New And Old Friends bring us joy in life

I’m so excited to tell y’all about my new friend. Isn’t life funny-you are having a terrible day and feeling down about the events that transpired and suddenly someone enters your life who makes the bad day turn into an awesome day.

Caleb was out on the trail and met a couple cross country skiing. As is our tradition he invited them back to the cabin for coffee. Of course I was in the middle of a total spring cleaning and things were literally upside down-that is what is called Murphys Law. Not the ideal conditions to be meeting new people, cabin a disaster, I’m covered head to toe with soot, dust and sweat-hair in disarray and my baggy sweat pants that are oh so comfortable to clean in but not so appropriate for first time meetings. Needless to say my first reaction when I seen the beautiful, young, outdoorsy couple was “this is really going to scare the heck out of them”. So Aaron (not sure of the spelling) and Luzma come in and what I thought would be a quick cup (all of us doing so out of hospitality) turned into a three hour visit that wasn’t nearly long enough. Now dear hubby was visiting with the young man and I had the pleasure of sharing stories with Luzma. What an awesome young professional woman she is. She came from very humble beginnings and has not lost her heritage. Impressive! I could go on and on as she has had many adventures in life but one thing I have to say is she is definitely an Alaskan woman. She lives off grid in a cabin alone and commutes to work. Here is one of her adventures in short but someday I will get the long version and share too. Looking out at her strawberry patch she seen a bear enjoying her strawberries she had waited so patiently to ripen. Her first reaction was to get rid of the culprit so she grabbed a frying pan, flew out the door and began spanking the bear over the butt-totally naked. Now I’m not sure why she was totally naked, I was laughing too hard envisioning this 100 pound gal spanking a bear to ask but I assure you I will share when I get more details. Yes, I can see she and I will be great friends and there will be many more tales to tell. 

It was dark before we knew it so dear hubby and Caleb gave them a ride in to the trail to his cabin and I was truly sad to see them leave and hope they return soon.

The weather has been crazy! Wind, rain, snow and then warm temps. It seems the weather changes every 5 minutes. I do believe it will be another early breakup but hope it waits a few more weeks because I’m just not ready yet. Breakup is when the ice leaves and life gets hard. Without the ice we have to fight to get anything in or out and if it’s a wet spring that will mean everything comes in on our backs. With dear hubby leaving for a month that will make it even more difficult but hey-who could pass up an adventure in Alaska? He will get to see and do so much during halibut season and have time to enjoy it. I’ve already packed his bag. Yes, we all need a change once in awhile and I’m glad he gets the opportunity to go fishing and see even more of this great state. I’ll be even happier when he’s home safe and sound.

Today is the day our dear friends Dan and Robin return from the outside. It’s been a long three months but they had many adventures while out and I look forward to spending some time hearing about them all! We all enjoy them so much it will be difficult waiting our turn to see them. Family comes first but once they catch up with them we will get our turn to bombard them with a thousand questions. 

I’m getting anxious for May. My trip to North Pole is going to be so exciting-spending time with my sissy and being our goofy selves means so much to me. Everyone needs that one person who knows you but likes you anyway. For me it’s Cathy. She knows me better than I know myself and yet she wants me around. I am so blessed.

Well Happy Leap year all and I pray you surround yourself with happiness and are blessed with good health. 

2 thoughts on “New And Old Friends bring us joy in life”

  1. Murphy’s Law gets me too! If I look decent nobody drops in for weeks but look a wreck and someone’s going to show up. They sound like a great couple! You know someone is genuine when they don’t care a bit about your appearance.

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