The end of summer

At last the sunsets have returned, the skies have cleared and leaves are changing from green to gold.  Fall has arrived in Alaska and with it new adventures daily.

For those of you who have been following I know I say each change of the season that it is my favorite. Well at the time it is!  I love the ever changing seasons  each unique and with its own merits.  I always eagerly anticipate spring with its lengthening days and end to the darkness.  The break up and end to the ice replaced by new growth springing forth from the bare ground along with the new animal babies arriving. Summer brings endless days with little darkness, salmon fishing, gardening and the midnight sun. Fall,  oh the feel of fall!  Crisp morning air, twinkling stars at night and the site of the milky way in the sky.  Fall is a time when we catch up on all those little things that were pushed aside during the summer.  Although the days are still quite long the sun does set and makes for breathtaking moments.  Yes I do love the changing seasons and before long I will be talking of snow falling and frigid temps but for now I will enjoy the season I am in and all its beauty.

It has been a crazy summer, what started out as a dry season ended with more rain than I care to have. We are recovering from 10 plus inches in the last week and a half and praying that it dries up so we can get around better for hunting season.

Hunting season!!!!!!  I get so excited about hunting season. It truly isn’t about “getting the big one” for me and quite frankly I would be happy if we could harvest cow moose.  Hunting season for me is about providing for the family. No matter which of us is blessed with a harvest we all reap its bounty.  I must be strange in the eyes of some as I actually like butchering meat.  As I am doing so whether it be moose, turkey, chicken or a hog I day dream.  Oh before you get a sick thought in your head let me clarify that.  What I daydream about is all the meat will provide for my family.  Yes, here we go again I’m gonna talk about food.  Be prepared as I’m about to go off target again and ramble.  (By now this should be no surprise).  Food-for me its not just nourishment for the body its also memories, happiness and nourishment for the soul.  No matter if its a steak I am grilling or a pot of stew, every dish is about providing my family something they will remember long after I am gone.  I hope someday my children look across the table at their children and grandchildren and tell them that they learned to cook this or that from me and a fond memory is shared.  Its all about the love.  If you put enough love in it regardless of what it is it will build a memory.

Well I should probably share what the summer has been like. It has had many highs and lows.  Alright, lots of lows. Dear hubby was fishing commercially this summer and it was a terrible season.  So many depend on the salmon for their livelihood and this year it just didn’t happen.  I felt bad for him as each time he came home exhausted with a very dim report you could see the frustration in his eyes.  To add to that frustration each time he was gone something else broke down. Between myself, Papa Fred and Caleb we were able to get most things up and running again but the repair costs far exceeded the income we had.  Thank heavens we are blessed with bartering skills! Alright lets talk about the high points of summer!  Our greenhouses provided a bounty and still are.  Lots of fresh salads, pickles, squash and much more still to come.  I am currently processing a bounty of produce acquired from a friend who has many large greenhouses, grows everything organically and I was able to do this through bartering.  What a great place we live in where others like to trade back and forth each getting what they need for their families.  We may not be rich or have much money but we eat very well and will continue to do so with the bounty we are putting back for winter. All of this is achieved by the family each doing their part. Dear hubby, Caleb and Cami spend many hours getting firewood, water and doing animal pen repairs and construction, Cati is my right hand little woman who is always helping with the processing of the foods we can, butcher, dehydrate and smoke.  Even Missy the wonder dog does her share of work by cleaning up the floor when we drop something! One note-If your picking blueberries don’t take Missy or she will eat all the berries when your not looking!

This summer has brought lots of new friendships too.  You have probably seen our videos by now and if you haven’t you can find them here Youtube Off Grid Alaska. These videos are produced by a local company called Stagvid Media. Daniel, Robby and Nathan are three awesome young men who we have paired with to bring you a series of videos that will eventually include many how to’s and videos of what living off grid is really like.

Well all I am far from being caught up but wanted to share what has been happening here on Two Moose Farm.  We are all healthy, happy and Blessed.  I pray each of you are finding your place where peace reigns.IMG_9661IMG_9666IMG_9652IMG_9726IMG_9758IMG_9799IMG_9776IMG_9829IMG_9845IMG_9873IMG_9875IMG_9813

Caleb being silly

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