Soggy Bottomed Mom

Rain…..It seems to be the bane of my existence. Not the gentle rainfall poets write about, not a sprinkling to cleanse the air and brighten the fall colors. Oh nooooo, it comes down like a hammer on a chisel, slowly eating away at my last nerve. 20 plus inches and counting for the month of September. 20 plus inches that have made my normal happy go lucky self turn into a raging, maniacal, soggy bottomed mom! Not much can get me down but the constant flooding of animal pens, boots stuck in the muck, leaking rubber boots, cranky kids who need room to run and sunshine to blossom and instead we get more rain. Grrrrrr, alright rant over now on to the soggy bottom mom escapades. 

No season is complete around here until the mom is forced to put on the mom cape and charge to the rescue of some poor animal that has found itself in dire need of rescuing. I shall not disappoint! 3 a.m. And it’s raining-no scratch that, it’s pouring as if the sky opened up and Niagra Falls came rushing out. Above the deafening noise I hear a faint cry. Just a whisper really but the mom radar is singing in my head and I know there’s a critter in trouble. Quietly (as if anyone in this cabin could be awakened by anything short of a bull horn) I venture out in my pajamas aka sweats, tshirt and crocs. I can hear a faint mewing sound but can’t see in the darkness quite what it is. Crouching down to peer under the deck of the cabin with a flashlight who’s batteries died a week ago, still I see nothing then surprise!!!!  As I was attempting to find the source of the odd sound-yes not a smart move living in the wilderness as we do-the sound found me!  One of our kittens had made its way off the porch and was cold and wet under the deck. Now before you get this Awwww, sweet kitty rescue picture in your head let me tell you that 6 ounce ball of fur sprang so quickly from the abyss know as Under the porch I had zero warning, zero time to react and suddenly went from crouching to falling. Here I sat in the pouring rain in 6 inches of mud and water in my sweats with mud oozing in where no mud has gone before. After gently (yeah right) tossing said fur ball to the warmth of its momma who by the way was still sleeping in a ball covered in other kitties, and who was warm and dry I managed to drag myself to an upright position, all the while slipping and sliding in the cold mud and water and eventually made it onto the porch. By now Missy the wonder dog is awake and scratching the door to be let outside. I manage to find a towel hanging on the porch to dry my hand and let her out to join me and she takes 3 steps off the deck hits the standing mud and water then spins on a dime and retreats back inside, along with 42 gallons of muddy water on her paws. So here I stand with mud oozing from my clothes in the cold rain and wind and I refuse to drag the sloppy me inside so I roll the clothes off. Trust me if you ever get mud logged sweats you will understand this maneuver. Great, I’m standing outside in the darkness of night freezing parts that I will not mention and I realize after removing the clothing I’m still as muddy as before. I then mentally kick myself for what I’m about to do. Needing to get rinsed off I head for the rain barrel in the dark with a near dead flashlight. After a quick rinse off I head into the cabin and finally am beginning to warm up and get dressed when dear hubby gets up and comments “is it still raining”? Of course he knows nothing of my early morning escapades and I just smile and poor the coffee. The soggy bottomed mom is just not up to explaining at that moment. The kitten? Oh yes the little demonic ball of fur is alive and well. She with her siblings will soon be going to new homes and unsuspecting moms.

We have a new neighbor-well kind of. A gentleman named Ron who just bought property at the trail head which is miles from us but is our closest neighbor. Nice guy from dear hubby and kids’ accounts. I’ve only spoken to Him on the phone but he seems very nice and excited to begin his off grid life. It’s always nice having like minded folks around. 

For those who are inquiring about Alaska property I’ve met a realtor who can help you with your every need. He is genuinely interested in finding the perfect place for each client and not out to just sell properties. Rarely do you find such gems. Jeff Trujillo will not sit idly at a desk he will get his boots dirty finding that perfect place for you.

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Have a blessed day all!

6 thoughts on “Soggy Bottomed Mom”

  1. Since I was coerced to move I miss the cold damp fall days. I know not with 20″ of rain but I would trade anything for a week of 40 degree weather. Great posting!

  2. Hi Sissy, I feel so bad that you guys have had so much rain, I wish I could have changed that. Hopefully this to will pasd and just be a memory. But having to safe a kitten in the dark with mud everywhere had to be horrible, the kitten better remember this. Glad no one was hurt, but the mud has to be atrocious. Hang in there and hopefully things will dry up for all of you. Take care, I am sending lots of Hugs to make you feel better.

  3. I really enjoy your YouTube channel and the website to go along with it. I am excited to see more. I have a lot of subscriptions to folks of the Off-Grid nature, a goal of mine one day …
    Thank you for the great quality, eager for more.

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