The first two years

It’s hard to imagine that we have only been here two years. It feels like forever, with our roots sunk here firmly and our hearts finding a home. Time flies by sometimes seems to stand still.

In the beginning there was nothing but trees, miss, cranberries and willows. From that we have built our home. A few sheets of OSB being the exception all the other lumber was milked right here from our own trees.

The day I turned and seen this view was the day I found my place. I will never tire of this view.

Everyone including the kids worked tirelessly to get the cabin built. Long days for sure but so rewarding! 

 I’m Simply amazed at how the kids have grown

Look at them now! 


I often wonder if I will ever get a picture of Cami without a hat on! 

We have come a long way in the last couple of years and I look forward to many more. 

Not complete by any means but it’s home. 

God Bless all and thank you for letting me share our world. Time to go see if there’s any new additions! See you soon.

6 thoughts on “The first two years”

  1. You’ve accomplished a lot in two years. It’s pretty incredible!. That piggie. Oh my gosh, the ears. We had Gloucestershire Old Spots for 10+ years and loved them. Wonderful pigs.

    I love your photos. It’s nice to see what you’re doing and I always appreciate that you share so much with us.

  2. Where has the time gone, seems like yesterday and you guys were on the Ferry and headed up here. And as if you didn’t know, it would be wonderful to live out in the middle of nowhere and enjoy the peacefulness and the scenery. The kiddos have grown so much in two years and really matured. Wish I could come visit you out on your land, but getting together in town is good also. Just remember and take time to enjoy your surroundings as I know there is a lot of work to do when you live out in middle of nowhere, but when I lived off Grid, it didn’t really seem like work, as I enjoyed my life.

  3. You have accomplished way more than we did! There are times I wish we would have stayed,I do miss the Alaska life. Hope everything continues to go good for you and the family.

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