Welcome to 2017

It’s been awhile since I posted and I must apologize but the end of 2016 was everything but uneventful. With the holidays, new baby goats making their appearance and burning the candle at both ends I ended up over doing and getting ill. I believe I am on the mend now so let’s catch up on what December 2016 was like.

New babies! Lots of new babies 7 so far including our little house goat. Dancer was being picked on and not accepted by the other goats so now I have a house goat. Complete with diapers and bottles I once again am doing the baby thing-I truly believed my diaper days were done!

Christmas was hectic in our household due to the arrivals of babies but thanks to my sissy Cathy and her husband Paul it was a Merry Christmas for sure. A tree was not on the priority list as we were so busy taking care of critters in bitter cold temps but as is Cathy’s norm she saved the day and sent us the cutest little tree with battery operated lights. The kids loved it and I loved the gift she sent to dear hubby and I. Being the thoughtful person she is and knowing me like she does only Cathy could find a gift that could make me shed tears of happiness. 3 beautiful mugs with photos I took here of our family, the kids and my favorite view. They are so lovely and treasured I hate to use them for fear of breakage. Notice the cute Christmas tree and snowmen tablecloths-Cathy sent those too to brighten our little cabin during the dark December days.

Yes December was a crazy month. Cold, bitter cold with negative temps then snow and instead of a white Christmas it warmed up and rained. Yuck! I learning to despise rain. I like the cold and snow, not the dangerous negative temps mind you as it’s so hard on our animals but the temps cold enough to give us the picturesque snowfalls that make my heart soar. 

January is coming in like a lamb so far. No snow in the near forecast and mild temps in the teens and 20’s. Daylight is returning very quickly and in about 8 weeks we will see the sun setting at 10pm. I’m looking forward to the return of the long days as that means gardening and fishing! I will miss the spectacular sunsets though and the snow glistening in the moonlight.

I can’t remember if I posted about our new additions to the “family”. We acquired a pair of Chinese geese and the kids named them Claude and Claudette. I call them honkers and honker the second because they are very vocal. They are nice to have around and even though they appear to be tough and mean with their displays they are really quite sweet.

The wolves are still around but we’ve yet to get a chance to find them in the cross hairs. Caleb was getting water at the spring and spotted one but only had his pistol so couldn’t get a shot. Here’s a footprint (excuse the grubby hand he was wearing his greasy work gloves) 

Once again insomnia is my friend and I’m not the only one suffering from it, apparently we have a rooster who can’t sleep either as it’s 3 a.m. And the crazy bird is up crowing. 

Well folks not much else to talk about as it’s not really exciting this time of year but I hope you all enjoy the pictures and a glimpse of our lives. I’ll post more later when we video a cool gift sent to us by our friends at The Last Stand. If your curious go check them out and get a sneak peak at what we will be doing! www.laststands.com

Have a blessed day and see y’all soon. Oh and don’t forget to get the periscope app on your smart phone so you can join us on our live feeds. Our user names are Off Grid Mom and off grid K for the kids!

Loading up at the truck for the ride home

5 thoughts on “Welcome to 2017”

  1. Hey Off Grid Alaska Folks. We (well,maybe just me as I will speak for myself LOL) are living the dream in the Chickaloon area as off-the-gridders. Looks like your place is progressing nicely for a great 2017 year. If you are inclined to contact us, please do so.

    1. Hi Rick great to meet you! Do you have Facebook? If so you can find me on Off Grid Alaska we can use messenger I would love to hear about your Off Grid life too!

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