not! I missed them more than I had realized. Feeling so blessed right now ❤

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